The first mailbag for 2009 (January 2) is contained within:

Trilyan writes:

Quoting Naesala from the last mailbag, I actually have the same doubt.
The Nintendo Power issue from September (Vol 232, page 96 to be exact) was anadvert to a misterious upcoming game.

You can see it full view (a little blurry) here

and a zoomed image with a readable text here

What was that all about??

“…A top-secret cover story fit for a king. It’s got a lot of heart. Just kidding…”

sounds like Kingdom Hearts (you know playing around with the Words King and Heart) but then the art above resembles a lot to the Zelda swords art form the NES versions..

i couldn’t find any other reference to that article.. but i am not good at research.. so maybe you could do me the favor??
(I remember seen this same article in ZU a long time ago,so maybe you have some info around?)

James writes:

Actually, that was a advert for the upcoming Sept 2008 issue.  The front cover for Sept 2008?  Well, I found that here.  It wasn’t anything major, just the Sonic and the Black Knight game that was revealed.

Feere Gorone writes:

Hi, I was wondering, when’s there gonna be another pole? I think it should be something wintery or Christmasy but that’s just my two cents.

James writes:

Well, this question is old and there already is a new poll.  Funny, because it was the same question I was going to change it to if it hadn’t changed…

Dr. Robosaur writes:

Hi, I’m a big fan of your website! It makes for a good way to pass the time, especially parts that discuss Zelda in a much deeper way. Anyway, I was talking to a friend of mine on the bus about Ocarina of Time and he said that Nintendo (or someone) is making a remake of OoT. I think it would be fantastic because I do like OoT, but with Twilight Princess being my first Zelda, the dated graphics are distracting. There could be a lot of improvement and I am all for a remake. Is this real or rumor?

James writes:

Been a rumor for a long time.  There hasn’t been anything new on that front in a while, so I doubt it will happen.  Besides, the reason you don’t like the graphics is because you probably didn’t grow up with them.  Go play the original Zelda game, then go play Ocarina, and you’ll appreciate it more.

ColonelChibbers writes:

Just curious, if you could design a Zelda game however you wanted, how would you do it?

James writes:

I am in the camp that wouldn’t change the gameplay or story ideas too much.  I have no idea how I would play it out though.  Maybe the forums would help you out getting a better response.

Alex Cochrane writes:

Why Isn’t Bellum Even Mentioned In PH?

James writes:


Mikau writes:

First of all, if there are any “Mikau” members on this site I trully apologize, I used this nick in the mailbag because it’s my usual nick in the Zelda community online.
Now, to my question. I’m working as a news poster on a Zelda website, and I’m planning to do a lot of research and theories in the close future. The problem is, I will need some info from your “The Message of Majora’s Mask”, including info, quotes, and maybe even a complete chapter written in my own words completely taken from that article. Is that allowed? Of course, all credit will be given.

James writes:

I would say contact the main webmaster Jason for something like that.

Corey Lund writes:

Hey guys I’m new here and I’m looking for answers. I have been searching everywhere for news of a new Zelda game everywhere. I keep coming across this picture of Hyrule castle and stuff. Its a beautiful pic but I don’t know if its real. Its called the Legend of Zelda: Valley of the Flood. Do you guys know if this is a true leaked clue to a new game or a complete fake. Please let me know if you can. Thanks your new friend

James writes:

Nope, it’s a fake.  You will probably hear an announcement though for a new Zelda game this year though.

Gerudude writes:

Hi, I´ve played TP over and over again, but today I stumbled over something weird.
While I was doing the zora temple, I went out to go to the Gorons for some arrows.
Now, in the part with the howling stone I saw something strange.
Up on a metal like limp sits a baby goron. I had to use the binocullars to see him.
Can anybody tell me why it is up there? Do the whistle flowers on the ground have anything to do with him?
I tried asking some people on the chat, but didn´t get any serious response.
And no, I´m not a boring guy, just really wondering.

James writes:

I’ll have to get back to you on that and check it out for myself… I don’t remember anything like that, but didn’t do that.

By the way, which howling stone are you referring to?  Email me back.

luiscurse writes:

Let me just say that I am greatly impressed with the Timeline Theory of this website, I’ve been trying to piece it together myself and I like the Theorist view, especially how The Minish Cap and Four Swords fit into it. Anyways I’ve always had a different idea concerning A Link to the Past, Link’s Awakening and The Oracle Series, to me The Oracle series occur between ALTTP and Awakening. If you recall the ending when you pass both Oracle games, it shows Link leaving on a ship. I always thought that was the same ship that got destroyed in a storm and led to the events of Link’s Awakening.
Well I’d like to know whats your say in all this?, and keep up the good work on this site.

James writes:

I have heard that theory before too.  But I am not the person to discuss this with, the people on the forums are.