korok2Once again, our affiliate North Castle has finished their monthly update of their huge fan work gallery, with 29 new pieces of Zelda artwork, more fanfiction, new cosplayers, and a brand new section entitled “Arts & Crafts” which focuses on handmade works. Here are a couple of the highlights.

First up, have a look at these little Korok plushies designed by Atalaia Leafsong (click the thumbnail to see the big version). If these were for sale, I’d definitely buy one!

cosplay2There was also this interesting work of cosplay (from the gallery of forcebewitya), which took characters from several generations of Zelda games. See if you can spot which game each of the characters here are from!

If you are interested in this kind of Zelda fan work, they have a Facebook page that updates when their site does, and you can also discuss the works at their forums.

  • swizzles

    That has got to be the best Midna cosplaying I've seen on the internet! Wow.
    Those plushies look fantastic, they're so detailed.

  • Waker of Winds

    The cosplays are horrible, but I want to buy the Makar plush if they are ever put for sale!

  • veeronic

    anyone know where I can get a midna plushie?

    • Waker of Winds


  • Navi 17

    Hey when do u get epona in Majoras mask?? How do u get her?

    • veeronic

      after you defeat ghot you go to a goron in the goron village and he will give you a powder keg to go blow up the rock blocking the goron race track, there you race them and get gold dust (unrelated to epona, for use with the smithy; 100 $ for sword forging on the first day, then on the second day have gold dust and give it to him to forge your sword again)

      return to the goron and tell him you blew up the rock, he'll give you another powderkeg that you can take to the rock blocking the entrance to romani ranch, which is located between woodfall and the bay, epona is there