The final installment of our Phantom Hourglass visual walkthrough. It’s all finished, folks! This final part is simply the ending cinematics and the credits.

Thank you so much for watching our PH visual walkthrough through its release. We hope it will aid gamers greatly in the future and start a new trend towards a better Zelda walkthrough around the internet – one that shows instead of tells.

  • Nice job, I watched some of them sparingly as they were uploaded, looks good.

    As for the last part about the trend. It’s more like… the trend has been going on for several years and just recently Zelda Universe picked up on it.

    I think videos are key, but I also think they are not for everybody. Just as site updates are still textual, forum posts are still textual, and regular game content is still textual, while video or at the very least, audio, could have replaced them long ago.

    With walkthroughs in particular showing them visually with maps and screenshots is far superior to the textual versions. I think a vast majority of people that use walkthroughs would rather be told than shown. A majority of people that actually watch video walkthroughs watch them for entertainment rather than for actually needing help with the game. At least that is the reaction I’ve gotten from my fan base with my videos.

  • nathan

    i agree about the trend cuz if you read a guide its like “go to the third room from the left on the third floor” its much easier just to show

  • a zelda trapped in a link’s body

    …. I am still annoyed by that graghic choice… why the hell does he have to have a head the size of my tv?! they should have proportioned them right!!! instead of this… bobble head doll hero…. oh now I’m distracted from whatever it was I was about to say anyway I am not to sure about this form of guide for example; spoilers, not figuring out the basic puzzles on ones own. in my opinion guides should only be around for the extra hard sidequests, i.e. Yiazmat, ruby and emerald weapon, kh sephiroth, giga bowser and gang, 50 floor dungeon filled with really hard enemies, last blasted collectable item you can’t find, zodiac spear, tornesol, omega, the monster arena in ff x and etc.

    and if I offended anyone about the “bobble head hero” I apoplogize and if you don’t see it well… LOOK AT HIM

    my complaint is with porportions not cel shading.