We’ve got some pictures for you from the production-process of the Adult Link-statue made by First 4 Figures in cooperation with Nintendo! Check them out inside the item.

First 4 Figures is the creator of many statues when it comes to game-series. They were responsible for various statues in the Metroid-serie, the Sonic-serie, the Ninja Gaiden-serie and, obviously, The Legend of Zelda-serie.

For The Legend of Zelda series, First 4 Figures planned 4 statues. 3 have already been released: Fierce Deity Link, Sheik and Skull Kid can be found on the shop-shelves as we speak. Pictures can be found on our merch-page, right over here.

The last statue in the series is  Adult Link and there will be 2500 pieces available, worldwide. It’ll cost $109,99 and can be bought here; credit card only.

The following pictures show how Adult Link has been created and it shows how much care, hard work and precision is involved in the process:

Source: Wii-DS

  • The 10th RIder

    Cool beans, now they just need Zelda action figures or Legos (they're already making Prince of Persia Legos).

    • ChainofTermina

      Zelda Legos you say? that sounds AWSOME!
      they should tottaly do that, I mean Nintendo did used to be a TOY company afterall.

      • metropalis (ZU)

        oh really continue ^^

  • LeroyZU

    Quite an expensive figurine =D

    Though it's a nice collectors item ^_^

  • ChainofTermina


  • mattj

    Wow. I know that price has got to be wrong, (maybe 109.99). But I wouldn't even pay 10.99 for it. It looks like cheap plastic or ceramic held together by superglue (see 6th picture) and the Shield's symbol is JUST A STICKER!!! (see 5th picture).

    I've seen do-it-yourself model kits at D&D / Game stores for like $20-$30. And they were WAY more detailed than that!!!

  • Luisa

    It looks cool, they put hard work on it and all, but I wouldn't pay such a high price for it. Link's face doesn't look that great, and his hair doesn't look very natural

  • Jake

    zelda legos… that would be awesomly the best thing ever

  • linklegend

    I agree with you about the stickers and superglue…
    Pretty odd…

  • Lurch028

    I have to say this is awesome

  • sorry to have to tell u this but iv hade mine for at least 2 year now. i paid $60
    for link and then a few week later shiek was on offer at $50. i havnt yet got skull kid but il probobly buy it online.

    • Chris

      How's that possible when it states on their site the shipping date is May 2009?

  • Chris

    The skull kid figure is still the best of the lot at the moment, the detail is fantastic on it, shiek is average at best and Fierce Deity was pretty cool too, although the first one I got was broken.

    I've also got Samus figure from F4F which equally kicks arse, cant wait for the gunship model from them and the phazon suit.