We’ve got some pictures for you from the production-process of the Adult Link-statue made by First 4 Figures in cooperation with Nintendo! Check them out inside the item.

First 4 Figures is the creator of many statues when it comes to game-series. They were responsible for various statues in the Metroid-serie, the Sonic-serie, the Ninja Gaiden-serie and, obviously, The Legend of Zelda-serie.

For The Legend of Zelda series, First 4 Figures planned 4 statues. 3 have already been released: Fierce Deity Link, Sheik and Skull Kid can be found on the shop-shelves as we speak. Pictures can be found on our merch-page, right over here.

The last statue in the series is  Adult Link and there will be 2500 pieces available, worldwide. It’ll cost $109,99 and can be bought here; credit card only.

The following pictures show how Adult Link has been created and it shows how much care, hard work and precision is involved in the process:

Source: Wii-DS