Recently GameStop reported that Nintendo asked them to “reserve shelf space” for something that is yet to be announced, and according to them is going to be “key” Nintendo property. According to IGN, all signs point at an upcoming announcement at the E3 ( which will start on June 2 ).

What could it be? Is it the new Zelda game for Wii the fans have been waiting for? Is it a sequel to the majorly successful Super Mario Galaxy? Perhaps Kid Icarus or Pikmin are finally returning in a Wii title? Or is it Wii Music: Revenge of the Cymbal? Heavy speculation has begun everywhere.

Source: IGN (Big thanks to Ty for the tip!)
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  • Z-MAN7

    I am pulling for a new Metroid.

  • Zelink

    Revenge of the cymbal..
    That's a game I'd want to play!!

    • Sol

      lol ditto!

  • Hydraboxdog

    Could be something exciting. More likely than not, in my opinion, it's going to be something relatively boring.

  • Nictel

    Has Wii Fit 2 Motionplus already been announced officially? No? Well then there's your answer.

    “key” Nintendo property. So that excludes any thing like Zelda, Metroid or Kid Icarus. Those are just things they do to please the fans.

    • Arjen

      Wow, what a negative view.
      "Key" Nintendo property are the franchises they love, which includes Zelda, Metroid and Mario. They don't just do those to please the fans. Have you ever seen the passion of a certain man named Shigeru Miyamoto?

  • James

    It's always the cymbal's fault.

  • By_Farore

    Miyamoto called: it's Revenge of the Cymbal, and it's going to be epic. It'll come bundled with a DS title called the Legend of Train: Tchoo-Tchoo of Awesome.
    Mario won't see it coming; Nintendo will get a new mascott.
    On a more serious note, I can't wait until E3, just because I have the hope that they'll anounce a Zelda Wii and a release date for Spirit Tracks.
    Also read on X-Play that Nintendo said it's planning to make it big and pleasing, not only for the ''core'', but for themselves too. Not quoting quite right, but that's what I understood.
    Not sure what it means, but I'm hoping Link's involved.

  • Not Mentioned

    STARFOX!!!! (we can only hope)

  • Wow, I really would like a new Starfox game…one that is much more back to the N64 roots, though a little bit of on foot would be okay…just not as much as Assault had…and preferably some rail shooting, because as fun as Command was, all ranged mode got old…

    Also, praying for a Wii Zelda game šŸ™‚

    • Teengamer

      You are so right on all accounts. I didn't really mind the on-foot gameplay in Assault, but it is really all about the Arwing fights.

      And yes, all-range mode did get annoying after a while in Command.

      If they decide to do Starfox, I wonder which ending in Command they'll do?!?


  • Leon

    A PROPER Banjo-Threeie, I know it will never happen but a kid can dream.

    • Arjen

      Banjo's RARE'S property, not Nintendo's.

  • Too much speculation in these parts.
    Don't get your hopes up. (And they won't be let down.)

  • Ted

    I have a feeling its gonna be metroid. On the official metroid website on the bottom of the page it says another side story coming soon. I'm really hoping its Wii Zelda though.

  • Darkhero

    What about Star Fox? Its one of the Best games ever!

  • Teengamer

    As much as I'd like a new Zelda title, I'm really hoping for a Starfox Wii game! With new motion plus, it'd be really cool!

    Of course, Zelda would be fine as well. Cross your fingers, everyone!!!


  • Arctic Fire

    I'm hoping for either a Zelda or Mario title. Those are what I'd really like to see from Nintendo right now.

    ……I'm still waiting for MM on the VC too.

  • Tess

    I'm hoping for a new Zelda title. šŸ™‚

  • Luna

    Or Starfox. A new Starfox would be nice. DO A BARREL ROLL!!!

  • Dax

    Feel like we're gonna be disappointed come June 2nd…but hopefully I'm wrong.

    …for the record, I'd take a new console Zelda game over StarFox or Metroid any day, although I'm a fan of all three franchises.

    • Arjen

      Nintendo swears they're going to do better than last year. Still, I'm not gonna get my hopes up or down. I'll keep them neutral.
      Any first party thing is fine with me, though I, too, would like a new Zelda the most.

  • Maybe they created a whole new game? Something they never tried before?

    • Arjen

      It's all possible, really. Still, what completely new thing could be fun?

  • Nictel

    I've seen his passion for money, yes. I would like to say I'm realistic, the last time I saw mister Miyamoto exited and passionate was for Wii Music…

    I think its Wii Fit 2, I would like to be wrong though.


    I'm guessing Metroid over Zelda. Spirit Tracks was just announced, I don't think they'd release two Zelda titles so quickly.

    • Dax

      But has Nintendo even mentioned Metroid at all since Prime 3 came out? Retro Studios said they were done with Metroid for awhile, which doesn't rule out a Nintendo-made sequel of course…

  • Kaiser

    It’s probably Wii Music 2: Another one that doesn’t have trombones.

    Anyway, I’m hoping for something new. I’m still pissed Captain Rainbow never came to the US, it looked freaking awesome.

    • who the heck is Captain Rainbow?