I’ve added two new pages to the site underneath the Site Related section on the left sidebar that I can’t believe I didn’t add sooner, and I’m convinced ZU will become better for it. What are these pages? Why, so good of you to ask.

Submit News is a page with a special contact form with special fields that allow you to, well, send out an email containing information about news we haven’t reported on yet. The form automatically sends out an email to all of our news staff. We hope and pray that one of us is going to see it and post the news! The more news people submit through that form, the more stuff that appears on the front page – so long as the stories you’re submitting aren’t old as heck or completely irrelevant to Zelda Universe. 😉

Submit an Article is, you guessed it, another page with a specialized contact form. I’ve been contacted quite a bit recently with a few articles people want to get published on ZU, and I think that’s awesome – I wish I could see more of that! If you’ve written a piece of higher-level Zelda literature that you’d like to get published and archived forever on ZU, wrap it up neat in a doc or docx file (or anything that holds text, really), and use the Submit an Article form to send it over. This form actually goes straight to me! Once I get it, I’ll post it for all of staff to look at and review – if we like it, you’ll get an email back and we’ll work together to peer review and make the article great so we can post it on the front page.

This is all a move to make ZU just that much more interactive. Social networking buttons can now be found beneath the “Similar News” box on each post, so even if you’re not submitting news or articles to us, you can share our news and articles with your friends on a bajillion social newtworks. Hopefully, in the end, it’ll all lead to a much more active and higher quality Zelda Universe for all of us.