Remember way back when, when Project Deluge was the rumored title for the next big Zelda game? It had an intricate and dark supposed storyline, a main character that, for a change, wasn’t our usual Link, and a creative steampunk setting?

Well, you’re not going to believe this, but a few moments ago, Nintendo unveiled…


…a Zelda title tentatively called The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. It’s actually nothing like the Project Deluge rumors! In fact, those rumors were completely false – good on you that thought not having Link in a game was a terrible idea. Spirit Tracks is a DS game based on the same gameplay as Phantom Hourglass. The premise? You are Link – on a train instead of a boat!

That’s about it. Your train also has a cannon, just like the boat in Phantom Hourglass, but that’s about as hardcore as this game gets. Don’t worry, you’re not on a train all the time – during the conference, Nintendo demoed a dungeon, fighting some baddies, and a boss battle, but it wasn’t much different than the 2007 DS title. This “major release” is slated to go into stores later this year.

While presenting at Nintendo’s keynote, Bill Trinen stated, “Try to stay away from ledges and sharp things for the rest of the day, Zelda fans,” just before this announcement. Spirit Tracks could very well be the only Zelda we get until 2010, or until the launch of Nintendo’s next console (which could be well after 2010). Are you going to shell out the cash for Spirit Tracks? Or are you getting the ledge and/or sharp thing ready?


Someone has posted a trailer on YouTube – I’ve embedded it below for you to watch.

In addition, I’ve put some screenshots and images from the game below. It looks incredibly similar to Phantom Hourglass, with a train instead of a boat – but is that Link in an engineer’s getup?

  • James

    Wait… there is a new console coming out in 2010? When did they announce that?

  • moura

    just because link is shown riding a locomotive, it doesnt mean the game is all set in a locomotive…right? i mean, is this a kind of casual zelda minigame type of thing?

  • Tess

    I started crying from happiness when they annouced it…so…

    Yes, yes I'm getting it. It's a Zelda game, I must have it.

  • I hope it's not a DSi only game, i'm not going to buy a DSi just for that game, i already bought my DS Lite for PH… =[

  • Haha, very funny, Jason. I forgot to laugh.

  • Hmpf. I don’t like trains. Makes me feel sick.

  • They didn't – my wording might have been a little confusing. There is no console announced; I meant the next game will be released either in 2010 or whenever the next console comes out.

  • Rob

    I just figured it out! You will use the stylus to draw your train tracks just like PH's navigation system with the ship!

  • Scott

    No. There are standard dungeons, at least. They were in the video that they showed at Iwata's keynote (which was, even without the Zelda, a very good speech).

  • Luke

    "Spirit Tracks could very well be the only Zelda we get until 2010, or until the launch of Nintendo’s next console (which could be well after 2010). "

    Did Bill Trinen say this or is it just speculations?

  • ChainofTermina

    ……You gotta be kiddin' me!
    this looks cool and everything, but are they EVER gonna make a Zelda game specificaly designed for the wii? I mean COME ON! Why is it that the cel-shaded "wind waker saga" has suddenly become a "portable" series only? the wii could do SO MUCH MORE than what TP did. after all (for the zatillionth time) Tp was a game-cube-game. not made for the wii. so why can't they MAKE a game for the wii already?
    …anyway, this look rather interesting. that doesn't really look like link in the screenshot with zelda, so I'm curious to see who that is and why Tetra is in her ze-


    so yea… wish it was on the wii, but otherwise this looks awsome.

    • Linkplaya

      O.O……………………do u randomly start yelling like that all the time? 😉 (not an insult)

    • Naokohiro

      If this is a sequel, then where did all that land come from?
      In Wind Waker/Phantom Hourglass, it's nonsensical to travel by train instead of boat, because the world is flooded…
      Maybe they fit something into the story that allows all that land to come back…
      Actually, now that I think about it, maybe the ending to Wind Waker finally actually has meaning. Haha.

      • Alaink

        THIS is weird, come on, all Zelda games where funded in the medieval era, which it means that no vapor propulsion machine or INDUSTRIALISM machine was created, unless Link travel through time after the flood to the 1800s, jaja, in a few years we will see Link in our era fighting Ganondorf in the Bird's nest and later he will be in space fighting in the moon, hahaha.

        • TheMaverickk

          First of all this is likely a sequel in the Wind Waker time line. The ending of Wind Waker is that Link and Tetra are on a quest to find what will be the next Hyrule. Phantom Hourglass is essentially about how on their journey they get side tracked from that quest, also reinforcing how it's always been Link's duty to not only protect Hyrule, but be a hero for other realms as well.

          Spirit Tracks is likely the conclusion their search. They found a new land to be the next Hyrule…. but likely it's so vast and the people so few and disconnected that they build the train system to connect all it's people to form it into the New Hyrule (which Tetra has finally come to terms as being it's lead/princess).

          Oddly enough I think this is setting the tone for the next Home Console Zelda game… which will have more technologies in it. Lets face it, as much as Zelda is awesome the way it is, Link can't remain in the medieval ages all the time. The whole environment will get stale eventually.

          But to make a point, I thought Alaink should know that there has been advanced technologies in Zelda games before you know? First of all there's both Goht and Great Bay Temple from Majora's Mask. Both are great examples of working machinery and complex driven systems. Hey they even had UFO's, lol. Wind Waker has canons, submarines, highly advanced Temple of the Gods,

          I personally don't see what is wrong with a train.

          • Alaink

            Perhaps you are stupid or ignorant. First of all, there were not UFO´s technology in any Zelda, they were not UFO´s, the only "UFO" thing was the kind of abduction, but their "spaceship" was only white / yellow light, it was more like magic than technology, and the "Aliens" were not using space suits, they were even using CANDELS, hahaha, come on, If they were using ufo tech, Link will be no match for them.
            Second, Great Bay Temple, was not using high technology, in medieval age, windmills used the power of the wind to propulse engines, also in rivers they used that kind of engines to use the power of the water, only in 1800´s humans used carbon for train propulsion. the only thing I recognize is the use of submarines, but them were made of wood and they looked as medieval stuff. Link have never before had the need to use high technology, he always used teleporting to travel, he used Magic, and that is what made Link what he is, looking at him as an engineer with that "out of time machine" really looks so lame, what lack of imagination is giving the reincarnation of the hero of time, "The hero of winds", a TRAIN, it is not just so stupid, it will also be very boring. Accept it, the climax of The Legend of Zelda series was Ocarina of Time, after that Zelda is going down, not even Twilight princess can compare with Ocarina. It is really sad that those guys are trying to sell us cheap investment games.

          • Nintenfan81

            Dude, just SHUT UP! zelda is in no way going down hill. the wind waker was an amazing game, PH was good, and TP was awsome. OoT was super great, but you have to stop living in the past. the big N is trying to make a new game in the new world of the DS, and you don't even have all the info yet. just wait and watch, and never critisize a zelda game before you realy play it. If you are losing faith in zelda, go play Halo.

          • i agree, or if your losing faith for some unknown reason take your complaining elsewhere, EVERY nintendo zelda game released to date has been a solid and quality title, and thats more then i can say for almost any other gaming series… just have faith…

          • Incathuga

            Are you sure about that? Surely there's been at least one game you haven't liked in the Zelda series. Alaink and I seem to agree that after the N64 games the series started a decline. For me, at least, PH and TP were disappointments. Zelda has become the casual gamer's game, and a series that goes from the fun challenges of OoT and MM to casual games with a few scatttered puzzles that a pre-schooler could solve and battles that are simply repetitive hacking and slashing needs to come back to the older generations.
            Look at OoT. Almost every item had some purpose besides killing off a boss. Only the light arrows were purely for fighting; the other weapons could be used for moving, opening new passages, or even just having fun at a target range. Take a good look at TP now. The spinner, probably one of the best ideas for movement, was only used in one dungeon and a few places to get rupees or heart containers. After that, it was useless. No new area was unlocked by it. And some items just ruined any challenge; the scope for your bow eliminated any challenge. TP simply wasn't as fun as OoT, and this new game will be just as bad.

          • yeah im pretty sure, zelda is the heart of innovation at the big N, although ill admit theres probly some things that could have been done better in some of the zelda games, but why is everyone poking holes in this? instead of dwelling on the things people think could have been better why dont people start thinking about all the good and innovation in the zelda games, the great challenges, the great stories, the memorable and funy characters, like you said the cool ideas for items and weapons used in interesting and creative ways…

            oh, and in Ocarina of time, the light arrows were also used to destroy those golden orbs in ganons castle that hold up the magic field, the ice arrows on the other hand only used purely for fighting, though theyre totally unnecesary to get to complete the game in the grand scheme of things…

            although i agree that the spinner used in TP could have had a much broader use, overall TP was a great game and there was great innovation, such as the bomb arrow combo, dual clawshots and that sort of thing that allowed for easier or deeper gameplay…

        • teh BBDeh

          Unless I'm mistaken, we've already SEEN Link fight on the "moon" ;0)

        • I THINK I Know

          Well … If you think about it, there are a lot of things that may suggest this evolvement … eg The giant cannon in TP and other cannons in WW and PH … also, you may notice that it may be one of the only trains, which was made by some crazy scientist or something – and as it is a "Spirit" track, it may explain all the railroads … except for where the pathway splits up … Another explination is that it is no longer Island based, so they have found a new place with different and new technology (After all, WW is most likely behind in technology after being flooded, and having to start again). Finally, as it is a different world, maybe their technology advances differently.

    • Static

      How's it supposed to be a threequel?! TETRA'S NOT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • ComicalTragedy

        Tetra was discovered to be Princess Zelda (the girl Link is bowing to in the vid) in TWW. So she technically is there.

    • Hilary

      There is a Zelda game for the Wii. It's called Twilight Princess.

  • Fab

    If nothing else, this certainly sounds like the best original music (discounting Zelda's leitmotif) a Zelda game's had in a long while. I loved PH though, so I fully expect to enjoy this.

  • Darius Andreas

    Zleda meets the industrial Revelution. >_>
    Argh. First it's big cannons, then it's steam ships, and now it's trains! Crazy.


    You're whoring digg to no end. I even dismissed the message at the top of the page, but now you've stickied it back up there with more buttons despite me doing so ,_,".

    Nintendo don't want to screw everyone over by making this DSi only :/ It would kill the excitement for me.

    • i agree about the DSi part.

  • LInk5586

    Definitely getting this. I might be moving… but I'm still getting this. Even if I have to peddle my ass to Walmart. Night freaking one. Just because it has the same graphics as PH, doesn't mean it's a sequel. Iwata did say that they are gonna stick with the cel-shaded graphics for handheld games, and realistic for the console games.

  • Josh

    This is actually a little weird for me, cuz not to long ago I pictured a Zelda game with a train in it. But I never thought it could be a main premise!

    This is a little disapointing cuz I'd hoped the next game would be console, but this still look interesting, and the graphics don't seem as choppy as PH. I'll get it and enjoy it in the end. Zelda is Zelda. All aboard!

  • Thomas

    Looks pretty good!

    I hope it isn't WW's Link, I hope it's a whole new story. I'm happy that it's returned to land, though.

  • SheikahSage

    Oh come on! When is nintendo gonna give me a good reason for buying my wii? 3 years of waiting down the fucking drain.

    • alleykat13

      I agree. When are they going to come out with another game for the Wii?! Its starting to bug me 'cause Twilight Princess was awesome! They need another one for Wii (like a continuation of Twilight Princess)!!

  • thatkidart

    im going to go ahead and predict this is the last game in the zelda timeline that wev seen so far. going off of 1. this takes place after the flood, and 2. a very obvious point. theres a train

  • Nagrom

    *runs in circles ecstatically*

    This looks ssoooooooo cool! I can't WAIT for this to come out in the U.S. Arrrrrg!


    Ok, so this looks like it's continuing with the cell-shading, huh? I don't think it's a third wind-waker thing though. I think it's probably a Hyrule adventure; not the Great sea. At least that's the way it looks to me.

    And now that I think about it… a train looks kind of stupid. Steam punk? Yuck… I miss Epona!

    • matt

      i agree

  • Wolfen

    Looks like Zelda is going steampunk after all.

  • GavenRocker

    hells yes i'm getting it. it's Zelda. major w00ts for all!

  • Lord Golgtoh

    Trains? I wonder if this has to do with the New Hyrule!

  • Sam

    Thoughally unexcited; even in their promotional trailer they can't manage to show anything new or interesting. Jason's Phantom Hourgass on a Train instead of a Boat seems abuot right. It's the same engine, same animation, they havn't done a thing to make this a special expiriance.

  • thrairth

    It was so sudden… there was no warning… hehehe…. there's a new Zelda… hehe… and *starts breathing into a paper bag*… and… it's not Deluge! Link is still in it!!! It's a happy day in Thrairth land!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ganon001

    I like it how they're making the Zelda series progress the technology slowly so it makes us feel we're still in the medieval age. It seems boring to be riding a train, but, it could be more fascinating because of the speed.

    I hope it has an interesting plot and a serious antagonist.

  • Quote from
    "Nintendo DS & Nintendo DSi Software

    The new The Legend of Zelda™: Spirit Tracks game that Iwata announced will utilize the intuitive touch control of Phantom Hourglass in an all new adventure that will please longtime Zelda fans while keeping the game accessible to all DS owners. The concept behind this Zelda game includes utilizing a steam locomotive to travel around the world, switching Phantom and Link to explore the dungeons, and solving puzzles using new items."
    Proof that it's for a normal DS too =D

  • zeo41

    i guess based on the trailer, this is a finishing story to wind waker/ phantom hour glass. Tetra and Link have finally found the place to bring up "new Hyrule and the train is the only thing there to get you from place to place…. i wish they brought back Epona though.

  • MattJ

    Does anyone else think he's fighting a giant stinkbug, or beetle or something inside of a big stump at like 1:22? Does this mean he gets the minish cap?

  • darkhero

    What the ….?????? We were waiting all this time for this?

  • Feri-san

    IF I can be compeltely honest, at fist I was laughing so hard, I thought it was a joke and that someone had managed to rip the models off Phantom Hourglass and made their own trailer… then i came to check ZU for confirmation and omg it's real! I'm a mix of happiness and amusement because Link as a train conductor is a funny funny sight xD!!!! Il definately buy it ^^ I enjoyed phantom hourglass.. i also hope the wii one gets released soooooon! as in, later 2009 or early 2010

  • Alex

    Why aren't they ever going to make another one for Wii?

    I mean Twilight Princess was originally a Gamecube game. So if you think about it, we have not yet had a Zelda game released exclusively for the Wii…

    Come on Nintendo, you JUST released Phantom Hourglass in 2007, do we REALLY need another one of these RIGHT now?

    Cool game and all, but a really big disappointment for those of us anticipating a Wii release…=(

    I swear, if I need to wait for the release of another Nintendo console, I am going to lose my mind…I've been a Zelda fan for 10 years, and this is by far, the biggest disappointment ever.

  • Addy

    I hope Linebeck will be on the new game, he's my favorite charicter. As soon as I see it within reach, I'm buying it, thankyou Nintendo! I'm cying tears of joy now…

    • LinkFanForever

      eww linebeck was a @** bring the old zelda back ive been a fan my whole life i watchesd my dad play oot for ever ive played it a million times i want that zelda back i never really liked ww or ph

      • then comment somewhere else.

        • RobW

          he can say anything he wants anywhere he wants, hes just giving his two cents, faggot fanboy

          • maybe you should comment somewhere else too RobW

  • minishcap

    One thing I wanna know will it work on the DS fat?

    • Gamer10

      Is that a rhetorical question? There is not difference between the DS, DS Lite and DSi, game-wise; the game are backwards-compatible. I thought everyone knew that. -_-;

  • linkplaya

    they better keep the green tunic or ima go jackie chan on their……….u know wut…………

  • Oh, man that's terrible… I'm pretty sure the trailer was for DS (without an 'i'), so hopefully you'll be okay. Because, I may have to buy a DSi as well if that's the case…

    • Celeste S.

      DSi plays the exact same games as the DS. It's like the updrage to DS 'Lite', DSi is just a beefed up DS.

      • They started making DSi-only games so that they could support a region-lock feature.

  • This looks cool. I can't wait to play it.
    I wonder if they'll bring Ganondorf back. Judging from the ending of Wind Waker, they probably won't, but you never know.
    I think having a New Hyrule to explore in the 3D handheld world will be an interesting thing.
    I'm very curious as to what the story will be. It has to back-up all of the changes they made.

    • ……….

      Thve HAd him Die everyone so ya hell be there

  • By_Farore

    Geez, some of you should check the pics. The green tunic will still be there.
    Hey, I'm guessing New Hyrule is finally found! I'm really happy. ^o^
    Can't wait to see the plot! The artwork!
    Yay Toon Link! (yeah ok, WW Link, but Toon is cuter as a nickname.)
    This will make me wait patiently for the console Zelda they are supposed to be working on. (They said so themselves, didn't they?)

  • Moochy

    Our legendary hero chosen by the gods… downsized to a mere enginerr.
    this is upsetting 🙁

    • Zeldafanforever

      I feel You

  • keimori

    yay looks like they found a new hyrule! , this looks awsome, now all i need to hear is new wii zelda news, and i'll be content.

  • Dr. Robosaur

    I'm kinda unsure about this one.
    When I first heard the rumor an hour ago, my thoughts went to Deluge and hoping for a dark, twisted zelda. I love wind waker, and the cel-shade style is a keeper, but lets mix it up just a little and save it for later. I mean, you can fit super mario 64 and probably ocarina of time (drool) on the DS, lets see the graphics kicked up a notch.
    Also, wheres an update on the f-ing wii game?! I can wait, just give me ONE little screenshot to tide me over for several years. (Not blaming you, ZU. I've scourded the internet as well.)
    But seeing Link in his little outfit is just too cute! And the Postman's Hat, no doubt! I started freaking out when I saw Zelda, because that would mean…well, something of importance. And the waters gone, which is cool and just the slightest bit sad.
    They better not make it a PH clone, especially with that damn temple that you have to do 10 times. That was the only thing stopping me from finishing the game.

    • ……………….

      I hate that idea

  • Flava

    Well, here's my two cense for what they're worth. I think it looks like a brand new story, no Wind Waker relation. My guess is he starts out as a train conductor, with a navy tunic and a sick fez, and then he will become the hero of whatnot by way of Zelda. That's just what it looks like to me…who knows…?

  • The only two things upsetting about this trailer is 1. a boat–I MEAN TRAIN and 2. that conductor's outfit.

    And Zelda because I like Tetra better and the giant empty field because I'd like to explore open fields on two feet and find secrets or something and wow Link got so tall I still remember the days when he was a little shrimp and…

  • Edracon

    two words… looks bad.

    this looks like a lazy effort to get more money.

  • Tom

    O.K., i think this might be an early april fools joke lmao, come on a freakin train, and the colours in the title look weird lol

  • Artorium

    God this has to be for April 1st

  • octorok8

    hmmm… i'm a little tired of the windwaker style link… he is my favorite, but i want a change. still, i definitely hope it's harder than PH… which shouldn't be too hard to achieve.

  • Flava

    I really think it's unfair to say that this looks lame becuase it reuses so much from PH. I mean look at Majora's Mask, that thing reused 3/4 of OOT and still came out original and great. Main reason, story…and then of course the rest of the game being wrapped around that story also came out good. For me one of the biggest things determining a good game is story, and in the case of Spirit Tracks, I'd say it has it's work cut out for it after the example set down by PH.

  • Maverickk

    I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this already since the Deluge comment was made at the opening of this post.

    But didn't Deluge talk about a steam punk Zelda, where there would be a train to get around the world? Wasn't that Deluge game supposed to be within the Wind Waker time line?

    Basically after seeing this it really got me thinking… story wise it definitely seems to be a follow up to Phantom Hourglass and thus obviously taking place after Wind Waker. My guess is they've discovered that new land that would become the next Hyrule even (which Tetra of course has taken on her role as the Queen/leader of this new Hyrule).

    Now in order to colonize it and spread across the land they begin to build a railway system. Basically after considering this I started thinking… what if this DS title, which is being released quite soon after Phantom hourglass, and oddly before a new console Zelda is announced (despite obvious past comments that one is in the works)… perhaps the story in Spirit Tracks is setting the stage for the next home console Zelda.

    One in which the land has become developed into a new Hyrule, where this steam strain exists to get around… much like the rumored Deluge title. Although maybe they've decided to alter the story to take place after Wind Waker as opposed to before. They could even evolve the cel shading style (perhaps looking like Prince of Persia 2008) to keep the continuity with this world.

    I would just say this whole Hyrule with a a train thing was from Deluge so perhaps Deluge was true… except that was like 8-9 months ago… so that game probably isn't the same anymore. I just look at the train thing and wonder what direction the next home console Zelda will take after all.

    • trimph forks

      You are a genius. O_O

  • DarkMajora

    Aside of Link's goofy outfit, which thankfully looks temporary this game looks awesome. Also I think people need to stop comparing this to Phantom Hourglass just because they look the same. Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask looked almost exactly the same but they were almost exact opposites. And quit complaining that they haven't announced a new Zelda for the Wii. It takes longer to make games for a home console then it does for a portable console. From what some Nintendo employees have said the new Wi Zelda will be "bigger and better then Ocarina of Time." so we have that to look forward too.

  • Nictel


    Seriously for all the talk of the last Zelda of its kind and the next Zelda is going to be revolutionary this looks a lot like the stuff that came before. Or doesn't handheld count any more?

    2010? I thought they were already working on it. Or was that this Zelda game?…

    Wake me up in 2016 when perhaps maybe possibly there'll be a console Zelda.

  • Zero

    people…c'mon..just because it's a Zelda game doesn't mean it'll be good. Wind Waker and Phantom Hour Glass were terrible Zelda games (mainly Phantom Hourglass – I literally could not bring myself to continue to that game after the third fairy…NO zelda game makes sneaking past something a major part of the game play and I also don't like NOT using buttons, that's just irritating. Not to mention the fact that the plot was terrible and even minus the faulty everything else, the stylus system sucked balls.) I will NOT be picking up this game because the last two in that particular timeline were stupid, I'm not wasting 40-50 dollars on a game that I will not like just because it's a zelda game. Think people, this is why Obama's in office, because you all seem to think that if it promises something happy and funn joy times with gum drops that everything will be just peachy! And look how well that turned out.

    • Edracon

      Obama didn't do anything yet, he only got in office a few months ago. So don't compare stuff like that.

    • DarkLink

      @ zero and all others who bash aorund the name of wind waker and criticise it just for its visual style, i have 1 word that can describe you all: "SHALLOW" you judge wind waker for its cartoony appearance and totally miss its revolutionary combat system and deeper exploring theme not to mention more detailed facial expressions and rich storylines…
      if you judged this book by its cover then you have most likey missed one of the better Zelda experiences… oh well your loss…

      • Zero

        I never said it was because of the visual style, I just said it was going to be a terrible game like Windwaker and Phantom Hourglass.

        • while im the first to admit that phantom hourglass wasnt the best game in the zelda franchise, windwaker was a solid title, theres no denying that…

          • I completely agree Wind Waker was almost a good as Ocarina of Time! But the Fact here is Phantom Hourglass wasn't, and Spirit Tracks is a sequel to that. idk, Maybe Spirit Tracks wel kick ass or be a horrible DS Title! We will wait and see 🙂

  • Lorna

    *settles sharp objects under a high ledge after hearing the Deluge rumors are untrue* I think my heart just broke. *sniff* </3 I think I’ll get spirit tracks, though it looks painfully simialar to PH except with a train instead of a boat… I wont be spending my own money on it though, that’s for sure. Personally, I think Deluge was a MUCH more inventive idea… poor play, Nintendo…

    • wait until it comes out and play it before deciding what you wanna do on that ledge above that sharp object… lol

  • The Maverickk

    @ Zero

    Really? Seriously? You thought that Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass the weakest?

    I think Wind Waker is one of the top favorites of the entire series. I was actually more disappointed by Twilight Princess (it seemed emptier to me despite the quality in the visuals and epic scale).

    Wind Waker had some of the best visuals and style, not to mention the sounds and music were incredible. I loved the exploration element, I loved the atmosphere. Mind you of course this comes down to preference. Certainly not the worst though… I think Minish Cap and the Oracle games are the weakest of the entire franchises bigger releases.

    As far as the whole Obama thing… don’t you think the whole political comparison a little weak. Not to mention your bashing an office that is newly formed (heck wasn’t he just sworn in in January?) I’m Canadian and I could tell you that all the problems (which are even world wide spread) won’t disappear in a few months, and I don’t think anyone ever said it would be gum drops and peaches either. I’d say let the person screw up and really dissapoint before you start complaining. Give it some time.

    • yeah im australian and i agree with you there and i mean why even bring politics into this?

  • Caitlin

    Omg… I was like 'Yaaaaaaay!!!!!' when I saw the e-mail in my inbox but now that I see this… I think it's horrible!! >_<
    First – it's on the DS… I was thinking/hoping for one on the Wii..
    Second – Wind Wakerish??? Sorry but I'm not a fan of WW..
    Third – A train…?? I mean.. come on… do I have to say more? -.-

    But this is my opinion… I'm a big Zelda fan but this……. no… sorry…

  • Business Shrub

    Finally! Now I'm still waiting for a new Zelda to the Wii, then I will be happy. But actually I havn't yet afforded the Wii, and I wont waste TP on my GC, do remember the GC right? I still have mine. I guess I'll have more time for work, now that we didn't get a console game, I really prefer console games. I havn't had time for my page lately.

  • legendsofhyrule

    *looks at the news and sees that its on the DS and not the wii….walks out*

    Seriously…Why did I ever buy the Wii…I can't believe I'm saying that. I bought the Wii for more Zelda games, and there is ONE. I need some more meat for the Wii. I don't like just having the potatoes. I don't want to play 'mini-games'. I want to play an actual storyline game ON THE WII.

    I think Xbox will be getting my money next if I ever buy another console again.

  • OMG a new zelda game for ds? wow cool , jajajajajajaj when will be relesed?n;n
    jajaja is really cute

  • Feere Gorone

    I totally agree with legendsofhyrule, but I guess I'll just be patient. Seriously people, listen! This was just GDC. The Big N will probably announce the Wii game at E3. I mean, for god's sake, they've bee working on it since before Twilight Princess, so it should at least be ready for announcement soon.

    On the subject of Spirit Tracks, I was originally disappointed that it wasn't a Wii game, but now I've seen the trailer, ST actually looks kinda good. Just as long as it's not exclusively for DSi, I'll be happy with it. PH's major flaw was the Temple of the Ocean King, so I'm hoping Ninty has enough sense to not put one of those in ST.

  • Luisa

    I just hope that is not the Zelda they said they've been working on since Twilight Princess' release.

  • LinkEpona;)

    It looks terrible!!!! Its WAAAY too modern!

    They have replaced Epona with a train!x

  • Bre

    dang it, where is are wii game announcement D=
    (hope blindly for e3)

  • Spitfire

    For everyone who is complaining about no news of a Zelda game specifically for Wii, there were many interviews at least two years ago where Miyamoto specifically said that the Zelda DS team AND the main Zelda team IS working on new titles. So here is your new DS title. It is suggested that the Wii title won't be around till sometime after 2010. But honestly, why complain? The more waiting, the longer Nintendo have to work on the game.
    By the way, I also came across various websites with patents people had managed to get ahold of, and currently is called "The Legend of 00". It showed the hint system and two other systems aside from the main start-to-finish. My only concern is the way some of the things in it were depicted – a curved sword/katana as the Master Sword, or replacing it?

  • OMG!!! At first i wasnt to sure about the train thingy… but it seems kinda cool. I love the music in the trailer. Like someone else said, i hope Ezlo ( minish cap) comes back. The conductors outfit seems a little wierd though ( exept the postman's hat)

  • Nagrom

    I'm way excited for this game but… Link looks ridiculous in that outfit. And I don't like trains. Horses are better. I bet it's going to be a talking train… like the Kind of red lions. I don't think it's a threequil though. Too much land for a wind waker follow-up.
    I'm Skeptical on how great of game this will be. Looks extra cheesy. I'll buy ir anyway though. xD

  • Chari

    If it's a real game, I'm going to buy it. If it's an april fool's joke, I'll buy the next game then.

    I'm pretty happy that the new DS game is going to work on the DS Fat, but I think I'm falling into the trap of buying the DS update DSi. I'm against buying those update handheld consoles like DS Light and Advanced SP, but my DS Fat is getting pretty old.

    …was that a conductor costume on Link?

  • niichan32

    Awwww!!!!! Uhhhhhhhh??

    I really don't know what to say. I won't go as far as to call it a gimmick but i can't say i'm totally excited about this game either.

    In fact its the first time i'm actually a little bit disappointed in a zelda game, maybe because i'm still waiting for that next-gen zelda game that truly makes use of the wii's full potential. Well, I guess we will just have to wait a little bit longer for that to happen. Maybe around the time nintendo makes a new console? ( wii hd ???)

  • zeldanerd5

    Yay! I can't wait to be bored out of my freakin mind!

  • Brock

    OF COURSE, no one thinks its an april fool's joke. im not saying that it IS, just that the trailer had enemies and lots of other stuff that looks recycled. and also, April fool's is in about a week, sooooooo. im not a spoilsport, i just dont wanna get my hopes up. i just dont believe this is a real game. also, nintendo usually talks about thier games WAY before they come out, NOT 9 months before the release. sorry, but we'll see.
    dont get me wrong, but after the zelda wii joke im a little cautious. im waitin till april fool's to decide what i really think.

    just, dont get your hopes up.

  • linklegend

    I can't wait for it!
    Even with the fact that it's on the DS and the train….

  • Robin

    Except that there WILL be some games unique to the handheld. Old games will work, while new ones will to.

    And don't bother to say that I'm wrong, because I'm not 😉

  • ZeldaFanForever

    I No BUt seriously Link is a hero i used to wish i could help the people how he could runimg threw the feilds or on horse back not sitting in a train. A hero Choosen By the Gods turned into a train conducter this is sad ill play it like ya its zelda but no it will quinch my thrist for now but bring the oot zelda back

  • enuf3

    Meh… I guess it's cool. Though I don't really play DS games or w/e. I'm only into the main console games – so it kinda irks me that we most likely wont see a console game this year.. or even next year even. And if it's released on another console then I'll be really pissed. I got the Wii for Zelda – didn't even really like TP.. and now I may have to buy another system for a new game.. Lame.

    I wish Nintendo would stop dishing out garbage and spend more time on their bigger stuff.

    • nintendo are spending more time on their "bigger stuff" and thats why it will be a good wait until we see the next console title… at least this should help tide people over…

  • Static

    The train is sorta wierd and………babyish. but it looks fun! to bad eponas not there…. then agian she might look wierd with cell shaded ghraphics. I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Incathuga

    I dislike the direction the Zelda series has gone in. Like many series, it's height was in the N64 era with OOT and MM. Since then we've had the WW duo, which focused too much on water for my tastes (I personally prefer land travel) and TP, which was dissapointingly easy. There was also the Minish Cap, but that had a dull story for my tastes, and I'm sure other fans were left wanting something more like OOT or LttP. I'd personally like to see something after Majora's Mask, a third game for that series that ties up the loose ends of Navi's disappearance, the fate of Termina after a narrow salvation, and the reaction of Hyrule to Link's voyage. I can understand keeping up their momentum with this trilogy (if Spirit Tracks is really the conclusion the WW and PH), but they'll have to clear up the older duet with a third game to tie up Child Link's story, and maybe even a fourth about Adult Link if the split timeline theory is correct.

    As per Deluge, it seemed like a decent game. I'd enjoy seeing a different side to the Zelda series. Playing as a normal kid would be an interesting shift from the ever-present Mary Sue that is Link, Hero of Time. Just as long as they didn't decide to make the new hero change halfway through the story, it would have been a great plot. I'd much prefer it to this.

    • i agree with Incathuga, ive been thinking the same thing about a third follow up to Oot and Mm for years, i wouldnt even care if they did it with original N64 graphics, a matter a fact id honestly prefer it, it would help with continuity and i felt Mm was more a side quest type thing, because link never did end up finding navi though he still saved the land of termina, but im also of the feeling that the ds is not the console to do it on, because of the stylus/touch screen feautures, they would make such a game much too gimmicky, and if it didnt focus on touch screen features it would play better but it would be slammed by the critics (magazines and tv shows such as X-play) and gamers alike, so im thinking that it could be the perfect candidate for a wii-ware release or even just an new wii release, i mean if it kept relatively the same game engine and feel of Oot and majora's mask, with a bit of innovation, who would argue? honestly amongst the best games of all time….

  • Double A

    Nah, I think it's the GIANT ENEMY CRAB

    • link

      we dont know

  • Static

    on the video theres something swinging in the corner,maybe you pull on it so the train makes the train noise and it scares stuff off the track?!

  • Inca

    Haven't you all heard, the next one is going to be called Ghost Wings and you are going to be flying around with an airplane….Link has become lazy so now he needs to take public transport to get around…
    What happened to the good ole horse?

    Seriously, I do hope this is a bigger game than phantom hourglass, something that you can play a little longer and maybe bigger spaces to explore. I really loved wind waker and phantom hourglass was alright but I am longing for a game that is based on the old style. More mystical surroundings, fairies etc….my favourite place is kokiri forest and the forest temple…it is magnificent…it is a bit medieval feeling and fairytale…the new games are a bit modern… Obviously these sort of games are only for GC/Wii or any new coming. (But please don't make me buy another console only to play Zelda 🙁 ..)

    Anyway if it is not the greatest game, I do hope it is a 'while you wait for the real big thing' sort of idea…

  • Anon Ymous

    I was half hoping that it would bea non-Link. That would have made an interesting plot twist but most of the other rumors i'm glad weren't true. Hopefully they at least make link talk in this one it would give him CHARACTER something that he has been lacking since game one. From all that we know he is just a person who runs around with a sword killing monsters and saving the world. I hope that they add more detail to it as well.

  • if they make link talk ill mob, i cant think of a game series of this sort where that has actually helped anything, for example the sonic series, i didnt mind it so much he didnt talk in his old games, but ever since someone had that "bright" idea, he hasnt shut up since, becoming a very annoying character, if they did that to link im sorry but id give up the series, and ive been playing every game since the original NES classic…

  • Hugh

    yeah, so goodbye zelda. that was the last straw

    a rehashed ph with the same blocky graphics and with even an more focus on the casual side of gaming? no, no please

  • Alaink

    It was not the moon, if you played the game you can see grass and a tree, and even you can see the BLUE sky, obviusly, the moon right now does not have life on it, no grass, no trees, not bugs, and of course not blue sky, here in the earth you can see a blue sky because of the atmosphere, the light is reflected in it and it looks blue, if the moon has no atmosphere, the sky shall be black, so Link have never been to the moon, that "moon" was a portal to somewhere else in the Earth.

  • zfttm64

    another toon link game? ill probably get it, but the only thing im worried about is that its another toon link game.

  • linkfan

    geuss what spirit tracks come s out this fall.

  • verity

    I kind of thing that the train ruined it slightly but trains are older then steam boats so Zelda isn't really moving on THAT much people =

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  • Brickeater

    To Alaink

    Chill out. Ever heard of sarcasm? These comments are filled with them, quit calling people stupid and ignorant, because it's plainly obvious that you're the only ignorant stupid one in this entire thread. If you didn't get that, then I'd have to guess that English is not your first language (Hint, instead of putting haha, you put jaja, so maybe you're some denomination of Hispanic). Don't insult people when you have no idea what you're talking about, and don't consider posting your idea when you're not willing to discuss it in a mature manner.

    Take a chill pill geez

  • Alaink

    You said I am ignorant, but you do not say the reasons, and I am so ignorant that I speak more than one language, I bet you only speak one. I really have experience in Zelda games, and I bet you are a begginer, you do not know what are we talking about, so piss off.

  • That is a complete rip off. Nintendo Promisssed a new zelda e3 09…And no offence to Iwata, ZELDA IS MENT TO BE A SERIOUS ACTION RPG ADVENTURE GAME! NOT A BUNCH OF LITTLE KID STUFF CROWDING THE TIMELINE! sorry for my little blow up but nintendo officially dissapoints me

  • Gail

    Any NEW Zelda game is a wonderful thing….Us Zelda fans have to wait way too long between games… I do agree with some of the comments though that we need a big game for the Wii…every new console has had a new Zelda game, I think…. I own them all

  • Bernard

    Think of it as another MM. It uses the same engine with the same graphics, just new items and locales. It'll probly be a love/hate thing just like OoT/MM. (Only people will care less because PH was not that great.)

  • fingers crossed

  • link

    i say they should make tech in zelda dont you think it will be awesome i know it

  • TheZelda

    I see a lot of people making comments on the downfall of Zelda….
    that in my opinion is a load of Epona crap ( lol )
    the advance in technology in Zelda is a little push to the next Grand Zelda game.
    you'll never know maybe the next Gen Console may hold the biggest zelda game to date maybe even beat ocarina.
    Yes Twilight princess promised something similar. yes that game was great but was stalled and chopped up cause of the release of the Wii.
    The only downfall Zelda may have when he has a laser gun and or a motor cycle.

  • kaybee2


    I leave this site for two weeks and THIS happens?!

    • yep thats how they get ya… lol 😉

  • chop_suey123

    *sighs* I loved PH, but I don't like the idea of having to steal my DS back from my three-year-old brother… (I gave it to him after I beat PH for the trillionth time… waaay to easy, and I'm willing to admit that I'm not the best Zelda gamer on the earth)… Why can't they make a new zelda game for my un-used Wii? I really don't feel like beating TP on a different console (beat it on Gamecube)… and I personally don't like the cell-shaded graphics…. but I can't get everything that I want, I guess…. I guess I'll have to stick to Tomb Raider until a Console Zelda comes out…

  • ShadowSlayer

    A TRAIN ON DS???? Thats how nintendo continues one of the greatest game series ever? Why couldnt they just make a good Zelda game for the Wii instead of this? The day nintendo release a Zelda game created for Wii will be a happy day, but looks like a long wait for that to happen

  • train hater

    that game looks terrible i mean a TRAIN i am outraged well its mostly the gay out fit link has and the graphics will suck just as bad as in PH

    • train hater

      i very much agree with my self

      • train hater 2

        i also agree with train hater

        • oh and what is with agreeing with yourself? are you so worried about the weak sorry excuse for a comment you made that you agree'd with yourself not once but even twice to compensate?

    • shallow much? zelda has always been substance over style in my opinion, now if everyone is going to have a winge about how it looks why not go follow all the other sheep and go out to the pasture, who cares what it looks like if it plays like a broken record? id rather a game with solid gameplay and controls with an engaging story then another "oh wow, look at me! look at me! look at my 'realistic' graphics and high pixel count 'next gen' wannabe PS3 or 360 over priced, over hyped and under delivering cliche type of game that looks all well and fine but plays like an untuned music box thrown into a wall then out a window type piece of shit that for some stupid reason keeps getting put on shelves because stupid people keep buying them!" note: if no one bought poorly designed and executed games they would stop making them for sure!

  • mandym287

    This game is so cool, but wait…. some one tell me where to buy it–I have looked EVERYWHERE!!!!

  • it has only recently been anounced , its not out yet so you cant get it anywhere until the game is completed and released… but its good to see some positive reception…

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  • nathan

    haha the train whistle at the beginning reminds me of animal crossing (the original not thiscity folk or wild world crud)

  • matt

    why are they releasing a zelda game on a train im a huge fan but damn…
    this looks like a terrible idea the whole train thing

  • wisdom

    does anyone know the sponsor for zelda

  • Glenn

    ok….. a new zelda game = good. not being able to run everywhere and cut it up = kinda bad for me

    you decide

  • alex

    um no they are making a new zelda game for the wii in 2010 not the spirit tracks.

  • alex

    They even might use the Motion Plus for the New Zelda game if Wii Sport Resorts sells well.

    • chris

      innovation can only be good right?

  • zelda

    no there isn't read carefully, it says well after 2010
    like 3 years! with this generation selling so well nintendo shall last a long time

  • blah

    I heard that this is 100 years after phantom hourglass, thus an indirect sequel, they probably found that new hyrule, or the seas receded
    nevermatter what i heard from zelda wiki, IM excited ^^

  • Who knows what happens next… All I know is:

    Don’t look unless you’re prepared to see. 🙂

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  • This console has a release set for the holidays and will be included in a couple of bundles.

  • Like page, cool.