In an older news post it was mentioned that the DS will be phased out with DSi enhanced games, and then there will be games that will only work with DSi. For those who don’t know what DSi enhanced is, they are games that will work across all DS systems, but will have special features only available on the DSi. Could ST be one of these DSi enhanced games?

MTV Multiplayer recently had a sit down with Mr. Fils-Aime to talk about the upcoming DSi and future titles. One of the titles touched upon was ST.

MTV Multiplayer: “Zelda”? DSi-enhanced?

Fils-Aime: Wouldn’t that be nice?

Uh-oh fellow readers. This could possibly mean that in order for you to unlock all of the features available on ST you would have to buy a DSi. Sneaky Nintendo, no one could have thought that you would do that! Of course Mr. Fils-Aime could be messing with us.  Other small talk that included ST…

MTV Multiplayer: Yeah. Now, when you guys were thinking of the subtitle for the new “Zelda” [“The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks”], did you start with my initials and go from there?

Fils-Aime: That was not the driver.

MTV Multiplayer: Ok. Because the “Halo 3” spin-off was originally “Halo 3: Recon.” They changed it to “Halo 3: ODST. And you guys? “The Legend of Zelda: ST”!

Fils-Aime: I have to say that, as we were doing all the naming, and working with NCL [Nintendo’s Japanese main office], we were not in the background saying, “It’s gotta be Stephen Totilo somehow!”

MTV Multiplayer: It should be. But that’s a tentative title, right? So people shouldn’t get too attached to it?

Fils-Aime: Correct.

MTV Multiplayer: Can people assume that this game puts a new 2009 “Zelda” game on or off the table, because maybe there can’t be more than on new “Zelda” for the year?

Fils-Aime: What we’ve done is we’ve announced a great “Zelda” game for the DS — one I’m looking forward to. But reading anything more into that would be a mistake.

MTV Multiplayer: Have you had a chance to play it yet?

Fils-Aime: I did play a little bit of “Spirit Tracks.”

MTV Multiplayer: How is it?

Fils-Aime: I love it.

MTV Multiplayer: How does it compare to you as a player?

Fils-Aime: I’ll tell you what I love about it. It takes some of the things I liked about “Phantom Hourglass” to the next level. Example: I thought tracking the path of the boomerang was nice in “Phantom Hourglass.” But the way you use [the stylus] to solve puzzles with “Spirit Tracks” is really provocative. I think the “Zelda” fan will really enjoy it… You do more in tracking and outlining. We showed it in the trailer. You move [an extra] character to a spot in order to unlock puzzles. I really like that. I think it adds a level of gameplay which, for me, hearkens back to some of the classic “Zelda” puzzles.

MTV Multiplayer: If you can have trains in the “Zelda” universe, can you have planes in the “Zelda” universe? How advanced is this universe?

Fils-Aime: [“Zelda franchise director] Mr. Aonuma must answer those questions. I cannot answer those questions.

Improved gameplay sounds pretty cool.  Zelda on a plane? (Get these mother ******* deku scrubs off this mother ******* plane!)

Whole interview is here

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  • "Zelda on a plane? (Get these mother ******* deku scrubs off this mother ******* plane!)

    XD sig'd

  • Twilight King

    If you can have trains in the “Zelda” universe

  • lockx

    Now that's Awesome. I would watch that!

    Interesting how no one will confirm Or deny if there will be another New zelda game this year.
    Hope we do get a new one.
    And I'd love to know what they might change "Spirit Tracks" into as a permanent title.

  • "Zelda on a plane? (Get these mother ******* deku scrubs off this mother ******* plane!)

    sig'd XD You just made my day, Matt.

  • Wolf O'donnell

    I guess I like it a little more now that Reggie likes it, but it IS a tentative title, I shouldn't get too attached.

  • Iroas

    like reggie would say anything but liking it. :p

  • Master Jedi

    "Improved gameplay"? I saw some of the trailers, its just stuff they copied from TP. I think we should just skip trains and move on to star ships.

  • Dax

    Nothing in the Zelda games ever implied the world of Hyrule (or Termina) wasn't round…there are just always obstructions (mountains, oceans etc.) keeping the player from exploring every square inch of the world. Also Zelda has electric lights if IIRC, crane games, etc. I'd call it a hybrid-magic-technology type universe, it's not set in any specific time period by our standards.

  • Business Shrub

    Thanks for reading! I meant a round world in the sence it would be possible to circumnavigate, just like in Super Mario Galaxy. Just because there's some technology doesn't mean it's high tech, even the old greeks had cranes for their theatres IIRC.
    "Nothing in the Zelda games ever implied the world of Hyrule (or Termina) wasn't round" – I know, in Mrs. Marie's School of Joy there's a globe, and the globe is round. The problem is the actual game world is flat.

  • Business Shrub

    I don't think there will be planes in Hyrule anytime soon, they are still in the medieval ages. Maybe a few hundred years from now, but none of us will live that long to see it. But things do fly in Hyrule, the Rito for instance. And in the Bomb Shop in Clock Town there was a blue print on the wall of a space ship. If you think about it flying doesn't have to be high tech, just think about the airships in SMB3. Actually you don't need any tools at all to embark on a journey to the stars, just think about Super Mario Galaxy, all you need is a launch star. I think it would be great if Hyrule was round, so that you could keep going west and then coming back to the same spot, WW should have had that feature. Just think about it, isn't it annoying that there's a "border" in the "Zelda Universe"? You would like to go on and explore, but you can't make an infinite world, the only solution to this would be to make the world round. I know this preposterous idea of a round world sounds heretic, but think of it as a game world. Now that you have a train that enables high speed travell… Well, actually I think it would have been more realistic to sail around the world. Edit: I just got an idea, Pegasus Epona! Well, that's my 5 cents.

  • Silven

    WW didn't have a barrier. If you sailed up to the edge of the map, King would say "It's too dangerous. Go back." and sail you backwards half a square. There was nothing stopping the world from being round and you sailing to the other side of the world. They really should make a round world in a Zelda game. It brings another layer of depth to the game.

  • Erik

    Asking Reggie what he thinks about Nintendo games is useless, he gets paid to love Nintendo.

  • Sarah

    thats soo sick. ^_^ i thought the pictobox in windwaker was pretty futuristic for its timeline =P but i do think they should try to avoid to much of todays technology… itll take away from the original "long ago" plot

  • Erik

    The "long ago" plot? From what I remember, none of the games open with "A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…..". According to the fan-made timeline… aren't there like hundreds of years between most of the games? And since when does NOTHING change in such a long time? If we would say that Zelda is the medieval period… which was around the 16th century… shouldn't it be waaaay past OUR time now? It's surprising they don't have computers and robots now. I'm just saying.