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  • transgender zelda

    does anyone think that a triforce tattoo on one's hand would be a bit much?
    note; in the center below each triangle would be the name of the godesses in hylia and above each one in each triangle would be what each one represents

  • ChainofTermina

    you mean as an actual Tatoo for you? yes, that does seem like a bit much. maybe try puting it some where else like your back

    • transgender zelda

      alright thanks, wanted the opinion of another zelda fan… still don't know, thought it would a cool idea, also briefly thought of one wing on the right side heh heh (one winged angel; FFVII) I doubt I'll do that one though, well on the hand it seems less likely that it would distort with age and weight gain (which is a small possibility with what I will be going through shortly… hence the name I'm using)