How many of you out there think they know what the best game of all time is? There are just so many to choose from. I’m sure a lot of you readers might say OoT is the best ever, while others won’t. What if I said predicting right can win you a prize?

For the next few days members of GameFAQs (totally free) can predict what games are the best of all time. It will be done in a bracket style. After predictions are in (this period ends on April 2nd), the site will have different polls everyday and weed out the lesser games one by one until there is only one champion remaining.

In total 7 Zelda games are in the first round…

LoZ, ALttP, LA, OoT, MM, WW, and TP. Can a Zelda game  win the title of “Best Game Ever?” I suppose you’d have to vote for it. I know I’m going to have a couple of those titles in the final rounds of my bracket.

I did mention that the person with the best prediction of how the bracket turns out will get a prize.

  • First Place: $500 online gift certificate
  • Second and Third Place: $250 online gift certificate
  • Fourth and Fifth Place: $100 online gift certificate
  • Sixth-Tenth Places: $50 online gift certificate
  • 62540

    The orcirerna of time is the best game ever

    • Feere Gorone

      And yet you fail to spell it correctly XD
      Aw well, it'll probably end up being OoT, or maybe TP. In terms of Zelda, I'd say MM is the best though.

  • And this is why so called "Zelda fans" fail. You do realize that while newer games are supposedly using OoT as a model, OoT used ALttP (the REAL best Zelda ever) as a model, and ALttP used LoZ as a model.

    Go play the older games before pretending to know what your talking about.

  • lefty

    And here is where you fail.

    As mentioned This involves all of todays and yesterdays classics across all systems. It will be mass voted on, and as a whole more would vote for OoT… I have FF7 winning, and OoT as runner up in my bracket. 🙂

    • Oh I don't doubt OoT would win, in fact I have it winning. I just hate how overrated it is getting credit for creating stuff that LoZ and ALttP made. Like all the people who say "TP is OoT 2.0" TP is no more of a clone of OoT than OoT is a 3D ALttP.

  • LuX

    WoW way to throw your opinion around as fact ive played all Zelda as alot of people on here have and I still think OoT is the best there is no real best ever you idiot it's a persons opinion not fact!

  • Mr. Zelda

    Yo Triforce of the Gods

    I've played and completed all the Zelda games, yes every single one. Does that make me a real Zelda fan in your eyes? Since you seem very uptight about it.

    P.S: Lol Shadow the Hedghog :). Ha ha.

  • Sorry, I just need to let of some steam when I see ignorant comments like that, see my response to lefty.

  • Nagrom

    I don't think he's being uptight. He's got a point. But it does bug me how every other Zelda game gets compared to that one. YES, I get it. It set the bar. YES, I know nothing will ever be as GREAT as that game. It just gets tiring after a while. Can't I just love TP without having to listen to the older gamers talking about how it's just OoT re-made or whatever?

    And I also have OoT winning. But that's just because it really did set the bar… Just saying…

    • That's just the thing, OoT only set the bar for the 3D game play. It was ALttP that set the bar for the standard formula that OoT and TP use.

      But I agree with what you said.

      • Nagrom

        Yeah, the 3D gameplay was the best of its time. That and Super Mario 64.

        But yeah, I know what you mean about ALttP.

  • Danthology24

    ive also played all zelda games and twilight princess was to easy Oot was reli good in my opinion MM was kinda annoying and stupid to be honest links awakening was good but overall the best one is probably Loz Oot it was probably one of the hardest games