For those interested, here is the full relevant part of the interview between Nintendo Power and Miyamoto. Basically, he says that while the changes will not be radically different, we are going to see a difference from TP in that TP was a GCN game ported to the Wii, while this will be built for the Wii itself.

NP: We’ve heard from a lot of people who are under the impression that the next console Zelda game is going to be something radically different from what we’ve seen in the past. Is that the case?

Miyamoto: No, I don’t think it’s going to be that radically different. Accessible gameplay. Something that we’re going to look at focusing within that 3-D realm is really highlighting the things that are important within the Zelda franchise–the actions that Link can take. I think it’s easy to maybe overthink it because you’re in that 3-D realm of all the different things you should be doing or try to be doing, and really what’s important to understand is what’s available to you, and just focus down on what’s best suited for that rather than just trying to implement a whole bunch of different things.

NP: The artwork that you showed for the upcoming Wii Zelda title seemed a lot like the art for Twilight Princess. Are you going to carry over Twilight Princess’ art style?

Miyamoto: I don’t think it’s going to change dramatically. We are doing it on the Wii [console]. That being said, we can look at Twilight Princess–it was built to run on both GameCube and Wii, and this one will be running only on Wii, so I think there will be differences inherent to the fact that it’s only on this platform.

NP: And, of course, everyone wants to know exactly who that female character is in the illustration.

Miyamoto: Yeah, that’s probably the most important part of that artwork. I really can’t talk too much about [it]; one thing that’s important to note in that artwork, though, is that Link is carrying a shield, but that’s all he’s carrying.

NP: Now, before you showed the image, you talked about wanting everybody to have unique, personal memories of their adventures in Hyrule. Is that something you’re actually trying to implement in the game–a personalized Zelda experience for every player?

Miyamoto: Every person’s own individual experiences with the game should be unique and [be] their own sort of “My Zelda” experience, and I think that’s super important, and we have to look at that when we’re creating dungeons and how we can make that come true. So spending a lot of time concentrating our efforts in that area. But it’s not going to become individual: “Hi, I’m this Zelda!” or “I’m this Zelda!” or “I’m this Link!” or whatever. The experience will be unique but within this world that we’ve defined.

  • Jonte

    Cool but too bad they didn't tell you who the "fairy" thing was on the artwork.

  • Bri

    It's pretty obvious that the fairy thing is some spiritual manifestation of the Master Sword. Miyamoto once again told us that Link without a sword in the picture is significant.

  • ogichiichigo

    He just gave it away, I mean, he told you he didn't have a sword but he did have the shield and Link always has a sword.

  • "that Link is carrying a shield, but that’s all he’s carrying."

    That's code language for:

    The girl is the master sword.

  • kaybee2

    I was skeptical at first, but Miyamoto's been pretty obvious about it. That girl HAS to have some seriously important connection to the Master Sword. He couldn't make it any clearer!

  • dragonforce900

    i think the picture we saw is the that will be on the game cases cover

  • dragonforce900

    and the game might be called LOZ:spirit sword,you know cuz of spirit tracks

  • Zora-Boy

    I think it would be cool if you could pick your favorite color and put it on the tunic, like in OoT, a red tunic , blue tunic, green, and maybe some new colors like, gold or pink! I mean Miyamoto was talkin about a "custom" zelda experiance.

    • goronlove7

      Custom EXPERIANCE! not custom charicter he even specified that. so what he's saying is you go in a dungeon and maybe your way to the end is different than some one else or your way to solve a situation is different.

    • bluefire

      GOLD OR PINK!!! THAT'S JUST WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • linksoer

    There are still some people thinking that the girl is not the master sword, but I think miyamoto made it pretty obious, the girl is, or has strong connection to the master sword, personally I think shes the actual sword. I have mixed feeligs about that ''accesible gamplay'' thing but… whatever…
    hmmmm a ''my zelda'' expirience! I hope htey implement difficulty levels!


    I'm really hoping for more activities in the towns, maybe getting some sort of a job, have more stuff to buy, etc. Maybe throw in a touch of harvest moon/animal crossing on top of the classic Zelda gameplay. I still want the dungeons and story to be the focus though.

  • hylianknight1

    dont jump to a conclusion the "fairy" could be anytbody.

    • Are we to assume that Link doesn't have a sword in this new game as well?
      Miyamoto has hinted at it several times when asked about the poster. It's pretty clear by now.

  • ChainofTermina

    If she isn't the Master Sword then she's the Goddess who made it. maybe Ganon, sick of Link useing it aganst him, destroys the Master sword and Link needs the goddess to make a new one.

  • Gerudude

    Link without a sword?? How can that be anyone's personal Zelda experience? I mean who wants a Link without a sword?? 🙁

    • goronlove7

      oh my god in the picture he dosent have a sword, not in the game! some times I cant beleive the comon sense level in people!

  • Squiggy

    Uh, ChainofTermina, the Master Sword is already known to have been made by the Hylians early-on in Hyrulian history, not a god or goddess. The Hylians were known to craft many magical blades, the Master Sword being the most powerful of them all. Shortly after the world was created, the three Goddesses instructed the people of Hyrule to forge a sword capable of defeating anyone who would misuse the Triforce.

    I'm still of the belief that the girl is either A) The Master Sword in a humanoid form, or B) The soul of the sword in a human form but not the sword itself.

  • Nessa

    Thats so messed up. Hes right handed now. I loved that he was left handed. Made him special. Also I didnt feel so bad being left handed, made me feel special too!

  • eldagger

    i hope in zelda wii there will be new weapon upgrades like double clawshot in twilight princess. new optional armour too.

  • rageagainst

    lol make zelda accessible, awesome, the 80 yr old grandma can't figure out how to solve this puzzle, so they dumb it down for her. The ultra casual player can't beat a 40+ hr game so they make 10 hrs for her. I'm glad other companies know to specialize and not just focus everything on the retarded and casual.

  • Samuel / link

    im really exited for this new zelda!twillight princess was very promising (a bit easy thought)i hope for this new loz game to have the same feel of twillight princess.

  • Happy Mask Salesman

    I want a ocarina of time feeling! That is the feeling that i consider zelda
    And well… i think that if its third tp, third OoT, and half WW
    It would be the amaizingest zelda ever

    sorry if i like the old and original ones, but i think nintendo is changing the zelda's course.
    I mean in OoT it was perfectly zelda
    and then in Spirit tracks he goes on a train
    C'MON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MISS THE TRUE ZELDA!!!!!!!

  • Cocake

    third tp + third oot + half WW = stop playing games and go back to school.

    seriously, tho, people need to stop asking for another ocarina of time, really. Look what happned last time. Let them do something new.

  • waryaa!!!!

    that fairy is one in wind waker u never noticed that?