Wii Fit & Mario

The Japanese newspaper Nihon Keizai Shimbun recently reported that by the end of this year a new Wii Fit will be released in Japan. This would confirm the rumors that Nintendo recently patented the name Wii Fit Plus. They informed their readers that the game will measure balance and weight even more accurate and will support online connectivity. But Wii Fit Plus wasn’t the report that sparked the interest of the fans.

The newspaper also claimed that a new Mario game is in the making, and is set to be released in Japan by the end of this year. Sadly, very little other information was given, except that it’s a tool for Nintendo to push their Japanese Wii sales. If the newspaper is correct, we’ll hear from it very soon- at the E3.

Source: IGN Wii
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  • ChainofTermina

    th-this dosen't mean that there isn't a new Zelda, r-right?
    I am so sick of mario, all he does is jump through obsicle courses. no story at all. is just "save peach, save peach, and save Peach"

    • You've never played Super Paper Mario, have you? Peach is in your freakin' party.

    • Rogums

      in most mario rpgs you can play as peach as triforce of the gods said and she also got her own game. Nintendo frequently make games with other characters around the mario universe such as tons of wario games – 2 luigi games – 4 yoshi games. And as or gameplay he spans more geners than any other charcter with racing – sport – platforming and board games.

    • Arjen

      Actually, you need to play MARIO GAMES for a change. It'd fix up your incredible ignorance.

  • darkhero

    There are millions of Mario games already. And there hasn't been a Zelda for the Wii at all. Twilight Princess was just an import from the gamecube.

    • Arjen

      But it was still a Wii game. Let's not get unfair, shall we? There aren't that many epic Mario adventures.

  • Dax

    A new Mario is better than nothing…unless it's another sports game or Mario Party 9 or something…

    • Arjen

      I think no one'd make such a fuss over just another Mario Party or sports game.

  • ogichiichigo

    Great, I was really hoping for something different, unique, et cetera. Not another freaking Mario game.
    There still might be a new Zelda game, but it's very unlikely. Great.

    • Arjen

      Super Mario Galaxy was something completely different. So maybe you should not be biased.

  • curly Q

    Well, they just announced that there's going ot be a new Zelda for the DS. But you're right about mario, he is getting kind of boring. But i still think they should make a new Zelda, I like Zelda.

    • Metropalis (ZU)

      … Mario is Nintendo's mascot

  • Windie

    Super Mario Universe…?

    • O.K. what is up? You guys said you wanted non-Zelda related Nintendo news when Zelda news was non-existent, but now that your getting it, your complaining that it's not Zelda news.

      This is exactly what happened with TP.

      • I'm pretty sure the guy was making a joke about the next Super Mario title :P… the last one was galaxy, so the only place Mario hasn't gone is the whole freaking universe.

        Hence the next Mario title MUST be called Super Mario Universe! :O

  • leirin

    How exciting. "push their Japanese Wii sales", eh? Knowing Japan and their love of RPG games, maybe it's a Super Mario RPG sequel?!

    …Naw, not gonna happen. =(

    • Arjen

      It might be some sort of "sequel" to Super Mario RPG- as in, a new Paper Mario.

  • bluefire


    • Arjen