Zelda Universe is changing tracks as a result of Nintendo’s recent unveiling of The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks for Nintendo DS. Our parent company, Linkorporated, loved the traffic increase from Spirit Tracks so much that they’ve told us to move the site in an entirely new direction, a direction which all the staff here at Zelda Universe supported unanimously. We love trains, and so do our bosses. So I am proud to announce the official launch of Train Universe! We will immediately begin covering all sorts of trains, but what kinds of trains will we be covering? Climb aboard the rest of the news post by hitting the “read more” link.

We here at Train Universe are committed to spreading the wonderful knowledge of locomotive history. Here is a list of trains we plan to document in the near future:

  • Big Trains
  • Little Trains
  • Fast Trains
  • Slow Trains
  • Smokin’ Trains
  • Trains that blow through snow
  • Diesel freight and passenger trains
  • Even trains from around the world!
  • That train in Back to the Future
  • Astrotrain
  • The Polar Express (only seasonally, of course)
  • The Little Engine that Could (we think)
  • The Railway Series
    • Thomas the Tank Engine
    • Edward the Blue Engine
    • Henry the Green Engine
    • Gordon the Big Engine
    • James the Red Engine
    • Percy the Small Engine
    • Toby the Tram Engine
    • and all the other railway friends!

In order to voice our complete and full support of this move by Linkorporated, all of our staff have decided to temporarily celebrate by changing our usernames to prominent train-related characters in fiction. I, your humble webmaster, have chosen Thomas the Tank Engine. Our other resident webmaster, Cody Davies, will be conducting the forums as the Fat Controller!

We are incredibly pleased to become Train Universe and bring you all the latest train news, updates, and content. Please make sure to check back regularly for updates! We’re happy to have you on board! If you have any questions, please direct them to our new Train Forums on the Train Universe message boards. Some of our Zelda content is still up, but rest assured it will be gone soon enough.

  • Hydraboxdg

    Yes! Train Universe! If there's anything more exciting than Zelda, it's locomotives! When can we expect an awesome new train themed layout?

  • Jason Rappaport

    Why, I am making the changes right now! Switching tracks, as it were. You should see the new layout pull into the station post-haste!

    • phantom

      i know its all a big joke you would never change this website

      • Alex

        Haha, get a sense of humor, of course it's a joke, it's April Fool's day…

        • phantom

          my older brother destroyed my sense of humor years ago

  • thrairth

    I'm confused… is Train Universe a seperate website from ZU?

  • Jason Rappaport

    No, Zelda Universe will be replaced with Train Universe. Our benefactors have unanimously decided that they enjoy trains more than Zelda (and I can't disagree).

  • Snow_Storm

    Trains suck.

    • James

      Trains rock. You suck.

    • James

      Trains rock. You suck.

  • thrairth

    Oh wow. I'm thick headed… heh heh… I get it now πŸ˜‰
    Hooray for trains!



  • James


  • thrairth

    Trains are the best thing since chocolate.

    • Hero of Geeks

      except more chocolate

  • Flava


  • nintend06

    I wholeheartedly support these changes, Jason. A brilliant idea!

  • darkhero

    Haha! I get it!!
    Cant wait for train universe!!!

  • ZFG

    Great idea! I can't wait view all this new site has to offer!

  • stupidmahn

    this made me lol

  • LOLer

    …April fools?

    • nintend06

      Now why would you think that?
      This seems a completely rational, well thought out and permanent change to the site to me.

  • Psy


  • lockx

    Oh God!

    Nice Announcement for April 1st!!!
    Is the Main Train the Link Train in Zelda?
    We need to make a link face for the train.

  • thrairth

    No, that would scare me. Let's just leave it at Thoma's face. If it's going to be called Train Universe, there shouldn't be ANYTHING **cough hint (ZU forums) hint cough** that isn't trains :D!

  • Jason Rappaport

    Yes, there is nothing but trains at Train Universe. Nothing.

  • Finaldo

    Well, it was nice knowing ya Zelda Universe, WELCOME TRAIN UNIVERSE!

  • Maverickk

    Sweet I love trains, now I can bring my little cousin to check it out too, he loves Thomas the Tank Engine.

    All these radical site changes are awesome why didn't they think of this sooner. I mean Mega Man Network finally made a change for the better and became the Mega Mario Network, and now the Train Universe, seriously this day CANNOT get any better!!!

    Unless of course there really ends up being a Ocarina of Time Wii πŸ˜›

  • Kaepora21

    April fools you tools.

  • Chugga Chugga Chugga Chugga CHUUUU CHUUUUU

  • Love Train

    I'm definitely thrilled about this. I'm sure the bosses are, too. Does this mean a pay raise? ;DD

  • Dax

    I'm not even sure Link and Zelda need to be in Spirit Tracks at all, I think the train would be a great main character by itself. Got to say, I like where this site and Nintendo's franchise is going.

  • Squiggy

    Man nothing is cooler than trains. I'm behind this transition all the way. I'm gonna start by completely throwing away the extensive plans for an Ocarina of Time remake, my concise Zelda timeline theory, and even my Zelda sprite collection to replace it all with philosophical perspectives on the history of locomotives, how trains improve our daily life, and why I should move to San Francisco where they even have mini-trains for general public transport!

    Long Live Train Universe!


    Today is the day I come out of the closet.

    I'M TRAIN.

    • nintend06

      I must say, I'm not surprised.

  • Maverickk

    @ Squiggy

    They are sue-do trains more commonly known as street cars πŸ˜›

    They just aren't as cool as real trains. Also they have street cars in Toronto and other cities as well, lol. Actually I'm not sure which other cities have them besides California and Toronto.

    I do agree though there should be a sprite sheet up of every train hero ever. Didn't Mario ride on trains in the Paper Mario series? Maybe they should be inducted into this great train game site.

    • Dax

      New Orleans has street cars.

      • Dax

        Also, isn't there a Sim Train? I know there are train simulator games, esp. ones for Japanese bullet trains…

  • LeroyZU


  • Kaiser


  • That Guy From Before

    Seriously… THIS is what you came up with for a joke? And dont try to lie and say that you're serious, because we all know you're not.

    • Billy H.

      What, you think they would want to scare away all their new ST traffic with something less obvious?

  • The Mattster

    I have two words:


  • Valhelm

    Oh, yeah!
    Train time!

  • XxmorbidlysweetxX

    April Fools! Lol! Good one

  • A person

    HA! HA! Made me laugh. Best April; Fool ever!!!

    • Feere Gorone

      I'll admit it's better than the Zelda Movie joke; that just left me disappointed.
      Well, it's been about ten years since I last thought about Thomas the Tank Engine. Time to start caring again πŸ˜€

      • A person

        Yeah the movie jokemade me dissapointed, too. By the way love the new train forums!

  • IkanaGeneral

    Oh, God…

  • Thomas the Train

    Awesome! Whoo hoo! Who doesn't love trains? πŸ˜€

  • muzz

    Finally, damn.

    Zelda is the worst series in history. Trains are much more interesting.

    • ????????????

      zelda rules dont get mad because you hump trains

  • Richard

    Thia is a April Fools joke, right?

    • Tailpasarian

      i hope so man.

      • Naokohiro

        Ah, hell no!
        I love trains!
        You're just a hater.

  • Dark Helmet

    No, it's not. And to be perfectly honest, I think that trains are MUCH cooler than Zelda.

  • Tonchiki


  • Hydraboxdog

    We need to get the domain trainuniverse.com to link here (or the other way around).

  • Tuf_Pic

    I'll miss Zelda Universe… πŸ™ πŸ™ :disappointed: Will we just be getting rid of JUST the Zelda stuff on the forums, or are we getting rid of the stuff even on the MAIN SITE, & I hope we get to keep the Zelda Social Groups, AT THE VERY LEAST, & is this TEMPORARY?! I sure hope so, because I am NOT a big train-lover, no offense to those who DO LOVE TRAINS… πŸ˜‰ If I had only known… This comes much to my chagrin… :nonono: :glare: :jinny: & I was hoping to get back into theorizing… Ah well, I guess it's too late for THAT, at the moment, at least…


  • Airoski

    Trains Rock!

  • Rew

    Jason, you forgot the most important train of them all…


  • Light Knight

    I've been waiting for this since I joined!

  • Azerik

    XD This is the best! Thomas the Train Engine FTW!

  • Mystic Link



  • Link5586

    Haha, this is great… Though a complete format would have been more plausible. Something to think about next year boys. On subject though… be sure to get info about the trains that are using liquid hydrogen to power them. Sweetness!

  • SunsetSovereign

    you most definately have to put up info about the gamer train…WOOT! WOOT!

  • Π²β„“σσ∂Ρ•ρσят

    Tell me this is an April fool's prank! -_-;;

  • Sapphire dragon

    Oh god, I hope that this is some kind of joke.

  • Gerudude

    Whahahaha APRIL FOOLS DAY…………so not funny.

  • Tailpasarian

    good, i've been needing to get away.

  • Tailpasarian

    and hell no zelda is way better than trains, i guess thats why they are combining them on spirit tracks.

  • Shaelyn

    I lulled so hard…

  • Hydraboxdog

    Why would it be a joke? Are you implying that trains aren't the awesomest things on Earth?

  • Business Shrub

    It's an April's fool joke, obviously! Hah, I called it out so now I'm not a fool.
    @Flava – Maybe this comment too will be deleted, who knows.

  • link

    train universe sounds like its all about trains. its about zelda not trains bring back zeldauniverse.and where did you get the idea of changen it because of one zelda game.its like giving one million dollars for one canadian penny. and its all about another zelda game. BRING BACK THE TRADITIONAL NAME.

  • By_Farore

    Yes, I like fish.
    Did I say fish? I meant train. Twas a typo.
    Train is sexy, like Ganondorf in a hot tub, but with more Tequila.

    Now all the train smilie needs is one good drop of blood and I'm happy.

  • zeldarules

    its a april fools joke morons

    • Hydraboxdog

      Pshaw! The staffies would never make an April Fools joke about those mechanical wonders known as trains! You must be one of those automobile fanciers. *shudders*

  • Confuzzled

    its an april fool's joke, i just know it!

  • goronlove7

    I love trains yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr_Zora_Decu

    Oh man! I've been waiting till this day ever since i joined ZU… i mean….. TU…….LOVE THE CHANGE! Trains all the way……..
    Chooo……Choo…… πŸ™‚

  • SheikahSage

    I perswonally like last years April Fools joke better (the one where ZU supposedly got sold to a rival zelda site). It was way less obvious.

  • TRAIN-ofTermina

    yeah, this reeealy believable
    you only pull a massive AFJ EVERY FRICKI'N YEAR!
    But no, this is DEFINATELY true
    I can't wait to hear all about the ocarina of smoke stacks, or the Caboose Waker, and of course we can't forget Twilight Coal Furnace, all centered around the mystical golden Trainforce.


  • HeroOfDragons


    *Gets up* Well, either I just got a concussion or may love of trains has multiplied, but this is awesome!! Train Universe!! Woooo-Hoooo!!!!! Time to change my screen name!!!

    formerly HeroOfDragons

    P.S. It's only a strange coincidence this is April Fools right? You are serious, right? My concussion hopes you are.

  • Link Lord

    Trains FTW.

  • Fluteboy

    Actually, I wouldn't mind an article about that train from Back to the Future. That thing was awesome.

  • Mystic Link

    The fact that everyone's playing along with the joke though just shows how bad the joke was to begin with.

    Nice try.

  • KodiakBlackout

    what a riculous joke…….. im sorry but this was poor
    and if its not a joke, then even more shame on you.

  • Phantom Lukas

    Good joke, obviously most fell for it, forgetting this is April 1st ;P

  • Brock

    Its a good announcement for APRIL. anyone who doesnt like this can go to the FOOL"S corner. other websites have some sort of JOKE on their website, I hope IT WILL stay this way. Dont CHANGE! i cant wait until TOMORROW for the first update!

    p.s. can you find the hidden message? post what it is!

  • Dax

    I'm not sure why you fellows are rambling on about "April Fools", that was just a coincidence. It's just an objective fact that trains>The Legend of Zelda: Blah Blah of Mystical Hoo Ha. Get over it and embrace your locomotive fantasies.

  • mikea

    obvios prank. I mean on april fools day?!?!!?!?!

  • phantom

    lol april fools

  • Vkec

    April Fool's yay still not as good as some other site

  • Kid from WoW

    …you're not covering the deeprun tram??

  • Traintacular

    HAHA! Spirit Tracks is a hoax!! XD

  • Twilight Wolf

    I knew it would be hard to top last year's joke, but… Train Universe? Really? Do you seriously think this is funny?

  • trainexpo

    And now i wonder where and how long longest human train was.. lol

  • Triforce of the Gods

    I don't know what's worse. Train Universe, or last year when Cap'n took over. I'm leaning towards this on the bases that Cap'n is awesome in all ways possible.

  • Artorium

    Gotta love trains! I was thinking the net was lacking of a decent Train site. Now my prayers have been answered! Yes!

  • VenomousNinja

    I liked last year's joke better.
    That really says something, because last year's joke almost drove me to murder.

  • wolfen


  • Lance

    Oh no… oh wait, yes, April Fools… as far as you sillies know…

  • SpiritTrackersTrain

    This one lacks oomph. I liked the April Fools joke where Zelda Universe became Desu Universe. But that wasn't even on April 1st? Why did they change it that day?

  • Jason Rappaport

    That wasn't a joke. We were hacked by 4chan that day!

    • Triforce of the Gods

      Speaking of which, just a few more months till there due to come back and do it again. Make sure your prepared this time.

  • Triforce of the Gods

    Cap'n beating Jason in Brawl and winning ZU causing all of ZI to invade was definitely better.

  • Nagrom

    This… is… priceless…

  • Austin

    ha ha pretty funny

  • Vonnick


    You made the right choice! Happy April 1!

  • Crackmilkstudios


  • EzloSpirit

    You guys (ZU people) are a bunch crazed squirrels/chipmunks. I lover when these types of things are "announced" on April 1st, but TRAINS????!!!!! You know that I WILL come after you, Jason. You know I will. And when I do, I'll force you to make an "announcement" next year that ZU will be A-J-M-U-D-WU (Anti-Jason-Making-Up-Dumb-Websites Universe). So dead, Jason. So dead. Now if only I knew where you lived….

    • EzloSpirit

      BTW, you guys should keep "TU's" skin or convert it into a picture format and put it in an archive, along with all the info on this whole (staff screen names, forum names, etc.) ordeal for people to see again and again, as well as for future ZU, I mean "TU" members to find out about.

      • Triforce of the Gods

        If you guys are freaking out over this, I'd hate to see what you'd have done last year with ZI taking over.

  • triforce4ever

    April Fools!

    P.S. – Trains Suck (except in Zelda)

  • The_Skarecrow

    Screw having more cowbell…we need more…TRAINS.

  • Domo

    I love Choo Choo trains! I wuv them so much they could all EXPLODE IN A FIERY (And kinda crispy) DEATH!!! HAIL TRAINTEN!!

  • ZeldaMaster#1#1

    Dang! This makes me useless! I'm ZeldaMaster#1#1, not TrainMaster#1#1. FAIL.

    Oh, and the bullet trains pwns all. PERIOD.

    This definitely beats the rest of the poor jokes. πŸ˜›

  • HoshikaPichu


  • Jorge

    Ach du lieber himmel beubel
    dies ist sehr sehr schlecht

  • Dudey Mcgee

    OMG The Back to The Future Train!

  • Average Gamer

    Personally, I thought that the Train Universe joke sucked.

  • Luisa

    Yay for Train Universe!

  • crazyiproshow

    oh wow, people are retarded and belive this?