Can’t get enough of Wii Fit? Then you should move to Japan! Nintendo is planning to launch a Body Check Channel that will correlate your data and offer you health tips as well as providing medical researchers with demographic data.

The Japanese company NEC says they will use the channel to get their employees and family fit and healthy.

Nintendo has stated that they have no plans to release this in Europe and they have yet to comment about the US. But seeing as how many people consider obesity a big problem, maybe your employer will force you to play hoola hoop on your coffee breaks in the near future.

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  • zombiefragger

    This could be a good thing or a bad thing. A good thing because it may get fat people to start losing weight and becoming less of a drag on health care, and a bad thing because people who can be considered over weight but healthy can have their egos hurt by not able to lose the weight no matter how often they play nor how closely they stick to the suggestions to exercise and diet the game offers. (yes I’m taking about people built like a American football player 6 foot 0 inches tall 280 pounds with a body fat percentage to like 6%.)
    I suggest if you have a weight problem first ask your doctor on if it is okay to lose weight and if so how to bring it down in a safe and maintainable way. oh and yah first post.