I’m sure most of you readers have heard about the different groups of people that have gaming marathons to raise money for different charities. Man do I have a special treat to share with all of you!

The Speed Gamers are one of these groups, and on March 13th 2009 they will be doing a 72 hour marathon tackling 13, yes 13, Zelda titles. The games being played are…

  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
  • A Link to the Past
  • Link’s Awakening
  • The Ocarina of Time (Master Quest)
  • Majora’s Mask
  • Oracle of Ages
  • Oracle of Seasons
  • The Wind Waker
  • The Minish Cap
  • Twilight Princess
  • Phantom Hourglass
  • Four Swords Adventures

The charity for which the money is being raised is Ally’s House, a group which helps with medical and other expenses of the families with children undergoing Cancer treatment.

In the Past TSG has raised over $15,000 for other charities, and Zelda themed prizes will be given out throughout the marathon to the viewers.

I encourage you all to do your part by watching and donating to this charity.

Here is a link to TSG live footage on the marathon. (tip on the link from Ustreamer)

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  • lftenjamin

    Their site of course…

  • Liquid

    And where do we go to watch this?

  • Liquid

    Well, I went to their web-site but I didn’t see anything about where to watch.

  • lftenjamin

    Cause it is still like a month away.

    On the site they do have info about it, and even a nice link to where the video will be at, but it is still like a month or whatever away.

  • uStreamer
  • scouserfuller9

    Fair play to them doing this to raise money for charity but the boys really should start going out more instead of playing games all day so they manage to live a normal life! Doing activities out there for charity is what they should be working on now.

  • lftenjamin

    who says they don’t have a life? Granted this isn’t the first time their doing this, and they have raised a lot of money for great charity. Gaming and giving, best of both worlds right there.

  • scouserfuller9

    Sorry I didn’t realise sitting indoors 24/7 was what modern people do now but I was expecting stick as I see there’s quite a few video game addicts on here. If you read what I said more carefully I’ve give them credit for doing it for charity and in the past but what they’re doing and how often shows they spend way to much of their lives on games. Why can’t they try and go a month without playing a game for charity? I’m sure that would be an achievment for them!?

  • Just because they are good enough to do this doesn’t mean they spend every minute of their life playing video games.

    I think they will raise a lot of money from this and it’s a great thing for them to do.

    Who ever made doing something for charity a no-life thing? There’s nothing bad about what they’re doing.

  • timo91

    scouserfuller you suuuuuuuuuck

  • scouserfuller9

    To know how to get through these games in what could be as little as 3 days I certainly does say thy spend their lives on games! I admit I used to spend all my time indoors playing games. I’d played through OOT dozens of times but still wouldn’t get it done in less than a day. I’m not critizising them in terms of the money they’re making and fair play to them but they’ve done so many challenges playing games it’s the event they’re doing they need to reconsider. But with most Zelda addicts being the type of people who put games as a big priority in life and this website obviously being based on Zelda it will be hard to find anyone to agree with me. I’m just glad I was lucky enough to meet people nice enough to help me live a proper life whilst I was still young and by the way the more a hardcore gamer thinks I suck the happier I am because it just shows what a normal man I am!!!

  • @ scouserfuller

    Just wanting to respond to your comments.
    All of us have “lives” out side of games..
    One of us is less than a year away from receiving their doctorate, several of us have state rings in basketball, we all attending college full time and have jobs.

    Just because we love video games does not mean we don’t “go outside”

    Personally, for each of these marathons I run through the games I’m playing about 2 times, and watch speed running videos during dead times between class.

    Part of the reason behind the marathons is to remove the stereotypes gamers receive, such as lazy and useless to society. You yourself seemed to tack on a couple more without even knowing us, or seeing us. Most of all,we do it because its fun..and hey if we can raise money for a good cause, Why not?!?

  • “what a normal man I am!” Says the guy hating on a charity group. Yah very normal… scouser do yourself a favor and don’t comment anymore, you are making yourself look dumb.

    TheSpeedGamers ftw.

  • scouserfuller9

    Take it I’ve been speaking to those American kids who’s best friend is their games console and wouldn’t even be able to talk with the help of us English! All I have left to say is well done boys for all your charity work. For your next challenge I ask can you try 300 kick ups in the real game of football!? That’s all I’ve been trying to say.

  • Zeldafan

    Hey guys, I think you’re taking this a bit out of hand. Yes, doing stuff for charity is a good thing but scouserfuller is right and you’re missing his point. Maybe you should try doing stuff in the real world to help charity cases? And as for your spare time between classes have you ever thought about studying? I think that’s the point scouserfuller is trying to make. You’ll realise this when you’re still playing games more then you should be when you’re older and you’re not living your life to your full potential.

  • Triforce of the Gods

    OMFG! READ THEIR POSTS! THIS IS NOT ALL THEY DO! They have jobs, play sports, and are attending college.

    Playing video games for a few hours a day is no different then reading a book or watching a movie. It doesn’t rot your brain. In fact, Zelda has helped my problem solving skills (the classic ones, not TWW, TP, PH, or any of the other shit easy ones).

    So scouserfuller9 and Zeldafan, STFU and GTFO if your going to be so ignorant.

  • @Zeldafan

    of course I don’t watch videos between all of my classes EVERYDAY. I was trying to make a point that there is plenty of time in a day to prepare for these marathons. I don’t know why you use phrases like “real world” because video games are part of the real world, and people do make a living off of them. We just so happen to do charity work using them. Your name is Zeldafan so I’m assuming you play Zelda…are you telling me if you had a chance to play zelda to raise money for children with cancer you wouldn’t? Am I crazy for wanting to practice for these marathons?

    I think you guys are confused with the direction others have lead you. The key is to have your priorities straight and not letting video games run your life. But kicking back and having fun with a video game is nothing to be ashamed of.

  • Is it just me, or does scouserfuller9 not have a full concept of english?

    Maybe they won’t understand the word douchebag then.

    So if you guys don’t agree with doing a marathon for charity, don’t watch it or donate. I believe it is, and always has been, for a good cause. Who cares if they take a few hours out of their day to prepare for their marathon? Which aren’t every month by the way. It ensures that they aren’t stumbling around the games which would decreases the entertainment of the marathon. That doesn’t make them “shut-ins” does it?

    “I’m just glad I was lucky enough to meet people nice enough to help me live a proper life whilst I was still young”

    What was that supposed to mean?

  • Zeldafan

    I’m not saying you spend all you’re time on games and and I’m full of praise you boys are doing this for charity and I’m pretty sure scouserfuller is too I’m just trying to say is you spend to much time and it’d be nice trying something else for a change. Yes my name is zeldafan but for a zelda website, not anywhere else. When it comes to playing games yes they’re fun but I’ll play through them once and move on. The only games I’ll play over and over again are games like Mario Kart and SSBB with my friends. Back to the word “fun” though, there are various activities outdoors you can do that are fun day and night ie. sports, cinema, bowling, pubs and night clubs. I believe going over 15 hours a week is when games are involved in your life to much. You still seem young though so it’s not such a bad thing at the moment but in 5-10 years you’ll all hopefully have a different side and then you’ll understand. With myself being from the UK maybe the country isn’t addicted to video games as much as the USA?

  • Triforce of the Gods

    1. Learn to read, they do play sports and do other things.

    2. Playing video games over and over is no different than watching a movie over and over.

    Claiming watching movies and reading books all the time is healthy, but playing video games all the time isn’t is just plain ignorant and snotty.

  • Zeldafan

    I’m not saying watching movies and reading books is healthy it just more you can do in life. Also I haven’t said watching movies over and over again is something normal it’s just as disspointing. My point is go out and socialise with people new and old a bit more otherwise when you get older the people you currently socialise with will get sick of you and no longer be your friends or anywhere near as close unless they’re gaming freaks like you lot of course!? That’s what they have youth groups and if you’re older pubs and clubs for.

  • Triforce of the Gods

    1. Some of us on here have a lot more in common then Zelda. It’s not all we talk about.

    2. For the last time: We DO socialize and we DO have friends who are non-gamers.

    Just because we like playing video games a lot does not make us scum who don’t get out much. There are REAL addicts out there you should be preaching to (i.e. druggies, alcoholics, etc.).

  • What ever made you people think that gamers don’t have social lives?

    There are 168 hours in a week, better yet…there are 672 hours (28 days) – 744 hours (31 days) in a month. Why not spend 72 out of those hours to do something good for humanity.

    Therefore the rest of the 600 or so hours are for “better things”…

  • Trevor

    some people enjoy playing more video games than others. just like other people may enjoy something like snowboarding. Its life. everyone has different preferences. would you tell someone who plays hockey to stop traning or practicing every day to go out and experience more? I dont think so.

  • I must wonder how old you are Zeldafan, to be calling us ‘boys’. In this marathon, and most others, there are no players under 18, and I am actually 24. Notice that I say ‘players’, there are several different people playing, not just one, two or a few going on for the entire 72 hours.

    What’s one wasted weekend to raise several thousand dollars for charities, every few months? If this didn’t work then we would all have moved on to something else by now, but collectively The Speed Gamers have raised $16,000 dollars in a year, which is pretty good for such a small operation.

    Fifteen hours of gaming a week is probably around my max. I have however gone many weeks with ten or less hours, and I cannot remember the last time I put aside an entire afternoon to play a game. I also go out with friends, play soccer when there isn’t a bunch of snow on the ground (I’m in Canada) among other things. Actually, I would say the time I spend in from of my computer working is much less healthy than any amount of time I play games.

  • hey guys, we’re about halfway through, we’ve destroyed each game as we played it, and we’ve raised over 3 thousand dollars for Ally’s House Charity
    http://www.thespeedgamers.com to watch!