Some experts have gathered information about Nintendo, saying they know what Nintendo needs in order to stay wealthy and succesful. According to them, change is needed fast. What’s the solution according to the experts from Times Online? Read it inside!

According to several experts, Nintendo is doing it wrong. The sells are decreasing and the audience is getting unsatisfied and impatient. In order to make the audience happy again, “Nintendo needs to come up with a very impressive new line-up this E3 and it has to reveal something about Nintendo’s next console to the shareholders.”

Some experts take it extreme and say Nintendo only needs one thing: a new Zelda for Wii.

Hiroshi Kamide from KBC Securities states that the poor upcoming Nintendo line-up for the Wii can be explained by the upcoming release of the new Zelda-title. “Nintendo is focussing a lot on that title and therefor, they are weakened at this very moment. All they need to do now is release this new Zelda right before Christmas.”

Nintendo is showing the Japanese shareholders their new line-up in the form of several teasers, upcoming friday. It’s basically the same we will see at the upcoming E3. The shareholders stated earlier they were very disappointed by the teasers Nintendo showed last year, with Wii Sports Resort as the main focus-point. In order to keep the shareholders happy, it does not seem more than logic that Nintendo has to come up with something big.

All of this confirms the information the online webshop had received from Nintendo, saying they can expect a new Zelda for the Wii by the end of 2009.

We will obviously keep you updated but until now, it seems like the E3 will be the big answer to everything.

Source: Wii-DS

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