Yep, we’ve gone and done it again – the Spirit Tracks section has been updated with the latest info on the new Zelda title. Here’s a rundown of all the changes we made over yesterday and today.

  • Items Page: Added information on the Whip. Fixed up information about the Whirlwind. New images!
  • Characters Page: Revised information about the Phantom. Used official artwork for images.
  • Enemies Page: Added several new enemies (all with tentative names) and screenshots of each. Revised certain names and descriptions.
  • Bosses Page: No, that tunnel monster is NOT a boss! We did, however, rewrite and revise the strategy guide for the Rhinoceros Beetle, factoring in the blue larvae it drops.
  • Videos Page: Added the new E3 2009 trailer and the gameplay video by IGN.
  • Image Gallery: Ten new screenshots have been added to the gallery, and an official art area has been made to house the newly released artwork.
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  • Can't view the gallery because i have been banned on the forums… =[

    • Cody

      Perhaps you shouldn't make silly bets then. :3

      • Mean Cody is mean =P

        I really thought it would have been shown at E3 though… And they actually planned to show it, evidence:

        [7:04] "To be honest, I really wanted to show off a new Zelda at this E3. However, rather than bring you something, we wanted to focus on development."


  • Looking good, nice job.