So, once again life takes over and I finally get the chance to write the mailbag.

I am going to just post the link to the mailbag and how to send me more emails.

Here is the mailbag.

Here is how you can send me emails for me to answer.

Until next time.

  • Sam250

    Copied from the Mailbag post to ensure it is read:

    My my, this is the least helpful mailbag I’ve ever had the displeasure to read.

    Please, just consider my critisim. People who don’t submit questions need to have a reason to read a mailbag. Some mailbags are funny, some are informative. Yours is neither. You have answered most of the questions with “I’ll email so-and-so and get back to you”.

    That immidiatly can be helped by one simple thing; don’t post the question in the mailbag until you have the reply from so-and-so and can give an half interesting answer. That might mean holding the question from the mail bag until the next week, but so be it.

    Your writing is hardly very interesting either. A sentance or two at most containing nothing but a straight non-answer. Try and make it funny, or, if you can’t manage funny, interesting. Write about things relating to recent gaming news and talk about theorys you might have about the industry. Make sure you tell people that these are your own views, but make a personality for yourself, don’t be a robot.

    You can’t be blamed for it all, of course, you don’t seem to have much to work with. So advertise the mailbag a bit on the forums, if you’re allowed, or even take unanswered questions on the forum and answer them yourself.

    If you can’t make the mailbag an attractive feature, maybe you shouldn’t be writing it.