Quite a few members on our forums have been discussing the mysterious email Nintendo sent and concluded that Pokémon might be one of the most likely answers. And just recently, Nintendo sent another email titled “2007 brought…”

In this email, we see a picture of Pokémon Diamond/Pearl. This has lead many people to believe that an announcement of a new Pokémon game is near.

Source: Nintendo Everything (Thanks once again to Arjen for the tip)
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  • Cody

    Maybe if we all believe in an announcement of a new Zelda together it will come true!

  • Triforce of the Gods

    I told ya. Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky is coming out soon.

  • Outlaw

    It’s called Poke’mon Platinum

  • Well it could be a Gold/Silver remake, but i doubt it. 🙁

  • Azerik

    agreeig with outlaw…the internet is probably just slow in getting the pokemon platinum email around to everyone…I got this email more than a month ago

  • Wario

    Yeah, the new game is Platinum, I’ve seen signs for it everywhere.

  • Arjen

    Glad I could help you guys by finding this.

    I must say this news slightly disappointed me. I would’ve liked something … I don’t know. Something more Zelda or Mario-ish, I guess.

  • Tyff

    Yeah, it’s Pokemon platinum, which comes out next sunday March 22nd. It’s supposed to be awesome. =]

  • Triforce of the Gods

    Are you guys blind! Platinum has been out in Japan for a long time and has been advertised to death in America already.


  • Hoshika-Pichu

    *ends up repeating*

    Nintendo has already announced Platinum. It’s more likely to be Explorers of the Sky, unless if they’re going to do something doofy and announce Platinum again.

  • ChainofTermina

    What!? really?
    Damn it, i hate pokemon.I said it before and I’ll say it again; THE WORLD HAS ENOUGH F-ING POKEMON! we don’t need more!
    I mean whats next? pokemon purple? pokemon brown? pokemon hydrogen?
    enough already!

    • goronlove7

      Really? everyone likes pokemon deep down its like…subway or reeses most cant get enough. I my self think pokemon is fun.

  • a zelda trapped in a link’s body

    pokemon? thats it! eh I’m heading back to my Transgender chat-room

  • Business Shrub (Deku)

    Where is my Zelda?

  • Nagrom

    Actually, it’s probably going to be a silver/gold/crystal remake. There’s a new movie coming out in Japan featuring Arceus but there are three “new” pokemon (totodile, chikorita, and cyndaquil) also featured in it. Why else would they include the Johto starters if they weren’t remaking the best games they ever made?

    Just my input.

    • Stephen Sheridan


  • Triforce of the Gods

    ^ That’s there special to go along with the release of Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky.

    I’m not repeating myself again. Just go to http://www.serebii.net/index2.shtml

    • Nagrom

      that’s where I get my info too.

  • Tess


    I want my Zelda, Nintendo! GIVE ME A ZELDA GAME!

  • DarkHero

    Yeah, But if it’s the new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, what about the “10 years” thing.
    The Mystery dungeon series isnt 10 years old.

  • a zelda trapped in a link’s body

    to anyone who has oblivion on PC, go here


    don’t worry theres no viruses, its just really big

    but if you want a new zelda experience………

  • a zelda trapped in a link’s body

    note, do not use the zelda icon, use the oblivion icon,

    and I just thought it would be something… interesting for any zelda fan

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