To be honest, I wasn’t expecting the DSi to sell that well, seeing how the DS Lite had only came out a few years or so prior to its announcement, but I guess I was wrong – quite wrong. Apparently, the DSi is outselling its predecessor in pre-orders, the original DS. I guess people really like the extra feature of a camera and music listening capabilities. Hmm.

I gotta give Nintendo props though – for a third revision of a five year old handheld, the fact that it’s outselling the original DS in pre-orders is kind of.. surprising.

Here, have some quotes from GameStop marketing VP Bob McKenzie to back this story up.

“We’ve seen some pretty brisk pre-orders on DSi. It’s probably double where we were on the original DS, as far as reservation activity, so we’re expecting some great things from that. It feels like they’re going to have good quantities to support not only the launch but also some replenishment right behind it.”

Oh, and if you remember going out and buying your Wii, you might remember the famous statement, “We’re out of stock.” Well, McKenzie has some words of encouragement, “”I think there were customers in the first year that came in and were looking for [the Wii], and they kind of turned away because they got tired of walking into the store and always hearing that we didn’t have it in stock. I don’t anticipate that with the DSi, and I think we’re going to have a great launch with that.”

So, thus far, the DSi is doing decently well, so thumbs up for that. I’m still good with my DS Lite though, so instead I’ll sit here and dwiddle my thumbs until a real successor to the DS is released.

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  • jefferyliechty

    Well it also has down loadable content and external/internal memory. I didn't want one eaither, until I saw a un-boxing on youtube. Now I know why its selling so well. I will defiantly get one, one day.

  • Also, the DSi games are in a different format than DS games, and can't be played on a DS Lite. So, if a Zelda game came out for the DSi, you might be changing your mind about buying one.
    Also, the downloadable content and the interface are definitely worth mentioning.

  • jellybelly1001

    Can DS lite games be played on a DSI? And what is the whole deal of returning your old DS for 70% off a DSI