Some experts have gathered information about Nintendo, saying they know what Nintendo needs in order to stay wealthy and succesful. According to them, change is needed fast. What’s the solution according to the experts from Times Online? Read it inside!

According to several experts, Nintendo is doing it wrong. The sells are decreasing and the audience is getting unsatisfied and impatient. In order to make the audience happy again, “Nintendo needs to come up with a very impressive new line-up this E3 and it has to reveal something about Nintendo’s next console to the shareholders.”

Some experts take it extreme and say Nintendo only needs one thing: a new Zelda for Wii.

Hiroshi Kamide from KBC Securities states that the poor upcoming Nintendo line-up for the Wii can be explained by the upcoming release of the new Zelda-title. “Nintendo is focussing a lot on that title and therefor, they are weakened at this very moment. All they need to do now is release this new Zelda right before Christmas.”

Nintendo is showing the Japanese shareholders their new line-up in the form of several teasers, upcoming friday. It’s basically the same we will see at the upcoming E3. The shareholders stated earlier they were very disappointed by the teasers Nintendo showed last year, with Wii Sports Resort as the main focus-point. In order to keep the shareholders happy, it does not seem more than logic that Nintendo has to come up with something big.

All of this confirms the information the online webshop had received from Nintendo, saying they can expect a new Zelda for the Wii by the end of 2009.

We will obviously keep you updated but until now, it seems like the E3 will be the big answer to everything.

Source: Wii-DS

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  • Paige

    I'm having a very hard time breathing right now! I wasn't expecting a new Zelda to come out in 2009 – I was expecting it to be released in 2010-2011, but I guess that may not be the case. I'm glad that we won't need to wait much longer.

  • The 10th Rider

    I can see huge Nintendo announcements this year for Wii. Think about all the games they could announce:
    A new Metroid
    A new Zelda
    A new Starfox
    A new Mario
    A new Donkey Kong
    A new Kirby
    A new Kid Icarus
    A new R.O.B
    Nintendo could release a ton of games with high potential.

    • Nagrom

      Nintendo does have a reputation of keeping gamers in the dark. When they finally announce something, I expect it to be good. My expectations are high.

      • I wanna be Link

        same here…. so excited!!

    • sacredbeast

      seriously a new rob game that would only get like 2 sells to you and some other person intrested in a robot that spins little tops at people hmm maybe my 5 year old little brother also donkey kong is dead and so is kid icarus if they make games of them its most likely because the big hit game ssbb

  • Link861

    They don't necessarily need something about a new console, they just need good games. That appeal to the core audience. It's what we've been saying before. Casual gamers only play it on and off, or at parties. Give the core gamer what they want, and they will play for hours on end. And come back for more.

  • Mr_Zora_Decu


    Now that i have your attention….I DO think Nintendo has many cards up-their sleeve because they JUST announce 2 pokemon remakes and red-steel 2, and we're not even at E3 yet! 😀


    i want new zelda!!!

  • Feri-san

    "All of this confirms the information the online webshop had received from Nintendo, saying they can expect a new Zelda for the Wii by the end of 2009."

    So soon?

    DO WANT.

    At least a teaser trailer like they did with TP, but SOMETHING about the Zelda wii! I'm eager about SPirit tRacks but I seriously cant' wait for a new Zelda wii!

    I do hope that this e3 is mroe of a blst, with more than just Spirit tTraacks to boast about. x3

  • Okay explain to me this, what exactly is a "nintendo expert?"

    do people actually devote their lives to studying nintendo? ha ha. you know its just some journalist somewhere interviewing a 12 year old fan, aka the "nintendo expert" of which they speak. if you ask me, the real experts are the webmaster of zelda fan sites.

    • By_Farore

      Economically speaking, I guess. Just the mention of ''shareholders'' makes me think it's more about ''we've put money into this company, we need to study its graphics and see how it could increase its profits, or else we'll take it back and use it on another company, maybe Apple'' than ''oh, an rpg would be nice; makes the shelves colorful and keeps the nerds calm''.

      But yeah, do we really need any kind of expert to scream ''WE WANT A ZELDA WII'' ? On that, I do agree.

  • $200

    hmv? can it be trusted?

  • Waddy

    hopefully theyll give a new zelda that isnt cell-shaded like wind waker. the cell-shaded ones were good, but id like a more "serious" game. like twilight princess but longer.

    • The 10th RIder

      They said the DS ones will be Toon Link style, that could mean that the Wii ones wont be.

  • Rojinhu

    If they bring out that new Zelda, I have a reason to buy a Wii, and then I can start buying other games too, like Rune Factory Frontier and Super Mario Galaxy

  • Can't wait for E3 =DDDD

  • Dax

    Stop getting my hopes up, you bastards.

  • Tess

    Damn it! My hopes are going up!

  • Shaelyn

    geez guys. Nintendo has said nothing so far. the question is: will they deliver? it's still a big if. this is so-called Nintendo experts, not Nintendo staffers or spokespeople.

    I'm gonna wait for E3 to see what's going on before I get my hopes up.

  • zeldalass

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I hope it isn't to expensive… OMG yay

  • ogichiichigo

    If Zelda does come out before 2009 is over, that would be amazing. 2008 didn't really have anything good for the Wii and 2009 hasn't been good so far. Come on, Nintendo! We don't want Mario, we want Zelda! And make sure it's amazing!

  • Kurai Chi

    Hoping that Nintendo does release one, I need something to play. Especially because I just beat Prince of Persia…

  • TheTruth

    We go through this every year. Some hot shot thinks Nintendo will announce something big and we end up either being dissapointed or getting half of what we (fans) want.

    It's an endless cycle and I LOL every time I read these kind of comments.

    If Nintendo stops being biased and makes decent games then they have my respect but if they make games stupid with very little/no plot then bye bye and I'll just stick to retro games.

    I still have all my older Nintendo games from the N64 and SNES and enjoy them. 🙂

  • TheTruth

    P.S: I just bought Cruis n Exotica at a used price and am glad I didn't pay the full 50.00$ It's a fun racing game if you want something quick but it's not worth full price since 50.00$ isn't excatly easy to come up with unless your parents are filthy rich and don't give a care.

  • Chesterton

    Zelda Wii by winter holiday season 2009?


  • ogichiichigo

    The P.S. does not relate to this at all, 1st of all,

    2nd of all, Nintendo has made some pretty amazing games with some pretty awesome storylines lately, especially for the Wii,

    and 3rd all, stop being so pessimistic, we can at least hope for a new game to come out. Anyways, I heard it was it was a key Nintendo game, and The Legend of Zelda is a pretty important game to Nintendo. Sure it might be Mario, Metroid, Starfox, et cetera, but we can hope.

  • Maverickk

    First off as much as I love Zelda, I'm in no hurry about it.

    I know some fans are up in arms there hasn't been a single screen or little mentioning of it at all. To me it's not a big deal though, since 3 years isn't that long… I mean I remember waiting 7 years between link to the past and Ocarina of Time.

    I'm not sure if we will get a new Zelda for Christmas… I'm both skeptical, and optimistic about it. I'm skeptical because Spirit Tracks is set to be released towards the end of the year… and I don't know many instances where both a handheld and console Zelda are release simultaneously. So since Spirit Tracks is already set for release I don't see a new Zelda being released on the Wii. As well I think the Spirit Tracks is a placeholder, something to tide Zelda fans and gamers over until we get the new Zelda.

    On the other hand there could be a new Zelda set to be released this Christmas… I mean Twilight Princess took 3 years roughly to develop. So we know Nintendo can make a Zelda game in 3 years of a good quality. Not to mention considering the series history, they likely started working on the next Zelda title soon after Twilight Princess… So with that in mind it wouldn't be surprising that a new Zelda is near completion or at the very least very well developed.

    Meaning by some miracle there could be a Zelda this Christmas which shocks us all… but I'm not holding my breath. The more believable situation would be that we get a trailer at E3… Nintendo won't let people down this year. Not to mention E3 is getting put back into the old format anyhow after such the poor turn out last year. So now Nintendo has every reason to put on an exciting and good show. So a new Zelda is possible, although I'm hoping for some other titles too.

    The only thing I have to say is sad though in regards to the article is that Nintendo's success and support from share holders apparently relies on a Zelda game. I love Zelda a lot, but there's a lot of other quality titles people forget. In either case though I'm hoping that we get to see a new Zelda soon…

    Preferably vibrant, and colourful like windwaker, but in a serious tone like Majora's Mask.

    • Gerudude

      If it is in a far state of completion, then we should at least get some screenshots at E3.

  • Juliannabells

    I don't want them to hurry too much because we don't want it to suck, do we? I just want it to satisfy my Zelda crave. Which I will tell you right now will not be satisfied with another DS Zelda. Bleh. I miss the OoT/TP graphics style, the real feel of Zelda. Don't get my wrong, WW style is nice, and I love the game, but let's face it, nothing replaces the feel OoT/MM/TP graphics portrays.

  • chandledorf

    Ok Heres the Perfect way to get the Wii back on track. Remake OCARINA OF TIME. Seriously i would buy a brand new wii just to play the Ocarina of Time remake, and make it so you can use a regular gamecube controller aswell as the nunchuk. Every time I try to aim the bow on TP the sun gets to remote and i go flying all over the screen ><

  • Dumbass

    let's be patient guys…. I'm sure Nintendo is going to satisfy us no matter what. haha

  • The last thing we need is for Nintendo to release Zelda: Wii in the near future. Don't get your hopes up if they do release it early though, because they may do the same thing that they did with SSBB – schedule a release then postpone it 2 months then postpone it again for another month. I highly doubt they will release it early though, because Nintendo isn't known for rushing things and making them bad. I also doubt that this new game will be cel-shaded because it seems this style is the only one that will work effectively on the DS, and Nintendo knows that, if on both the Wii and DS, fans will get tired of seeing cel-shaded graphics

    • Actually, the cel-shaded graphics only look good on a console and getting them on a handheld just isn't the same.

  • scouserfuller9

    There won't be. We've already seen one Zelda title which is supposed to be released this year but I wouldn't be surprised if it's put back to 2010 plus they wanna make a Zelda title better than OOT which will have them working there socks off for a little while longer. 2011 will be the earliest we see the next release for the Wii in my opinion.
    It's frustrating waitling as the story and gameplay is so addictive but at the end of the day it's worth it. I very rarely play games compared to when I was a kid but I still have what it takes to spend a lot of time playing a new Zelda title I enjoy it so much.

  • Destray

    Well it's about time that the Nintendo makes the connection. Mini games just don't cut it. I actually had to buy a 360 to satisfy my gaming needs. More componies need to release more epic games like 'Tales of Symphonia', 'Baton Kaitos', etc. Not Nintendo games, but there still is a lack of good games…. I was a nintendo fan, until the great dissapointment that came to be know as us, I mean wii.