Twilight Princess is a game about love. Make no mistake about it– it is not strictly romantic love: it’s love between a father and son, between childhood friends, between citizens and the world they live in, between soldiers and the world they protect. It’s love between ancient races and their traditions, and even the love a researcher has for knowledge.

It is the kind of love that causes a knight to fight for his country, or a princess to give up a life of luxury to save her people, or even a madman to stop at nothing for power; it’s the kind of love that never dies no matter how dire the circumstances. However, in a game so centered on this all-encompassing concept of love, how is it that our hero never finds it?

The concept of romantic love is an endearing and alluring topic; it draws fans of all kinds and occasionally causes them to argue. It is, however, not to be taken lightly… or played too simply. It seems not even I am able to escape the allure of finding the hidden meanings behind cutscenes, to figure out precisely who Nintendo intends to hook our hero up with.

In this latest grandiose adventure, there are three main characters that appear to be vying for the affection of the chosen hero. First: Ilia, the childhood friend; second: Midna, the knavish imp and loyal sidekick; and last but not least: Zelda, the princess Link is out to save in the end (as any good knight should). After explaining the pros, cons, and hints of romance hidden within the immense script for each character, I will present you with my final conclusion: the truth to which Nintendo was planning to hook out hero up with. All of that will come in time, however… first, a look at Link’s childhood friend and closest confidant: Ilia.


Character: Ilia

Relationship: Friend

In-game Story: Born and raised in the sleepy village of Ordon, Ilia and Link were seldom separate as the two grew up, or as Ilia described:

“I… I knew you once…Yes… This feels so familiar… The scent of hay…Long ago… When we were young, you and I…You were always there… You were always beside me…Link.”

This clearly shows that the bond between these two is very tight, nigh unbreakable. However, their peaceful life was tragically torn asunder when their village was attacked, and Ilia was kidnapped.

Although others were taken, Ilia seemed to be carried the furthest and somehow ended up trapped by vicious beasts in a forgotten sanctuary –the house of an old lady in the same situation as her. After promising that she would find help for the kind and weary soul, Ilia managed to escape to the outside world, but at no small cost: her memory was all but shattered. As she moved closer to castle town, she found a dying Zora boy, and even without knowing who she was, she selflessly took the boy into town looking for help.

While in the city, she ran into our hero, himself just returning from restoring light and peace to the Lanayru province. Link escorted Ilia and the Zora child to Kakariko, but although she was thankful, Ilia was unaware of the special bond that the two shared. In her own words:

“Th-Thank you so much for this. Um, if you don’t mind me asking, what’s your name?…Link?! I will never in all my life forget your kindness, Link.”

Safely nestled in Kakariko, she selflessly nursed the still-ailing child back to health. While in town, the shaman attempted to help Ilia with her own problems, and began to work with her to restore her memory. Link came back for an attempt at restoring her memories, and as she started to realize much of what she had forgotten, she insisted that Link help the woman who had sheltered her. Her memory did return, and she eventually took a back-seat role, heading back home with the child refugees and eventually watching as Link left Ordon, always waiting for the day he returned.

Pros: The close bond that the two shared as children would doubtless carry over into any other relationship that could develop between them, dramatically reducing the risk of any kind of fight happening between the two of them. Furthermore, Link’s duties as the chosen hero would take precedence over any sort of domestic life he could lead, which Ilia would understand and work around because of her selfless nature (definitely a plus).

Cons: Ilia definitely has a temper, as evidenced here:

“Link? How could you! You were pushing Epona too hard again! I bet you hurt her leg jumping fences, didn’t you!”.

Furthermore, she is a bit dull compared to the other two possible love interests, having led a life of simplicity.

In-game Hints: It’s hard to ignore the signs sprinkled throughout Twilight Princess: the spring scene and the scene where she regains her memory topping the list. Here we see two friends staring into each others’ eyes, love struck smiles on their faces. If that’s not a nudge by Nintendo I don’t know what is.

Personal Thoughts: I’ll admit, I am a bit biased. This coupling is the personal favorite of mine; probably because I think the “Girl next Door” aspect is adorable. However, it’s hard to ignore the final scene in the game, with Link riding away from his hometown as Ilia watches. Even still, my hopes are personally riding on these two getting together.


Character: Midna

Relationship: Traveling Companion

In-game Story: Once standing tall as the ruler of the Twilight Realm, Midna found herself trapped in the form of a mere imp, cast out of the realm of her regency by the crazed usurper known as Zant. She took to scavenging for a means of restoring her power in the outskirts of Hyrule, vowing to exact her revenge upon Zant. It was there that she came across Link, trapped in his Lupine form. Taking interest in the strange human that was able to retain substance in the realm of Twilight, she followed him to his place of when he was consequently dragged off.

Midna agreed to free Link from prison, with the caveat that he would then assist Midna in her goals. Link, being in no real position to disagree, assisted Midna in collecting the artifacts that would eventually grant access to the citadel of her tormentor, Zant. Throughout the course of their journey, it became apparent that Midna’s affection for the creatures of the light, Link especially, was growing all the while. It was perhaps with this sentiment (combined with inconsolable rage, of course) that Midna destroyed Zant after Link had weakened him significantly.

When Ganondorf, the King of Evil inevitably presented himself, endangering Link and the princess Zelda (who had already saved Midna’s life once before), the duty fell upon Midna’s shoulders to assume the god-like form that she had only entered once before, putting herself in extreme danger. She fought back the beast that was Ganon, and transported Link and Zelda to safety, sacrificing herself in the process.

All hope seemed lost when Ganondorf, human again, appeared on horseback holding the crumbling remains of Midna’s helm in front of Link. However, through valiance, swordplay, and an unobstructed sensor bar, Link vanquished the King of Evil once and for all. It was only then that Midna returned to her original, humanoid form. When she and Link reunited, she greeted his trademark stoic silence with, “Am I so beautiful that you’ve no words left?”

However, all things must come to an end, and it was with a tear and an outstretched hand that Midna, ruler of the Twilight Realm again, departed the tangible realm for good, leaving only the words, “Link…I…See you later…”.

Pros: The powerful Twili princess sorceress seems to be a perfect fit with a green-garbed hero. She is nice, and does not take herself too seriously. Furthermore, she also has a strong will, and is the best looking of all the suitors (Despite the strange colored skin…but you never know… Link might be into that ).

Cons: She’s a bit of a *****. I mean seriously.

In-game Hints: There are far too many to mention, the entire game is riddled with them, from the first line she speaks.

“I found you! Oooh! Aren’t you scary! Eeh hee! Are you sure you want to be doing that? Snarling and glaring at me? Well, that’s too bad…I was planning on helping you…if you were nice.”

This seems to be her playful way of teasing, and in the final lines in the game it even appears that she is about to confess her love for him. If you played the game and did not get the impression they had feelings for each other (the “breaking into Hyrule Castle” scene, the scene when Zant attacks, etc.) then you really need your eyes checked.

Personal thoughts: I am against inter-species dating. Think of the children! (not yours, theirs)


Character: Zelda

Relationship: Damsel in Distress

In-game Story: Actually, the princess story is rather small, appearing at the beginning, middle, and end of the game only. Her first appearance was as a prisoner, where she explained to Wolf Link what she had to do in order to save Hyrule. And though it was not pretty and not the heroic thing to do it was the correct thing, as a leader, to do.

She appeared again about halfway through the storyline, when Midna was dying from exposure to the Light Realm. In a selfless act, she gave up her life force in order to save the weakened imp. She disappeared, seemingly into thin air, as Midna was restored; this made many people think she had died.

In her last scene Link entered the Hyrule Castle throne room to discover that she was strapped to a stone Triforce above her old throne like a trophy, as Ganondorf sat underneath delightfully bored. Turning his body into shadow fragments, he possessed Zelda and forced her to attack our two heroes. After her body was defeated, she was only revived after Link had vanquished the beast Ganon. It was then that Midna transported the two of them to safety.

Zelda then prayed to the gods and they granted her a single wish, taking power from the light spirits she was crafted a set of “Light Arrows” capable of wounding Ganondorf. Atop Epona’s back, she managed to weaken him enough for Link to de-horse the madman. However, as Link approached, a field of magic stopped her from intervening further, forcing Link and Ganondorf to fight alone.

In her last appearance, she watched as Midna left for the last time into the Twilight realm, almost trying to convince her to stay.

“Shadow and light are two sides of the same coin…one cannot exist without the other. I know now the reason the goddesses left the Mirror of Twilight in this world… They left it because it was their design that we should meet. Yes… that is what I believe.”

That’s nice of her.

Pros: Unlike Midna, Link wouldn’t have to cross a dangerous desert to see her –given the Mirror of Twilight still existed- and unlike Ilia, he would not have to be stuck in a small town in order to live with her. She’s also a selfless person and the ruler of a kingdom. I also would imagine Zelda as having a large treasury, which I guess could be considered a plus.

Cons: She seems a bit timid, not nearly as outgoing as the other two. Furthermore, I would imagine her princess duties would take up a lot of her time. And she doesn’t really seem that interested in Link…or anything other than helping her people for that matter.

In-game Hints: The only in game hint I could find here comes in the form of the cut scene before the last part of the Final boss. Where Zelda asks for links help and he graciously bows and offers his hand. It’s almost a hint…right?

Personal Thoughts: I see it as very unlikely, they hardly spoke and hardly interacted but I know a lot of fans like the idea of the hero saving the princess and falling in love. In any case my vote is still with Ilia.

Conclusion: It’s not hard to see that our hero’s heart is being pulled in many directions, and while he had bigger thoughts on his mind during his adventure, now that the evil is dead he has not much else to do. So who will he choose, though it is impossible to say who he did choose –if anyone at all- (unless of course Nintendo makes a direct sequel). In truth, all we as fans can do is read between the lines and possibly write fan-fiction if we are feeling daring enough. I said at the beginning that I would tell you who Nintendo intended link to end up with, and after reading through hundreds of lines of dialogue and watching almost all the cut scene again I am going to take a stand and give the conclusion that now seems so clearly before me:

All three, and none. Link the Hero is not just a character Nintendo created; he was intended to be an extension of the player. The actions Link made were because the player decided they were the right actions, Link’s thoughts were that of the player’s, and his words can only be imagined by the person controlling him. What does this all mean? Nintendo intended to give Link options, because they knew fans would like it that way. Link is the player and in the end it is the player that gives Link value. Simply put: Link will get together with whomever you the player decided he should.

Of course, that doesn’t stop people from arguing about it.

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  • ogichiichigo

    First! And yeah, I get the whole 'love' thing. My vote is still with Zelda though. There's not much better a sword wielding, farm boy can do then a princess. And I know the whole farm boy-princess thing is very, very overrated, but hey, it made this amazing game we all know and love to play today.

    • Macey

      Right on Dude! I think Link should be with zelda because durr! they make a perfect love match than Ilia whatever type she is.

    • hylin ROX 7

      ya iknow plus its like they soooooo get together at the end of spirit tracks

    • they sooo get together in spirit tracks too

  • Teengamer

    I totally agree with Ilia, but it was meant to be Zelda! In every game, it's always Zelda! What else would they do after defeating evil? Especially in WW, their are millions of hints to suggest this.

    Anyway, I sure hope Nintendo decides to say so in a sequel or new title.


    • Zelink4ever

      Thank You! You rock!

    • Corey

      If it was always LinkxZelda, their children would pretty soon be deformed and retarded from inbreeding.

    • Teengamer

      Now that I've seen a lot more of the game, I COMPLETELY disagree with my last comment and have to say that Ilia is a MUCH better option.

  • Chesterton


  • G-rod

    It can't be Zelda. Think about it, next time Ganondorf comes back, link has to defeat him and save his…sister?

    If Link and Zelda were to hook up, they would have done so in OoT, meaning that all the love stuff between them in the next 12 games would be, like, ew?

    • TriforseGirl

      I agree! Some games it says that Link and Zelda are related. I think Nintendo should make a new character that Link falls in love with to the end.

      • In Ocarina of time Link has the Zora Princess, Rita.

        • GorCoronSumo

          You mean Ruto…

        • Silver-Lynx4


          • Silver-Lynx4

            sorry 4 the language

  • Look – Link being in love has been debated so many times it's almost overplayed. However, when it comes to twilight Princess it is pretty obvious where this question goes. At the start of the game, it's pretty obvious that Link really likes Illia.

    As the game progresses, and Illia loses her memory, Link begins to get really close with Midna. Once Midna's true form is unveiled, it's pretty obvious Link is completely enamored with her. When she breaks the mirror and heads back to the twilight Realm, Link is heart broken.

    Zelda makes no sense in TP to be a love for link. Link has hardly any interaction with her at all, and most serious moment in the game when Link is around Zelda is to save his friend's, Midna, life.

    Oh, and this piece needs more imagery. Too much of "wall of text" for my liking.

    • Agreed completely. You can tell that Link and Ilia were on the path of love at the beginning, but as the game went, you could feel a super bond growing between Midna and Link. For some reason my gut reaction is with Midna over Ilia, and I must say, there is no Link and Zelda chemistry going on, so we can just let that be.

      • Hero Of Light

        Whatever happened to a friendship between midna and link? I cant say they loved each other but after going through all that, they created a FRIENDSHIP. not love. At the end cutscene, Midna said those because she was sad that she was not going to see link again out of friendship.

        • It may well have been friendship, but for some reason it seemed a lot stronger than that to me…though I haven't analyzed this, it's just my gut feeling at work…

          • Hero Of Light

            Yea I get it too. I never thought of Midna and Link. I always saw it as a friendship. Ilia could have been but it died until the end and it never got explored. Zelda, I highly doubt that she was hitting on Link in the cut scene before the duel.

    • Zelink4ever

      Actually no, Link is actually completely oblivious to iIlia's feelings for him. . . Your right about the midna thing though, and ive counted at least six hints that link likes zel, and four that zel might just like him back…

      • the-master-sword

        what are these hints

    • Princess_Midna

      U know i love Midna( she rules) but she can never be with Link because shadow and light can't mix. Link will probably end up with boring old Ilia. But I agree that Zelda has nothing to do with Link at all except that he has to save her. In Ocarina of Time, Link actually knew the princess a little bit. In this game i think Link will just be with Ilia after that and live a boring life.

      • GorCoronSumo

        Shadow and light can mix, thats where the twilight realm came from.

  • Rinakae

    I still support LinkxMidna
    LinkxZelda in TP is basically a joke. I believe that Zelda is there only for the damsel in distress role. I really didn't have much feeling for LinkxIlia, it seemed to me that Ilia liked Epona more that him XD

    but thats just me

    • Z

      I like epona more than any of them


  • Awwwwwwwwwwww!!

    Come on! I was JUST about to make an article like this. Dang you! Oh well. Nice article.

  • Xxmorbidly_sweetxX

    I'll always support ZeLink because it's a typical fairy-tale ending, the hero gets the princess. It is known that each of the Zelda's are related in the games, but I think that the Links aren't. I think each Link is not blood related to the previous Link (unless it is clear the same Link is in multiple games: OOT and MM), so I don't think it would be incestuous for Link to fall for Zelda in each game.

  • DesertSpirit

    Personally, I think link and midna is the best couple.

  • Hylian

    Why is it that you guys will only show posible heterosexual relationships? Seems kinda homophobic! Link has just as much chance as ending up with a nice guy as he does a woman.
    Posible people:

    at least consider more than the "norm" of sexuality as others exist.

    • By_Farore

      You're either kidding or you're an idiot.
      I'd rather call myself an homophobe than coupling two males together just in order to look open-minded.
      Nah, if you were serious you would've mentionned Shad or even Rusl instead of the pedophilic possibility of Colin or the completely farfetched Ganondorf.

      I saw more hints that Link seemed to really like the little he saw of Zelda, but even as a ZeLink supporter I can't see it happen in TP.
      Also, if someone else brings out blood relation as an argument, I'll blow a bolt.
      Seriously, wtf?

      • Hylian

        Either you didn't mean that first sentence or you're really rude.
        And that was actually referencing how in the romance threads and everything no one will ever mention any posibility of Link with another male. Pedophilic? You have to remember that things were much different back then…

        ZeLink? Wow, way to be original! You want Zelda and Link to be together, however that WOULD be incest if any other Link and Zelda "got together" in the past!

      • Jack

        They were joking
        not about link bing gay, but about the possibilities

        and also
        Link & Midna all the way

    • Teengamer

      That would be just wrong. Look at every single Zelda game and tell me that! Nintendo would never do that, so you can keep your sick-minded ideas to yourself!


    • You call Ganondorf a 'nice guy'? You're gross! Colin is a little kid, Ganondorf is a bad guy, and Fado dosen't work either. LINK IS OBVIOUSLY NOT GAY. Get over yourself man, accept the facts: Link likes Ilia.

    • a person

      ok im new to this website and i read your and yours is just nasty link will not end up with a dude it just not right im betting hefalls in love with ilia or midna but why would he fall with zelda isnt it just like the stars wars thing but in this game, princess leia rule a planet and luke saves everybody and they two are related but they have a very small thing for each other is it not the same in this game? and are you saying cause your homo

    • zay

      hahahaha! but in all seriousness link and zelda getting together would be wird cause it gives zelda games that little extra bit of mystery like in the end of Oot you were watching the credits thinking, ………………er did they hook up, did he ever meet her again !? and i personally think its really funny link and zelda never get together because that would be so cliched if they did, and also like in the original zelda cartoon how link gets pissed when he never gets together with zelda, i like the idea of that!

  • By_Farore

    The only thing all Links have in common is being descendant of ''Hylian Knights'', not kings, not princes, not any of the previous Links (well, according to ALttP if I recall) and starting off as nobodies. Though all Zeldas are related.
    So, who gives a sh*t if OoT Link did hook up with Zelda? TP Link won't be dating ''his siter'' or whatever no matter how hard he tried.
    Seeing how many Zelda games there are, no he's not forced to always be with her, but there would be no interbreeding unless Nintendo clearly states ''this Link descends from the previous Link who -did it- with the previous Zelda.''
    Until then, the only things keeping the two apart are the lack of hints.
    And the player's preferences.

    • G-rod

      Link and Zelda have never hooked up.
      Think about it, if they did, Link would technically be the king of Hyrule.

      • By_Farore

        Not saying they did, just saying if they did, the next Link is always a random guy, not the descendant of the previous Link.
        They did in Adventure of Link anyway.

        • Corey

          Only in WW.

      • Silver-Lynx4

        we NEVER say the king in TP… but seriously guys, Ilia only talks to him because he has Epona, Midna cant be (even the Bible says it: which community can Light and Darkness have?) and Zelda has always liked him someway…did you see the look in the eyes in those cutscenes? did you see Link desperated and rushing towards her?(Mid stopped him)


  • Link and Midna, definitely. Aside from her just being my favorite video game character of all time, I have to say that I really felt a connection between those two. As you mentioned in the article, there are hints all over the place suggesting this.

    Now, I s'pose I could see Link and Ilia getting together, but Midna just seems like a much better fit for Link. While her personality itself is a key factor in that, the growth of their relationship just seemed more natural, to me. It's something that, despite how the game ended, I would love to be explored in a future Zelda game (without focusing too much on it, of course).

  • Zero

    This is ridiculous. Zelda's a game, not real-life. I like it just as much as you do, but this is just… gay. DON'T TAKE IT SO SERIOUSLY.

    I apoligize if offended anyone, but that's just how I feel.

    • zay

      yer man i h8 when this sort of stuff get out of hand!………………but the topic is pretty funny i'll have to admit!

    • Alex

      To be honest, I think if Nintendo had any intentions to get Link hooked up with someone, they'd probably either choose the title character (Zelda) or a girl from a past game. The only times he's shown affections for Zelda are in 2 of the 3 CD-i Zelda games, and in the TV series that went along with the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, not including Captain N the Game Master. Reason proving that he's showing affection: He constantly tries to get Zelda to kiss him.

  • sWazoo

    You people are all fools. Can't you see? Link is obviously madly in love with Agatha, the Bug Princess. DUH. They were meant to be together.

    • Agitha and Mr. Grasshopper will live happily ever after! ^__^

    • Luisa

      Of course, how didn't we realize that before!

    • vexen


    • Yep, ya know all the bugs have a partner for the ball except Agatha… Link would be a great partner ^_^ lalala dancing with the buggies!!

      • GorCoronSumo

        And the dance gets out of control and someone gets squished;-)

        • GorCoronSumo

          I wonder how Agitha would react if link gave her a skulltula…

          • GorCoronSumo


  • Hero of Geeks

    I seriously love this article. Well said, sir. Well said.

    Hey, on another note, can anyone direct me to the full pic used of Zelda in this article?

  • I am a Midna x Link person myself, simply because it fits so well with this game. Yes, Ilia and Link seem to be the obvious choice at the beginning, but I believe right after the encounter with Zant in Lanayru's spring, that's when Midna and Link becomes and option.

    It's obvious Midna begins to show a softer side at that point, not quite so cruel anymore – thinking it more important that Link go on…and leave her there to die – basically freaking out when Zelda heals her. It shows Midna has lost her selfish attitude and has done a bit of growing up since the beginning of the game.

    I support this pair with the myriad of Midna x Link cut scenes. (Hand on the cheek, him cradling her before entering Hyrule castle, the little "nudge" after defeating Ganondorf's beast form, Link's expression as she sacrifices herself…his expression as her helm is crushed, the whole ending sequence)

    Not only that, but the Ilia x Link relationship is about shot at the end when Link rides away from Ordon – leaving Ilia behind. I believe he's gone to look for another way to get to the realm of Twilight and see Midna again, and lets face it – Nintendo left so much room for a sequel including Midna…and I would love it if they did one. 😀

  • By_Farore

    If you want to talk about "back then": adults males got married to 14+ females. Yeah sometimes younger, but they were always female.
    And being gay meant the death of you.
    And it's not because it was ok back then that we'll have to accept it in a fantasy game made to please the contemporary crowd.

    And no Links are proven to be blood-related to the previous one, unless you believe your own theories. And since they're theories I can shove them off as… theories.
    Hyrule is filled with stories of heroes, but as the Minish Cap showed the previous "hero" isn't always a Link.
    The only obvious thing in there is that Zelda descends from another Zelda. Link is widely believed to be the incarnation of "The Hero", not the descendant of "the previous Link". Not even a "reincarnation" (although that's the most popular theory).
    Even as a ZeLinker I can very well imagine them NOT being together, however a lot of "arguments" used against it shouldn't even exist.
    Wow, I truly find it insulting that just because I support Zelda X Link it automatically means I think they all had a family with billions of babies. I'm better than that.

    And who gave gave you the fucking idea I wanted to be original?
    No really, if you want to be original, hook him up with Shad and open a fanclub.

  • Right, but if they ever did hook up in Ocarina, well…wouldn't she have to be more involved in MM? I mean, sure, he did go off to Termina and all…but…wouldn't there be more references to her if their love was truly there? I mean, I think they were both too young to even consider 'hooking up" anyway…

  • Luisa

    I really like this article, and completely agree with its vision. Since Link is an extention of the player, he will end up with whoever the player wants. I personally think it'd be more probable to Link to stay with Ilia, even though I don't like her that much. But see, Midna is gone, and Zelda doesn't really show any interest in Link.


      • meh

        but TP and Spirit Tracks are totally 2 different games and story lines, were talking about Twilight Princess,

  • Pyro_Archer

    I like your article, its well put together and it does give you alot to think about in the game if you have played the whole thing.There were alot of hints in the game that were totally awesome to see. Although everyone is arguing who Link to likely to be with we all know the truth but choose not to believe it that Link isn't going to wind up with anyone! we can imagine, draw and write fanfics all we want! but Nintendo isn't going to give you what wish for! I know its sucks because personally I'm a LinkXNavi fan,Midna was cool their love could never be, Zelda nah because she has other duties, maybe IIia but she's too down to earth and abit annoying to me but like I said our Hero as always been solo through out the series, yeah there where close hints here and there but thats how its always going to be people! Just face it! Nintendo is not going to make a game about an 30 year old Link, Married to whoever saving the world from evil. Sorry but I just wanted to get that out of my system also their is not going to be a twilight princess sequel with midna, maybe the same Link but a totally new adventure, I can feel it.

  • ChainofTermina

    okay people, first of all, get the facts straight.
    1 Oot Link an WW Link are IN NO WAY related to each other. they say so in the game. so since WW Link is not a decendant of Oot Link, its perfectly okay that they both like their versions of Zelda.
    2 WTF ARE YOU ALL TALKING ABOUT? I saw about a gajillion hints at LinkxIlia, and like none for LinkxZelda.
    3…Link and,… MIDNA!? Where the F**k did THAT come from. I didn't see any hints for that. their friends, traveling companions, and most importantly, MIDNA'S A LITTLE IMP THING! LINKxMIDNA? THATS DISGUSTING!
    so yeah… as much a fan of Zelink asI am, I would have to be a ridiculously arrogant idiot not to see that in TP, AND TP ONLY, Link digs the farm girl

    • Wait, you seriously didn't catch any Link x Midna hints in the game?


      Did you even PLAY Twilight Princess!??!

    • Meatbag

      Hahaha wow thats funny. It cant be any of them. It is obviously Link and Yeta. lol.


    • alright this guy speaks the truth i mean link and minda the thought of it is just sick in tp and only tp he likes the farm girl but look at alll the other games then you can start talking about who link like s U PEOPLE ARE SICK LINK AND MINDA THE IMP WHO HAS TO FLY TO SEE LINKS HEAD NASTY

  • Link + Shad. Link's a Fairy Boy afterall.

  • Killface

    It can't be Midna for two resons. A: the ending when she shatters the mirror. And B: she's an entirely different race. It can't be Ilia 'cause she's an ordonian, not a hylian. Zelda's the only logical choice. And besides, Link is sort of like zelda's bodyguard, so it can be like Rusty Ventures' love life in reverse. Also, think about it, King Link. Ka-Kow!

    • hylin ROX 7

      plus shes UGLY

  • Killface

    Oh, and while I'm at it, when you put the whole "split-timeline" theory into the equation, only 2 1/2 games happen in Hyrule B: Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, and the adult half of Oot. In that sense, think of Link & Zelda's history together.

  • Killface

    Link and Zelda are like Mario & Peach… Or Luigi & Daisy.

    • Zelink4ever


    • I TOTALY AGREE LINK AND ZELDA LINK AND ZELDA plus that is true because link is always saving zelda an mario is always savin peach

    • I suppose you could put it that way, but what makes the Link x Zelda relationship different than the Mario x Peach or Luigi x Daisy relationships is that Mario and Luigi don't have nearly as many different love intrests as Link does. Zelda, Marin, Malon (Cremia), Illia, Midna…The list of ladies for Link goes on and on, while Mario and Luigi really only have one love intrest, and that's their individual princess. Maybe Luigi has a little crush on Peach, and Daisy DID give Mario a kiss after he saved her, but other than that, nothing much else. (Unless you count Pauline.) Sorry to take up a lot of space, but I just HAD to reply to your comment. 😛

  • Navi17

    None of them. If the Kori were to grow up and Saria wasnt a sage, Link should defienetly go with Saria from Ocarina of Time.Their perfect together. I dont know Zelda and Link? Yea it would probly be good but still, Saria deserves him.

    • that is true becase zelda is always goin off and gettin captrued and expecs link to save her and saria can take care of her self

  • Navi17

    Link is a fairy boy thats why I said Saria!

  • Navi17

    I dont like even thinking of this! Links cool leave him be. Besides I got a crush on him lol.

    • Dee

      lol me to! Though I would love to see something in Skyward Sword when he finds her on the ground land of Hyrule!

    • FC!

      Same here. lolol

  • Navi17

    If they actually give Link a girlfriend in a game, it will just be weird they shouldnt.

    • THEperson

      I agree

  • Navi17

    Hes got too much to deal with already

  • scottwalker

    Link could be a playa and be with all three!

  • MrBaconsock

    I think that Link and Midna loved eachother, but deep down in their hearts, they new that it could not work.

    Zelda showed absoloutely no interest…

    Ilia is the most probable, after watching the ending with link returning to Ordon with her waiting.

  • pandor

    Midna x Zelda–Their love is SO obvious! 😀 <3
    Oh, this is about Link.
    Um, well if we're going for 'obvious' and 'hetero', Link is Midna's boi-beetch. >:D
    If we're going for slash… darn, TP didn't really provide anyone I support with Link. 🙁 Because I can't slash TP Ganondawg and TP Link–Ganondawg's for TP Zelda. XD <3
    Conclusion: TP Link is celibate, and there is nothing wrong with that. *nods*

  • TwilitBeast

    I support MidnaxLink.
    it"s the most obvious couple in TP!!!
    In most of the cutscenes with both of them, they show so much deep emotion for eachother.Ilia is just some stupid Ordonian goat girl who lost her memory.WHO CARES?!I don't care at all!!!Zelda is the best choice in most of the games, but in TP they barely know eachother,And that's more reasonable than frickin' Ilia!She can DIE for all I care!You have to be blind not to see the affection that Link and Midna have for eachother!
    My conclusion is that Ilia should die, zelda is a good FRIEND to Link and Midna, and that MidnaxLink is pretty much the most accurate couple in TP.

    • Link 101

      I agree. why did nintendo come up with Ilia?

  • Cierra


    • Nessa


      • i know shes stealing link from zelda

    • ya but when u say that hero and princess is so unoriginal dosen that make it kind of original

  • Im more with Link and Ilia.

    They have a good history, and they always have an atmosphere when they are together. Link and Midna, I can support a bit. I think its clear that midna likes Link, from what she said at the end;
    "Link… I … See you later."
    That was my hint.
    Link and Zelda, im not a fan of. The only relationship I see between them, are Hyrules ruler, and a farm boy. I only see duty, not romance.


  • THE person

    i agree.

    i think people dont like Ilia because of the fact that Link is closer to someone else, other then Zelda.

  • Nessa

    Im going with LinkXMidna.

    I do like the idea of link with Ilia ,but it sort of died in the end. There was nothing with Zelda, there was no sign of love and Zelda seemed like she didnt really care for him as much. They are said to be a match but that doesnt mean it has to be in all the games.

    Even though Midnas a different race, that doesnt mean they cant be. Im sure in the end, Link is going to try to find a way to see her again because hes sure not the type of person to give things up!

  • Lilly

    Midna Midna Midna!!! All the way! >w< I've made/read fan fics about this pairing. OWO

  • Tre

    You all are stupid. It's a game. This guy wrote a load of rubbish. And I'm not trolling just to be a jerk. I'm doing it for the greater good.

  • Amelia

    What everyone seems to forget is that when Zelda gave Midna her life force, their hearts became as one. Zelda tells Midna this at the end of the game. "Your heart and mine were as one, however briefly." So if Midna loved Link…

  • feyCreator

    Ilia sounds like a good choice, but the whole small town thing sounds so restricting. Especially after all of his travels! I vote Zelda.

  • JUJI

    I saw intrests in the other games between Link and the Princess but in TP i didnt see no intrest =/ Zelda didnt really show any intrest for Link what so ever, and not to mention they barely even interacted with eachother as well it only seems they are only there for eachother to mission/duty reasons more then anything. when I first played TP I got the impression that Link and Illia had something going on, >.> she seems very infatuated with Link and he seems to have feelings for her(and maybe Midna) didnt you notice that Link looked awfully dissapointed and sad when he reunited with Illia and she didnt even remember him? he looked as if he was expecting her to run into his arms as if she hasnt seen him for 3 years or something, that sure showed alot. people really need to stop hating Illia, it's not her fault Link is more closer to her then he is to Zelda =P thats perhaps why she has haters? because Link likes her more?

    • in tp im totally with link and illia but in all the others its totally link and zelda

      • JUJI

        me too actually lol x3 but in OOT im gonna have to say Malon 8'D she's the only one available, I dont think Link wants to marry a fish girl or a child that cant grow up 8'D and since Zelda is a sage and all 8<

  • mee

    yeah ZELDA AND link ARE the perfect choise midna goes to the twilight and IIlia y dont know but now link is with ZELDA like peach and mario

    • i totally agree illia is sooooooooo trying to steal link from zelda

  • a person

    like other games youll think he falls in love in oot i thought he was going to fall in love with either the zora princess ruto or his friend saria either of the two

  • Zeldafan88

    Uh huh… All Links are reincarnated… so those who say Link and Zelda are related,you are wrong. All Links are reincarnated and Zelda is as well. LinkXZelda forever. Every game. Look at Minish Cap and Four Swords. Both Links are with Zelda. 🙂 Link and Zelda a classic pairing, no matter the game.


  • Icy

    okay, al hints point to ilia! in the game, he smiles whenever he see's her, and when she is mad at him for hurting epona, he looks determined to get her not ot be mad anymore. that, and before she gets kidnapped, it seems she's about to say something to link…posibly an, 'i like you"… i'm sticking with ilia and link. i think they are PERFECT for eachother……but that's just me…lol

  • hylin ROX 7

    link is cool as he is so if you want to pair him up u can but at the end of spirit tracks he hugs and holds hands with zelda!!! ps. I LOVE THE SERIES

  • link and zelda they soooo get together in the end of spirit tracks



  • in tp its sooooooo illia but in basacly all the others its zelda i mean that in oot its kinda saria but in spirit tracks its zelda in phantom hourglass its zelda in minish cap its zelda


  • link should get together with a fish person

  • MindDrone

    Hmmm. no mention of Hena, the girl who owns the fishing pond.

  • zeldafanboy23ify

    link from tp is a pimp!!!!!!
    youtube channel –

  • jticeman

    link+llia but link a hyrulen and llia is human cross breding lol i tolaly surport link and llia

  • Spirittracksplayer

    oh forgot to add they hold hands at the end and the screen blacks out…..what could have happened (lol as you can probally guess)

  • Spirittracksplayer

    the only zelda game when theres a ABSOLUTE i repeat ABSOLUTE giveaway that link and zelda date is in spirit tracks…..but the weird thing is all the guards are wearing links clothes from other games so apparently in one game zelda didnt date/marry Link

  • Link and Zelda. Period.

  • Veronica Sanchez

    NO, Link belongs with me! And ME ONLY!

  • MidnaROCKS!

    MINK MIDNAxLINK ALL THE WAY. FAce it, ALL those cutscenes involved midna and link and the affection. You gotta be a fool not to see it and I gotta admit, I was one of those fools. The first time I played this game i supported zeldaXlink but after playing the game for the second time and really looking at the scenes…… I started to change who I supported. Yeah may be she WAS a sassy b**** but she changed once link took her to zelda. When they were breaking into hyrule castle link held minda in his arms with a SMILE across his face as they both looked in each others eyes. And that little nudge midna gave link as they were defeating ganon. You cant forget at the end when midna is transformed to her true self, link RUNS up that hill to see her face again. TOwards the end when midna leaves I mean come on WHAT MORE PROOF DO U NEED? thats my opinion.

  • To be honest, I really have no idea who I would want Link to be with in Twilight Princess. I want to say my vote is with Zelda, like it usually is, but, their limited interactions in the game somewhat displayed that they weren't meant to be this time. I didn't really like Illia too much for some reason, I suppose I'm not really a big fan of the whole childhood friends to love intrests over the years. I like the love at first site idea better. And if not Zelda or Illia, then it would be Midna, but, no, they can't be together, due to Midna's departure at the end. It's obvious that she was going to state her love for Link (what else would she say anyway?) at the end of the game, but, she can't be with him. So, with the facts and opinions like that combined, Link's love intrest in Twilight Princess is just plain difficult. Who knows? Maybe he found that fisherwoman Hena cute.

  • Well written article, but cant see many comments. Any hoo great stuff. Ill pass this on to a friend or two, thanks for this.

  • Legendofzeldafan

    I don't know. I still like the idea of the knight who saves the princess and then loves her, but I don't think Nintendo will ever actually announce who he loves, it would be nice, but think of the disappointed fans. For example if they choose LInk x Zelda, then the Link x Midna fans and the Link x Ilia fans will be disappointed. And so on and so forth. So even though it would be cool, they probably won't choose out of fear of disappointed fans, however they may still offer hints here and there of Link loving someone or someone loving Link. 😉 But either way, I'm still for Link x Zelda, they're just adorable together!
    That or I'd like to have him for myself, 😉 .

  • Jim the James

    … Um… I nominate Hena?

    • Eryn

      I agree, Hena would be an awesome choice for Link. =) <3 Awesome Choice!

      • meh

        im sure Link thought Hena was cute too X3

  • Dee

    LINK IS HOT! whos with me?

  • Y

    Link and Midna are SO perfect!:) Rhey have good chemistry and obviously care for each other. Remember when Midna caressed his face, or when she leaned on him after a hard fight? And how about how Link held her after she broke the barrier on Hyrule Castle or how he always protected her and helped her through anything even after he learned she was using him in the beginning? My point is that they would be good together and want to be together and some of you are just to stuborn to admit it.
    Link and Midna Forever:)

  • Midna's advocate

    Well written article. There's always some players preferring the girl next door, some preferring classical fairytale royalty, and there are always players who go for exotic love affairs. I think Ilia will make a good wife but Midna are the type of dreamgirl/girlfriend many would wish for. So the game just leaves some space for everyone to believe in their own choice. If Link did pick someone at the end, the other fans will be disappointed. Can't you see the beauty of this open ending?

  • somebody passing by

    Are you all out of your mind?!! Link is just waaaaay over Telma, he couldn't stop watching her massive breasts when she offered him her hand!

    lol, jk.

    on a serious side, did anyone noticed that on the scene, after getting the last fused shadow and a "surprise visit" from Zant, he starts bulling Midna and literally says:

    -"My Midna… Did you forget? That beast is one of the light dwellers who
    oppressed our people.
    No matter how much you may desire otherwise, you will never be more than a
    shadow in their world. You cannot consort with their kind!"

    by "that beast" I'm sure he meant Link…

    and by "their kind" he meant the light dewellers….

    and by "consort"…….

    I'm sure that HAS to mean something…or ar least is souspicious.

  • Nintenjoe231

    Maybe Link is a player and he sleeps with everyone without making any commitments.

  • Roger

    Link X Ilia, for sure.

  • link-tl

    cmon people if link could talk he would say shut the bleep up cmon you just have to understand it could be anyone telma llia zelda midna yes i admit the girls have different feelings im just tired of being the only one who would care that a guy would choose as for u link girls nice choice but hes my best friend 🙂

  • link-tl

    jk if he was id be friends with pixles….

  • link-tl

    im bak again and i got to say if u saw the cutscene with the sorcerers they were human!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! midna is human she just has veeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy blue skin she was turnd into an imp by zant shes still human plus if u think about it how could your eyes programed for pretty girls think another species like a camel is beautiful just aint right

  • Cyndee

    hmm before TP I'd go for Link and Saria. But after TP, I'd go for Midna. With Midna, there will be more twists in the story and interesting plots that can develop in the future compared to for Zelda, she was never my option.

  • only for those who think that Link and Ilia its together as a couple, watch this link:

  • Link 101

    I'm a link x midna fan too because when midna was about to face ganondorf or "ganondork", link tries stop midna but ends up warped in hyrule field. it almost happened at the cut when link and Ilia get ambushed but link ends up getting knocked out by a mace to the head. who survives a mace to the head?

  • Link 101

    I did a little research in my game and i think nintendo may make a sequel. when midna says "our worlds are connected." I had to believe that there a mirror like the twilight mirror and that when she said "see you later." SHE MEANT IT.

    would like replies. 🙂

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