That’s what three guys thought when they heard the song. Luckily enough someone was ready to record it so now we can enjoy their interpretive dance on our computer screen…

Without further ado, I’d like to show you the movie at once. Why? Because I’m speechless.

  • Harry


  • pacman

    i dont even know what i just saw

  • zom

    Must agree very funny indeed. But I must say the guy in the back needs to get a girl friend because he keeps humping the wall and floor.

  • Vree

    Love it 😀

  • TheKhaion

    That…Is the most weirdest thing I've ever seen O.o And I have seen a lot of weird things, trust me.

  • Orion

    I agree with TheKhaion. every word of it.

  • Ganonscreature

    zom, that's all i thought too, except atleast the guy in the back had something to hump, the others were just humping air! lol

  • Majora's Reincarnate


  • Pieter

    hmmmmmm……. nope, I want to have a comment on this, but no words seem to be able to describe this

  • Atom

    creepy, just creepy.

  • Squiggy

    Guys, guys, just be glad they weren't air-humping to Zelda's Lullaby.

  • WTF??!

  • ChainofTermina

    that wasn't very well choriographed (I just KNOW i spelled that wrong) those dance moves could be used for almost any song going at that speed.
    and why was that guy's shirt half on.
    By the end it just looked like they were all haveing a stroke so I must agree with my fellow ZUers in saying

  • Graham

    it's 'spelt', not 'spelled' 😛

    • ginger17

      Both are correct.

  • That had to be the single most awesome thing I've ever seen.

  • Stick Link

    I am officially speechless for the first time in a while. Mister Pillow-Humper was gay, though.

  • Darkus Triforce

    … WTF?… so stupid, yet so DARN FUNNY!!!

  • Average Gamer

    This was posted on 4chan's /v/ a few days ago. It's still hilarious.

  • Yeah… they need some dance leasons.

  • Arkamidis

    …. wow….. i can understand they dig the song of storms/windmill hut theme but… what got into them?! Is it possible to have a chick grind on a guy to this song? if so, it doesnt look like it would be exciting. (why would they dance to it? they could've danced to the lost woods theme…….. whatever…)

  • Irony


  • aria

    "tee hee hee hee ha ha ha ha ho ho ho ho lulz" is the sum of what just came out of my mouth

  • Prince Deity

    Oh my god, someone actually posted that?

  • Speechless indeed.

  • Dax

    I thought it was going to be some pudgy dorky kid doing stupid crap in his room, instead it was three ripped dudes in what looked like a studio apartment…

    God bless the Internet, I guess.

  • MagnumPrimers

    It's so… beautiful…

  • Mel

    Oh, my! That was hilarious!

  • Jessie

    Awesome!!! Made my day!!!

  • Linksoer

    They look gay!

  • Dan

    Haha!! Damn!! If they dance like this to the song of storms, I wanna see them dance to Saria`s song!!

    Speechless!! xD

  • Beccathestrange

    that was awesome,seriously freaking awesome.

  • dafflepappy

    Those guys are AMAZING dancers!

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