Ahh, memories...

If you saw it coming, good for you – if not, perhaps you should have taken off that blindfold. The truth is, and we hate to admit it with all the trains in the room, that we just don’t love trains enough to completely replace Zelda Universe with a site called Train Universe… even if Spirit Tracks has a train.

Obviously, we all had a blast with this year’s April Fools, but good things must end. The train boards have been taken down (archived, by the way, to use as ammo against you all in the future), and the Thomas the Tank Engine graphics are all but naught. To everybody who played along and had a fun time, thank you very much! To those who would spoil everyone’s fun, perhaps next time you’ll think differently when we fool the living crap out of you!

Happy April Fools day once again – make sure to check back today for some Zelda news we’ve got stored in a box that we didn’t report on yesterday (since we weren’t technically a Zelda site). Our Spirit Tracks coverage continues, and our pages continue to fill up with content, so be sure to stick around.

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