The mailbag for February 25, 2009 is contained within

Trilyan writes:

just wondering… should Zelda Game Watch (single screen) and Zelda Game & Watch (multi screen) appear in the game list?
The multiscreen Zelda was the last in the Game & Watch series and it was supposed to be the game that pushed the system to the limit
(as it usually does) so it was pretty important.
I think it is a good idea to give it a section, but that’s my opinion…

maybe u should poll it šŸ˜‰

James writes

I believe when the site began, there was a small section called “Other Games” that included things like that. I will bring it up to Jason to see what’s going on (or it may have been done, but I opened this mailbag a month late).

Luna writes:

I was watching your fabulous PH walk through, when I encountered a problem. The part I was watching (the Temple of the Ocean King pt II) was a little over a half an hour long. In order to view such a long video on Veoh, you need the Veoh player. When I tried to download the Veoh player, it told me that I need Windows XP or higher to download it. I only have Windows 2000. Is there any possible way to get around that?

James writes

I am not sure. You might have to email Jason about that and see what the ways around that are.

Johnni Pedersen writes:

I was wondering if Zelda ever will be released on PC? The game has a huge potentiale for a upcoming version to PC. I dont know if this question allready has been submitted, but now I will try anyway. I hope to hear from you soon… Very impressive site here!!! Good work!

James writes

I don’t think Zelda will be a PC game, it will more than likely just be a Nintendo game forever. Nintendo’s main products are its consoles and computer games are not their niche.

ChainofTermina writes:

Hi As you know I am a regular around here. I post comments, I submit to the mailbag, I even contributed to the Interactive story. but if you’ll believe it, Im acually not officialy registered as a member. i’ve tried to register, but it says my email adress is already in use. And I will dmit I think I do remember registering a long time ago undre a different user name. I clicked on the ” send me my password” thing but I m not getting it. can you maybe look into this?

James writes

Send an email to my personal email (James (at) zeldauniverse dot net) and I will check your email and find out what’s going on.

Matthew writes:

i was on zeldapedia and i think as well as others that limk and malom (lon lon rancher) have goten married becuse in tp link is a rancher by his well mom and has the try force becuse his dad and now in tp u cant use the macic any more also im in gerdo messa its not that hard

James writes

That is a very good theory, but (as I am not an expert on the timeline) I forget which way TP is supposed to go on the timeline. So, it’s possible.

Perry writes:

Hello, I would like to see if you could make a Zelda game for a psp or ps2. That one that you might make “Project Deluge” would be really nice. I have Nintendo Systems but my cousin does not. He might like it for the ps2, he is 11 Im 10. Mabye a Metroid too. Thanks!

James writes

Zelda, Mario, and Metroid are Nintendo games and will never make it onto Sony or Microsoft, unless Nintendo goes under and is sold. As I don’t see that ever happening (knock on wood) you will only see those franchises on Nintendo.

Twilight64 writes:

I love your site, but there’s a problem. Why can’t I listen to Zelda songs before I download them? It’s great that you have them, but I want to be able to hear them before I download them to make sure it’s the one I want. Don’t get me wrong, you guys are completely authentic, but on more than one occasion, I have had to delete a file because it’s the wrong one, or it isn’t the one I remember. It would be nice to allow us to hear it so we know which one it is. Thank you for your time, and keep up the good work.

James writes

I will bring it up to the staff to see what could possibly be done.

ChainofTermina writes:

Um… I just restarted TP for the Halibut, and I noticed that Before Link turns into a wolf, y’know, when in his weird farmer clothes, the triforce is visible on the back of his hand. Like, all the time. perpetually. just play the grass song thing it’s very easy to see. So…yeah. um…why?

James writes

Because he probably has inherited the Triforce from the former Hero of the land, which is why he has it. It is also the reason why the Zelda in the game has her piece.

Zelda Fanatic writes:

I have one little question…How do you post things on the forums?

James writes

You have to register on the forums and then you will be able to post on the forums.

ChainofTermina writes:

I’m a little confused. What EXACTLY do you know about any future Zelda games? Tell me Miamoto’s Most recent EXACT words regarding The next Zelda game. And hurry up with the mailbag already!

James writes

Sorry about the lateness of the Mailbag, I truly have been busy with other things. We don’t know anything about the new game yet, but when we do, we will definitely post it for you to see.

  • JJ

    love this website!!!!

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    Good luck everybody! Now send those nominations. šŸ˜€

  • Sam250

    My my, this is the least helpful mailbag I’ve ever had the displeasure to read.

    Please, just consider my critisim. People who don’t submit questions need to have a reason to read a mailbag. Some mailbags are funny, some are informative. Yours is neither. You have answered most of the questions with “I’ll email so-and-so and get back to you”.

    That immidiatly can be helped by one simple thing; don’t post the question in the mailbag until you have the reply from so-and-so and can give an half interesting answer. That might mean holding the question from the mail bag until the next week, but so be it.

    Your writing is hardly very interesting either. A sentance or two at most containing nothing but a straight non-answer. Try and make it funny, or, if you can’t manage funny, interesting. Write about things relating to recent gaming news and talk about theorys you might have about the industry. Make sure you tell people that these are your own views, but make a personality for yourself, don’t be a robot.

    You can’t be blamed for it all, of course, you don’t seem to have much to work with. So advertise the mailbag a bit on the forums, if you’re allowed, or even take unanswered questions on the forum and answer them yourself.

    If you can’t make the mailbag an attractive feature, maybe you shouldn’t be writing it.

  • Chris

    Very much agree with Sam250. I can understand that you’ve been busy, but this doesn’t seem like a whole lot of effort was put into it.

    There had to have been more interesting emails than this to pick from, and on top of that I think you could give a little bit more thorough responses.

    I don’t mean to offend at all.. but like Sam said, the mailbag is supposed to be helpful and and interesting. And this was just kind of bland.

  • James

    Well, the emails you see in this are the ones I got.

    I tried to post a mailbag a week, but I stopped for a month. Even when I waited a month, no good questions came in. All I keep getting is "when is a new Zelda coming out."

    What am I supposed to do? I don't have much to work with and if I don't post one, it's forgotten. It is a slow Zelda time, and not much on the Nintendo front. So, that is why you got this.

    I am sorry if you are not happy with it, but give me more to work with and I will work with it.

  • Twilight_princess

    For Twilight Princess, the controls are okay for right hand people. I think Shigeru Miyamoto should make a Twilight Princess for left hand people.(Even though I’m a right hand user)

  • Triforce of the Gods

    “For Twilight Princess, the controls are okay for right hand people. I think Shigeru Miyamoto should make a Twilight Princess for left hand people.(Even though Iā€™m a right hand user)”

    Miyamoto is left handed and he said the controls were fine for a left handed person.

    Besides, the GC version has Link left handed.

  • Margaret

    About TP link's triforce on hs hand-

    I think it's a littlesilly for him to have it on his hand his whole life and all of a sudden one day "ZOMG, you're a chosen hero, Link! who would have guessed?!?"

    but really- in the end it doesn't matter, i guess. it's just a game (*gasp* oh no she didn't just say that?!"

    oh yes. I did.