Well, fellow Zelda fans, I don’t think I need to put much more into this news post. Nintendo has finally announced the exact date for the DSi: April 5th, just a little more than a month away! The DSi will retail for 169.99 (just another way of saying 170) US dollars. This is about 40$ more than the DS Lite.

For those of you still living under a rock, the DSi is Nintendo’s latest iteration of the DS, featuring a camera, a sleeker interface and a download service – among other things. The new DSi will also be available in a new Blue color, as well as the traditional White  and Black.

Gamespot Europe attempted to contact Nintendo Europe about the DSi release for them, but Nintendo Europe declined to comment about it’s release.

(Thanks to Naokohiro and Xeno for the tip)

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  • Feere Gorone

    Unless there’s A LOT of extra features, I’m guessing the Lite will sell better since it’s cheaper. Any idea for Europe’s release?

    • plenty of extras: 3-megapixel cameras,built in picture editor,sd card slot, “ds download shop” (something like that), slightly-obviously right-handed (grrr…),the letter i.


      the lack of GBA slot is stupid.(and why im not getting it)
      no idea ’bout european release, though.

  • Anriva

    When I bought my Nintendo DS, the first one, the one without that good light or anything it cost me about 300 USD, in Mexico… so how much do you think is gonna be this one?… $500?… I think I’ll stick to my normal old fashioned DS, at least while I’m still a poor college ramen-based-survival student.

  • goronlove7

    Do they have virtiul consol on he DSi? coz that would make up for no GBA slot.

    • i doubt it. ds(i) doesn’t have enough power.

      • Triforce of the Gods

        I suggest learning to read then. It does have the VC, or at leas DSWare.

  • I just saw the Nintendo Channel thing with the trailer for DSi (In Dutch…) and it says we (the Europeans) will get it at april 3th =D

  • hobobis

    thanks for the info