Do you remember when you first heard of the Revolution (the code name name for Wii) way back when, and how it would use motion controls? And do you remember thinking that this would be the most awesome thing in the history of the world, and how awesome games like Red Steel and Zelda would be, with perfect swordplay controls?

Well that didn’t really happen, since the Wii Remote wasn’t as good as we originally thought it was. But with Wii MotionPlus, those dreams might come true as this little device effectively “fixes” the Wii Remote.

Nintendo just now unveiled the release date, which is June 8 in the US for $19.99. The peripheral will debut in Europe on June 12 (no price details). No words as for Australia, but it seems Nintendo aims to give this to the world at approximately the same time so don’t fear, kangaroo-lovers!

As a side note, Wii Sports Resort, which was going to launch alongside WiiMotionPlus, will launch about a month later – in July. This means that games such as Sega’s Virtua Tennis and EA’s Tiger Woods will be the first to utilize Nintendo’s latest invention.

Source: IGN
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  • That's good news =D

  • Ryan

    I am Australian and I find that ‘kangaroo-lovers’ remark very offensive.

    • mikae

      I agree with ryan though I am not australian I would find that offensive if I were.

    • Chris

      It's not meant offensively, but I know how you feel – any time a person mentions tea in relation to someone from England I just to throttle them !!! =S

      Why is Wii Sports Resort being released a month later ????? Hmmm……

    • Australian Hater

      Crikey, no one gives a bloomin' fuck about Australia. Too bad for you that biodiversity isn't a currency, otherwise you might have a say in this world. For now though, shut up and be a good American joke.

    • anon

      wow shut up that wasnt offensive at all thats all people do these days is assume someone is out to get you. shut up and get over it.

  • Tess

    Wow, that's good news. =]

  • It'll only cost 20$? That's some good news =P

  • Ogichiichigo

    Sweetness. Though I never found it too difficult in Zelda. Just Super Monkey Ball 🙂 And don't react too much to the 'kangaroo-lovers' thing. You could always call us Americans 'McDonald's-lovers'.

    • Nagrom

      Too true. It's just one of those stereotypes. If it doesn't apply to you then whatever, just ignore it. 😛

    • Chick-fil-A > McDonalds!

  • Zelink

    Yeah, he's just kidding.

  • Feri-san

    And I'm the same way about references to sombreros and donkeys (burros) because I'm Mexican… but I'm sure it wasn't meant offensively, hopefully.

  • John

    A pseudo-racist comment is expected from shoddy news reporting.

  • Ah come on, Hombre didn't mean anything by it. He was just kidding.

  • Sam

    He wasn't trying to be racist

  • LinksReindeer9

    There's nothing offensive about it in the first place, it's a term of endearment – to be honest, it sounds like he's just being offended for the sake of it. I hate it when people do that.

  • I’m Australian and I’m the one who approved the post in the first place – it’s really quite a stupid thing to be so politically correct about.

    Hombre is Swedish, so if you want you can refer to the Swedish as “Vikings”. 😛

    • Yeah, if it bothers people that much, they can call Hombre what Erimgard calls him. Homo de Shoehorn :3

  • keimori

    wow, this has gone from a topic about a 'revelution' to wii's motion control, with should verry well fix it's problems for the future, to a topic about rasisim, geezz he ment know harm.

  • ogichiichigo

    Back to the topic… YEAH, better Wii motion! Now only if I had some money for it…

  • Tiger just hasn’t been the same since his return to the fairway.