Hey all, I know this is a bit late, but bear with us – we have new staff members on board that have never made an intro post, including me. Anyways, onto the intros.

First off, we have the newcomers! So let’s start off with Liquid, one of our new news managers!

Hey ZU, I’m Liquid, I’m one of the fairly-new News Writers for ZU. I’ve been a member of ZU since December of 2007, but only a little more than a month ago did I decide to be an article writer for ZU. So anyway, I’m supposed to write a little bit about myself, so here goes

I’ve been a fan of Zelda for probably about six to seven years, and I still love the series. I found out about ZU in 2005 from my brother, and joined more than a year ago. But apart from Zelda, my hobbies would be spending time with my family, reading, playing video games, hunting, watching movies etc. I also play sports, but the main sport I focus on is Wrestling and I love it. Anyway, that’s just a little bit about me, so I’ll see you guys around.


Great job on your introduction there, Liquid, and welcome to the staff team! Next we’ve got Prince Deity, our new content manager!

Hello ZU, I am Prince Deity. You may have seen me around the forums a few times, but I am now Site Staff! I’m a content manager for the game information (mostly Ocarina of Time). I am 14 years old and I’m a freshman in High school, and I much enjoy the Zelda games and most Sci-fi games. So in conclusion… HI!

~ Prince Deity

Awesome work. Now we have Crab Helmet, our newest article writer (yeah, we’ve got them now)!

Hello, this is Crab Helmet speaking. I will be your pilot for this particular flight, and if you have any concerns, feel free to press the assistance button, or contact one of the lovely air hostesses who will be happy to oblige. Our current location is your internet, and our destination is Zelda! A little about myself: I’m in Australian, born in Sydney, but I currently live in the land of constant, merciless rain and general bad weather, otherwise known as Wales. My interests are rather varied, including literature, video gaming, rowing, and females. I have no idea what my future career might entail, but ideally it involves me doing very little work in return for a large paycheck. I’m working as Site Staff because if I don’t do something, I’ll get bored. All play and no work makes Jack a dull boy! I hope my articles entertain/fascinate/bore/seduce/interest you [delete as applicable], and that you will send me large amounts of money in gratitude, preferably in British pounds. See you around!

Yours sincerely, Crab Helmet.

Good job. And lastly, we have my own intro.

Hey guys, I’m Unknown Hero, (you may know me as Alkarius) an old, but recently returning staff member here at ZU. The only reason I left was because of midterms and studying and all. But now that I’m back, I decided to share a little bit about myself. I’m 16 and currently a Junior in high school, hoping to one day become a doctor, or game designer. My hobbies are of course, Zelda, computers, and gaming. I love pie (Who doesn’t? :P) and computers, Zelda, and of course, my family and friends. Although I do hate loud noises, especially when I’m doing my homework. >_<. Oh yeah, I also hate homework too, it’s so annoying. >_<. Anyways, Hope to see you around!

~ Unknown Hero

Well, those are all the new staffies, and thanks for reading!

Until next time,
~Unknown Hero