Remember way back when, when Project Deluge was the rumored title for the next big Zelda game? It had an intricate and dark supposed storyline, a main character that, for a change, wasn’t our usual Link, and a creative steampunk setting?

Well, you’re not going to believe this, but a few moments ago, Nintendo unveiled…


…a Zelda title tentatively called The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. It’s actually nothing like the Project Deluge rumors! In fact, those rumors were completely false – good on you that thought not having Link in a game was a terrible idea. Spirit Tracks is a DS game based on the same gameplay as Phantom Hourglass. The premise? You are Link – on a train instead of a boat!

That’s about it. Your train also has a cannon, just like the boat in Phantom Hourglass, but that’s about as hardcore as this game gets. Don’t worry, you’re not on a train all the time – during the conference, Nintendo demoed a dungeon, fighting some baddies, and a boss battle, but it wasn’t much different than the 2007 DS title. This “major release” is slated to go into stores later this year.

While presenting at Nintendo’s keynote, Bill Trinen stated, “Try to stay away from ledges and sharp things for the rest of the day, Zelda fans,” just before this announcement. Spirit Tracks could very well be the only Zelda we get until 2010, or until the launch of Nintendo’s next console (which could be well after 2010). Are you going to shell out the cash for Spirit Tracks? Or are you getting the ledge and/or sharp thing ready?


Someone has posted a trailer on YouTube – I’ve embedded it below for you to watch.

In addition, I’ve put some screenshots and images from the game below. It looks incredibly similar to Phantom Hourglass, with a train instead of a boat – but is that Link in an engineer’s getup?