Nintendo of Japan announced a video download service for the Wii a couple days ago. It is set to launch this spring.

Nintendo will be handling the channel, but will partner up with the Japanese media firm Dentsu. According to Nintendo there should be a lot of content for the channel, and they say to expect a wide genre of titles, with no specific target, but knowing them it will probably be more family oriented. They’ve also stated that they’re looking into overseas developments, but there’s no guarantee that this channel will make its way to US and European shores.

Hey ZUers, lets watch TV on my Wii…

Source: IGN
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  • Arjen

    Though it sounds cool, I’m afraid I’m not too sure what to think of this.

    What does this mean? Is Nintendo going to release cartoons based on their franchises? ( I really hope so! )
    Or trailers?
    Or sneak previews?

    Well, I’d like to hear your opinions.

    • GKANG

      apparently they’re going to be releasing a lot of anime onto there, like old stuff such as transformers and whatever.


    There’s also going to be an original content tv download service and a food delivery online service in japan very soon. I’m seriously not even kidding here, I’ve seen it on other sites, here:

    Original Content Channel:

    Food Delivery Channel:

  • Arjen

    Anime? Hmmm … that’s sort of a disappointment. I would’ve liked to see franchise-based cartoons. But thanks for your reaction.

  • I do not see how there can be a video “downloading” service because the Wii has a very very small amount of hard drive space.


    lol, I know. I can see the videos that you rent for a set amount of point maybe working since it’s not permanent, but the channel where you download stuff is going to take up so much space, or it’s going to be compressed to hell and be terrible quality. it might be better if you could watch it from an SD card, though.