Reading the Gametrailers analysis of the Spirit Tracks demo is nice, but not as nice as seeing the actual demo with your own eyes (the only thing better would be actually being able to play it, but I’m afraid reproducing Spirit Tracks in Adobe Flash for play on the main site is slightly beyond our capabilities). Thanks to Digital Chumps, we can now watch the entire demo in high definition.

The dungeon portion of the demo can be seen here.
The train portion of the demo can be seen here.

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  • D-h

    Cool, the game looks alright.

  • man

    to much lag on the video.

    • Cody

      It's slow because it's high definition 😛

      If your internet is slow you have to wait for it to load

  • Sarah

    the sent video sucks but wtf. since when does link have an Indiana Jones whip!? … was that the best they could do?

    • Beto

      they actually did that in wind waker with the graplinhook

  • bob

    i think the game is awesome

  • shakeal

    this spirit tracks game is the one the top zelda the game is awesome iv played it ,this is the one its sick