Being royalty is great. You’re loved by everyone, you get to hang out with all your idols and best of all: you’ll get gifts sent to you on a regular basis.

The Queen of England just received a Nintendo Wii from THQ. Of course, since it’s for the Queen who just so happens to be one of the most famous people on earth, they actually had it gold-plated.

Worthy of a queen

Worthy of a queen.

As you can see, THQ also sent a copy of Big Family Games. This is a mini-game compilation and unfortunately most of those games are really bad, so is there a risk that this game will actually scare the queen away from video games? On the other hand, there’s no telling how much this game would sell if the fair queen actually enjoyed playing it.

You know what? I would actually love to see the Queen review this game. It would be the game review of the century, to be sure. Can you imagine the Queen going Angry Video Game Nerd on this game?

What do you think of this? Is it a smart move or a big PR flop? Would you like to see the Queen review this game? Then head over to our forums and have your say about it, or put your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: (thanks to Triforce of the Gods for the tip)
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  • Gerudude

    Is this a joke? Even the even the remote and the nunchuk are in gold. How heavy they must be. Hope she doesn't get a tennis elbow.
    Or what if she loses her grip and accidentaly throws old Charlie to the head with it?
    We don't want the two princes to become orphins now do we?

    Nope, I think this Wii is way to dangerous for the royal family.

  • Chesterton

    LOL you got this from MyWii, did you not?

  • Cyus

    This is quite funny, really. A gold Wii? Is this real? They could have sent her a better game, though.

  • They should have sent her Twillight princess and 2 1000 wii points cards for her to download ocarina of time and majora's mask =P

  • The Goron Moron

    I think it was (somewhat) wise to have sent her a casual game.

    See, I honestly doubt that the Queen of England has any remote interest in video games. She is a very busy woman, and I'm willing to bet she's only ever going to play her Wii once in her lifetime. Actually, I can see her enjoying the game if anything.

  • A Random Passerby

    LOL WUT?
    i want a golden wii!

  • ChainofTermina

    you have got. to be kidding me.
    the Queen of England got a Wii?
    that. is. Hilarious.
    she's an old lady. why would she want a videogame?
    Seriously, that is the funniest thing I've heard in a long time.
    And i don't think it's real gold. it's just gold colored plastic, i'm sure.
    thats what gold plated means.
    I still can't believe this. my god… the Queen of England? … my god

  • Shaelyn

    well, as said in the article, the Queen gets gifts on a regular basis. I doubt she likes all of them – or even has the time to find out if she likes all of them. so, as long as the gift isn't offensive, I doubt it matters which game she get. better Big Family Games than something with excessive violence – or Wii Fit, which would end up suggesting that she's fat or out of shape. BFG is a good "safe" game.

  • If you guys read the original article, you'd know she played Prince Charles's Wii and enjoyed it.

  • Cody

    More importantly, it is hilarious and symbolic that the queen received the BFG as a gift, for anyone who has read Roald Dahl. :3

  • Ulises

    the queen elizabeth of england is not a human being. she is actually a reptilian-alien, just like bush, they dont care about humans, thats why the world is in so much pain and trouble. do not think this is a joke, im pretty serius on this one. just give it a try, then use your mind and decide. WAKE UP PEOPLE YOU ARE LIVING IN A PRISON DESIGNED FOR THE MIND!!!

  • Kaylee

    In response to the person claiming it would be heavy and dangerous, it was my understanding that "gold plated" means that it has a thin layer of gold applied to it. It would be like a metallic skin applied over the plastic.

    I doubt she'd want to spend hours playing an RPG; something light that you can fiddle with and put away is probably best. Not sure that Big Family Games is any good, though.

  • phantom

    gold plated means it has a thin layer of gold coating the exterior its called gold leaf

  • Erik

    Wouldn't "Little King's Story" be a better choice? 😛

  • Tolkie

    I think they should have given her Wii Play and Wii sports. Those are the two most basic, and enjoyable games.

  • leirin

    Wow, why is this so strangely awesome?