For those of you who haven’t noticed, ZU has had a search bar underneath the scrolling game menu ever since our revamp six months ago (what, it took you six months to notice?). But for those six months, our searching abilities have been pretty… well, crappy. That all changes now.

The search bar has gotten a serious upgrade: it now searches everything, even highlights keywords and sorts by relevance. You can find pretty much anything that you want to know about Zelda now by using that search bar, and hopefully your results will be pretty good! I’ve run a bunch of searches, and I must say, compared to the old search system it’s quite an improvement. It isn’t perfect, and it isn’t Google, but it’s a great tool for navigating ZU if you know exactly what you want to find.

If you’ve never used ZU’s search abilities, now’s a great time to start if you’re looking for some good Zelda information. Once again, the search bar is right underneath the scrolling game selection menu – give it a try, why dontcha?