The purported new Zelda game. Yeah, right!

The purported new Zelda game. Yeah, right!

Does the legal-looking picture to the left look familiar to you? With all the press surrounding this nearly year-old patent, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you in the comments said it was a frame from the next Zelda trailer. But with all the emails both the news staff and I have been getting about this story – and one other, more recent story involving a stopwatch with some Triforce-like symbols on it – I think it’s about at that point where we all took the time to take a deep breath, look at this hype, and come back down to Earth. Rumors are great; since we report news, we generally love to mess with your heads and give you false hope (it’s one of our pastimes, you see), but we can’t bring ourselves to do it with these clearly bogus stories being hyped up by supposedly reputable journalists.

First, I’ll address the patent – everything I’ve heard said about it so far indicates that nobody who has reported on the patent has also read it. Trust me – as soon as you lay eyes on that actual, unequivocal text of the patent, you can see plainly that this has nothing to do with Zelda. Which is why I find it remarkable that some news sites such as Zelda Dungeon, another Zelda fansite that specializes in detailed original walkthroughs, even went so far as to say there will soon be a new trailer for Zelda coming soon because of this patent. I don’t think Nintendo has ever released a trailer for a Zelda game outside of an international media event – ever! And E3 isn’t for a good while, kiddos.

To get my point across, however, I first need to get all of your heads out of those diagrams. Yes, the diagrams depict Link. Yes, it says “Legend of OO”. But this all goes back to the software world, and in the software world ideas are presented as something called “metaphors.” These aren’t the same as literary metaphors, instead a metaphor is really a fancy name for “user interface.” Palm, Inc. recently introduced a mobile device called the Pre, which introduces a new metaphor for application switching called Cards. Apple’s iPhone has a desktop metaphor called the Springboard, because launching applications looks like they pop up from a spring-loaded board, like a gymnast would. Don’t think that simply because those two examples are Operating Systems that they don’t correlate to the gaming world as well – they’re all software, and those presenting this software, even Mr. Miyamoto, are software developers. And they know how to present their ideas: With a metaphor they can be commonly known for.

This is why it is logical for Miyamoto to pick a common metaphor for his patent. Reading the patent, it is clear that this “hint system,” to put it loosely (it’s really a special “digest” mode that turns the game into an interactive movie for those who cannot figure out gameplay), could easily be implemented in any game. The patent text makes no mention of Zelda, nor of Mario, nor of any major franchise or, for that matter, any game at all. Strip away the diagrams and send this patent to a patent lawyer for analyzing, and he’d come back and tell you it’s just some bogus general hint system. And although the diagrams do state “Legend of OO,” it is not because this is the hidden title of Nintendo’s next Zelda game. No company is stupid enough to put the title of their next game into a publicly available patent – Miyamoto was simply using one of his better-known metaphors to demonstrate the system described in the patent.

A lot of you will launch off of that statement saying “Well, that PROVES he has it in his head to use it on the next Zelda game!” Completely false – as with most patents filed by major companies, this one will probably never see the light of day. Nintendo is like Apple – the fanboys are become almost equally rabid, I think – they file a ton of patents for nearly every idea they have for future posterity. Simply because a diagram depicts something does not mean it will ever be implemented, or that there are plans for it to be implemented in the way depicted in the diagrams. The text of the patent frees them from the diagrams.

Of course, all this not to mention that the patent was filed in August 29, 2007. That thing is a year and a half old! You wonder why somebody decides to jump on this patent now. Even though it was only recently approved, the idea has been sitting, gathering dust for a year and a half. Companies generally go along with their ideas even if the patent is still pending (hence why products say “patent pending” on them much of the time).

Don’t believe anything I just said? Read the patent for yourself.

Rumor #2: The Floating Clock

The Countdown Clock - Zelda? I think not.

The Countdown Clock - Zelda? I think not.

Does that picture look familiar to you? You might have been one of the twenty or so people who sent this story in to us, but rest assured it, too, has nothing to do with Zelda. Ignoring the heinous possibility of Nintendo outsourcing the next major Zelda game to a 3rd party – the first time this would have been done since The Minish Cap, discounting Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland – the only thing connecting this rumor to Zelda is people’s lack of ability to read Japanese and their sniper-like ability to spot Triforces. Even if Marvelous Entertainment is responsible for the well-known Harvest Moon series, there’s no reason for Nintendo to suddenly bring them into the development of Zelda, and especially in such a low-key way.

The Triforce is a common symbol; Nintendo actually doesn’t hold any intellectual property over this iconic design. Why? Because the three triangles have been used throughout history. Look at a Sierpinski Triangle, a fractal that is, basically, made out of Triforces. The general idea is that there is beauty in dividing one large equilateral triangle into four separate and equal equilateral triangles – not to rip off Nintendo.

The triangles, in this clock’s case, are the numbers. 3, 2, 1. They could have used squares, but hey – guess what? – the clock is triangle-shaped. he triangles, by design, and by Sierpinski’s wonderful fractal, fit into that shape perfectly. The following thought graces my mind: The local mall in this area has a giant 3D statue of something that looks just like a Triforce. How come Nintendo isn’t at my mall presenting the next Zelda game?

Several people who can actually read and understand Japanese, and not just use Google Translator, have told me that this has nothing to do with Zelda. Although I cannot read Japanese myself, I trust these sources very much.

And to solve the “magic” that was the clock page showing up on Google searches for things like “ + zelda” – Google’s algorithm gathers keywords from the internet and groups sites to those keywords. If you talk enough about a site being related to Zelda, Google is going to think that it is and group the search terms. In essence, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy – you want the site to be related to Zelda so much that you talk about it enough to cause Google to group the site to the false keyword. And when somebody runs the search and discovers that the site is linked to the keyword, then screams “It MUST be Zelda!!”, they think that some prophecy has been fulfilled and that it really is Zelda, not knowing that they – and the countless others who linked the site to the Zelda keyword – inadvertantly caused this false connection to occur.

I hope the Zelda community has just a tiny bit more sense now, so that we can all get excited over a real announcement.

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  • timexpo

    sorry for submitting the clock then… Didnt think of translator..

  • Before you rant about why other sites didn’t read the actual patent. Please actually read other websites posts. So let’s see how this is going in a line.
    1. Patent by Mitamoto
    2. Reported at Zelda Elements
    3. Zelda Dungeons reports of ZE’s post.
    4. Zelda Universe posts on ZD’s post.

    Now let’s see what Zelda Dungeon actually wrote.

    “This could very well be a huge hint as to what the next Zelda title will be like.”

    “As reported by Zelda Elements, a lot of the wording within the posts designates its for a Zelda game.”

    “This looks like an attempt to bring the casual fan to the Zelda series, while also keeping the games difficulty intact for the hardcore fan.”

    Do the first two sentences look like clear facts? The third sentence is commenting on what Zelda Elements posted. I guess speculating has no place for a Zelda FAN website. We have no sensibility because we post about rumors and speculation, and not just facts.

    One sentence was removed from my post. ‘This could possibly mean that a trailer for the next Zelda title is imminent.’

    I still do believe that a trailer is imminent and I think GDC in 2 months or E3 in 6 months, is a place where we will see the first video glimpses of the Next Zelda game.

    Jason, first you go out of your way to personally rant at me for posting about something that has “Nothing to do with Zelda”. Then hours later your own WEBMASTER of ZU posts on the exact same news post. Then days later, you make a post about the patent…again. So you won’t make a post about a rumor, but you’ll make a post about dismissing a rumor. Might I add, that I think this is one of your longest posts you’ve made in a LONG time.

    Jason, stick to reporting about…3rd party games not using friend codes… or Wii Music being at schools… or give a release date for the DSi…

    Zelda Rumors and Speculation have no room here at Zelda Universe.

  • ZU visiting idiot

    I’ll give Jason an A star for patronisation.

  • I must admit Jason: I am somewhat ashamed of this news post. Look, I understand your feelings, and yes, you should post your own personal views about how neither the patent, or the clock, have anything to do with Zelda. Let me tackle each one separately.

    Patent: You’ve been upset about this now for roughly a week, really since Mases decided to post about it. Why? Because sites are speculating how it could be relevant to Zelda, not that it IS relevant. It’s speculation… and like what Mases said, we are fan sites of The Legend of Zelda. That alone almost implies speculation.

    As Mases pointed out, speculation over the next Zelda title would seem more appropriate on a Zelda site then news about 3rd party games that have nothing to do with Zelda in the least bit. See, if you really wanted to be different: You would of represented both sides fairly in this debate, instead of leaning so far one way that even the CONCEPT of the other side seems downright laughable. Really, it’s not. If images depicting Link were used for example sake, isn’t it completely plausable it could be used in a future Zelda game? Maybe not the next one, but maybe another? Just seems foolish, sorry. It’s speculation, and in no way should be taken as fact.

    Oh, and a trailor could be immenent. GDC is around the corner, and while you say E3 isn’t for awhile, it’s only 6 months away. That isn’t that long, honestly.

    Triforce Countdown thingy: My main issue in debunking this is that while you make claims that your japanese translators assure you it’s not Zelda related, you offer zero proof. Not even a quote of what IS said on that page. At least with google translator, people can actually see something. So, to this, I say provide your proof before claiming it as false because you say so.

    Overall: Take a chill pill. Sites are speculating, and ZDungeon in no way staked claim that anything was fact.

    That is all. Oh, and why did it take something like this for you to make a worthwhil news post. Seriously.

  • Nagrom

    Harsh… from both sides I mean. I can understand why you’re upset, Jason. If I were in your position I would have said the same thing.

  • lftenjamin


  • ChainofTermina

    oh! oh! yeah, the triforce IS a common symbol! at my old middle school, in the woodshop room, there are machines from a company named “Delta” and there logo is the triforce! the first time I saw this when 13 I thought “whoa! the triforce! whats the triforce doing in my woodshop class! and on a buzz saw machine no less! and in my local mall there is a Zales and inside the “A” is a trifoce! is that such an awsome symbol

  • dany36

    Someone needs to take a deep breath…. 😛

  • Farore

    I personally see no problem with having fun with speculating about things. It really ISN’T harming anyone any. Everyone KNOWS it’s speculation. And right now, it’s boosting some chats about next Zelda games and things like that.


    I mean, if it’s making Zelda more talked over, why is that BAD?

    Sure, everyone has their opinion, and we all understand that we could all be right or wrong. Heck, you could very well be RIGHT.

    But to impose that we’re being dumb for even wanting a GHOST of a chance on it being Zelda, is a little harsh. Don’t you think?

    Personally, I don’t CARE if these come in Zelda or not. I am just having FUN speculating, and it’s currently the ONLY interesting thing on the forums right now.

    Just deal with it. That’s what Zelda fans do. I was really surprised to see a Zelda Universe staff member so OPPOSED to having fun with speculation on the Zelda series.

    Why not close down the entire Future Zelda side of the forums? Hmn? That’ll cut it out of it’s tracks ALTOGETHER.

    So. My point is. You should have posted this ON THE FORUMS.

    NOT as a newspost! This is NOT news. It’s even less of news than the two speculations. It’s just YOUR opinions.

    So please. POST in the threads. Post all of this THERE. Not here.

    This has nothing to do with upcoming Zelda.

    Thank you.

  • Hype

    Hooray, a condescending rant. I was SHOCKED to discover that “The Legend of OO” won’t be the title of the next Zelda game, and that the 2-minute drawings aren’t actually screenshots of the game.

    “Of course, all this not to mention that the patent was filed in August 29, 2007. That thing is a year and a half old!”
    Which is less time than the game has spent in development. You’re completely ignoring that it makes complete sense, considering all of the interviews with Miyamoto saying the next Zelda needs to be easy to finish.

    You’re probably right about the countdown being unrelated to Zelda. Not every Sierpinski Triangle is Zelda-related, you’re right. But it’s a countdown on a video game company’s site. A company that has worked with Nintendo in the past. And it features an design that wouldn’t look out of place in a Zelda game. I don’t think it’s ridiculous to infer that they’re referring to a Zelda game, or at least that they want people to think it will lead to something Zelda-related.

    • goronlove7

      ““Of course, all this not to mention that the patent was filed in August 29, 2007. That thing is a year and a half old!”
      Which is less time than the game has spent in development.”

      ??? what are you talking about? a new zelda ha been confirmed sincethe end of 2006.

  • Tonchiki

    I thought that people were speculating about the patent because it seems like something that COULD be used in a Zelda game. Not that it necessarily WILL. If you read the patent, the situations it describes could be relevant to Zelda (especially if TP was the “last Zelda in its current form”, as they’ve said). Plus, the patent seems to be pretty in-depth for something they might not use.

    Of course people aren’t going by the pictures. Those are obviously just examples.

    The countdown clock is much less able to be speculated on. Not many people (with common sense) are giving it that much thought. It was just interesting when it popped up.

    Jeez, you need to relax.

  • Really now, you all need to take a chill pill. Jason has just as much of a right to make a grumpy disambiguation article as you to to post excited rantings about the second coming of Zelda. Wait, make that the thirteenth or so.

    In any case, there isn’t really any major evidence pointing towards it being the NEXT Zelda game, nor if there evidence against it. It’s merely something interesting to ponder upon until we are fed more hints. Remember the website posted a while ago with the really cool artwork and the really cool countdown or whatever, and how we all got worked up about that and it turned out to be nothing? There’s no need to turn this into a WAR with SIDES until we have conclusive proof one way or the other, or even strong enough facts and hints to make a real hypothesis.

    TL;DR: It’s ok to be excited or furious, but there’s no need to get vehemently fanatical.


  • Matt

    Jason is passionate about the patent. That is for sure. But he’s got a point. We can’t be sure that it is really going to be in Zelda. And Zelda is definitely a symbol for puzzles in Nintendo. So it is logical that it be used as an example in the diagrams. But that doesn’t mean it will be used in Zelda. Zelda was used in the diagrams to get the concept of the patent across visually.

    And that clock. We are sure it is not Zelda. We’re now checking with our translators for what it says. I’ll put it up if and when I get it.


    Why are people saying Jason is upset about it or being harsh?

    I think he’s just smacking some sense into everyone desperate for their favorite elf-in-tights to show up. Christ, nothing is leaked of Zelda – how about you guys wait for Nintendo to speak? You know that’s the only time you’ll really find anything out.

  • lolwut

    It is just an opinion, or in your terms… Speculation that it has nothing to do with Zelda. Open your minds ye fools!

  • Miyamoto

    Wow Jason. Stating this has DEFINITELY NOTHING to do with Zelda is wrong too. It is unlikely, yes, but being so sure about it is wrong too. You never know.

    • Precisely the point. Nobody is saying is Zelda, but rather, that the images that belong with the patent have a primitive visual relation with what a Zelda game could possibly be like. [Swordsman in a field, Legend of 00]. Perhaps just using Zelda, or a hypothetical game that is similar to Zelda to show off what the Patent can do.

      This is the tidbit that is worth posting, and was what Zelda Elements, Zelda Dungeon,, The Hylia, and a bunch of others posted on. Nobody said that it was a new Zelda, but some that it could be related to Zelda. Then some people wrote a little article about what would happen if a new Zelda was like this. CERTAINLY this was enough in my opinion [as well as nearly every ‘active’ Zelda website that reports news] to be worth posting on the main site.

      Jason took a very firm stance and went out of his way to ‘attack’ my website for posting on such unrelated material just to please the moron fan boys. I thought his stance was equally radical as people who actually think THIS IS A NEW ZELDA GAME.

      Funny part about it was, James made a news post later that day about the Patent. 🙂 Then a week later, Jason makes his most detailed post in 6 months, names my website in it, and makes it clear that the stuff has absolutely NOTHING to do with Zelda. Continuing his stance that we are morons for speculating that it does. That is why I’m upset. It could possibly have something to do with Zelda, but I’m not upset that it is JASON’S BELIEF that it has nothing to do with Zelda, but his ideology as to how he went about reporting on it.

  • Nictel

    Jason, you should have known by now that Zelda-geeks and I mean geeks and not fans, always grab at every straw they can find. But perhaps this will keep them in the Theorizing section again, for a while at least.

    Well the clock will stop in little under 4 days. Perhaps it’s a new Harvest Moon game, that will be nice.

  • Edracon

    The clock can be connected to Zelda, im not the that the three triangles isn’t uncommon (I see it everywhere), It’s just that in video games and game companies the three triangles are directly linked to the Zelda franchise. Also Marvelous Entertainment is directly linked with Capcom. Nintendo has many times developed games with third parties, and so your “proof” that it is completely unrelated is completely debunked in itself. Just wait for the countdown to end to see what this news is about, no need to go in a retarded rage and make people feel down. Also, translating the page will give you things at the top such as “Don’t Sue,” and something about Time.

    As a News poster you should never blindly debunk rumors without having solid evidence that makes it 100% debunked.

    • Edracon

      great.. typos and grammatical errors all over my post xD

  • Matt

    Translation is as follows:

    “The official site for Marvelous Entertainment’s mystery clock appears! A new game, more time passes.”

    That’s it.

  • AngryAtZU

    You claiming that this game is not a Zelda title is pure speculation as well. You speculate that it is not true without any evidence, just as some fans speculate it may be a game without any evidence. Clearly you need to open your eyes to the views of both parties, not just yours. Yet again Jason, you disappoint the Zelda Community by acting completely immature.

    • Liquid

      Everyone has a right to their opinion. And he isn’t being immature, he is just stating what he believes.

      • AngryAtZU

        Of course people have a right to an opinion, but to debunk another person’s and/or community of peoples’ opinions is completely stupid. Jason has NO facts whatsoever in his little rant, nor does the community of people who believe it is a Zelda game. The point is, Jason should keep his mouth shut if he thinks he can imply that everybody is stupid for thinking it may be a Zelda game without any backlash considering the lack of evidence and the way he stated his opinion.

  • Vawn08

    ….There seems to be quite a bit of harsh counter-ranting to Jason’s fairly logical and competently thought-out rant. Just for the record, I’ve kinda been waiting for somebody to say what I was thinking…..which he just did….sure, he used some speculation of his own, but at least he thought it out and used some reasonable logic….so kudos, Jason. I’m not sure why they’re railing you like this.

  • Cody

    I think Jason was getting annoyed at his ZU inbox being literally spammed by 25-30 different people reporting the same story. 😛

  • Cody

    Also the reason he he being “railed” is because Mases is feeling defensive about his website being named and so feels the need to make rude return snipes at ZU, and Nathan’s doing it because he always critiques everything this heavily. 😛

    • Ha, I do critique pretty heavily on stuff I either completely disagree with, or I know is going to stir the pot.

      In this case, I was more “surprised” that Jason had the balls to rant like this. He told me privately it wasn’t intended as a rant, but the general tone of the piece makes it look like something I wrote to point out ZU flaws. Heh, it’s on that level.

      Still, generally, I have no problem with his viewpoints, just his tone. Without saying it, it seems like he is calling everyone idiots for even thinking this stuff is zelda related.

      See, he wants one to speculate (the patent) as something that could apply to nintendo in general, then a minor blurb about how it could fit into some of the major franchises.

      He completely ignores a few things:

      1. We are at a Zelda site, so we don’t give a crap about the other stuff initially.

      2. The mass media bought into the “it could be for zelda” hype because lets face it: Zelda is Nintendo’s most respected, and popular, franchise in existence.

      So, yeah. I’m out!

    • I just don’t like blatant hypocrisy.

  • DarkMajora

    I agree with the part about the patent but with the clock your argument kind of falls apart. I kind of doubt its a Zelda game but assuming it was lets look at your arguments. While Nintendo doesn’t have a reason to suddenly have marvelous make the next Zelda game they didn’t really have a reason to have Capcom make the portable Zelda games. And while my Japanese is sub-par I doubt they would just say “hey here’s the new Zelda. Find out all about it in a week.” There’s no point in having a countdown if you tell people what the surprise at the end is. As you said Nintendo isn’t going to toss details out into the open where everyone can see them. Either way at the very least Nintendo will tell us the title of the new game this year. Also whats your opinion on the Sega countdown with the Mario mushroom?


    You’re all acting like Jason is some complete prick for “ranting” about some patents and a clock.

    Guys, grow up? I mean honestly, aren’t you trying just a tad too hard to find out about the next Zelda game? I mean ****, patents?…

    Fact: LOLZELDAISCOOL addicts are getting stupider and stupider.

  • Arjen

    Hmmm … I’m gonna stay out of any fights between different sides.
    My opinion is that it might or might not be true. Fortunately, speculation about the clock will end soon. Thursday, I believe.

  • Ha, he’s not a prick GKANG, and I’ll never label him as one. It’s just the tone of the piece really seems to be directed at not just media, but the fans, in a rather harsh way.

    Honestly: This is exactly how I do it. Straight and to the damn point. No sugar coating.

    Jason just doesn’t do it, which is why I am ashamed/shocked at the same time. Ashamed because it just doesn’t feel right from him, and yet shocked because he is acting like me.

    Anyways, Jewson’s a prick now. CHEERS

  • Ferilink

    Someone linked me to the clock (Inever heard about the patent thing, Idon’t really care much about it because i’m knot knowledgeable about patents, sadly) and it did leave me wodnering especially because of the company’s past with Minish Cap… Okay now we know it’s not Zelda, thanks for clearing it up ^^ I do wonder what it IS though o.o