Ah, snow. As you know what they say – when it rains, it pours (erm, snows a lot), so I’ve taken the liberty this morning of dousing the Zelda Temple with some fresh white stuff, and the forums to match. Hopefully it’s started snowing in your area – and if not, hopefully this is close enough to the real brisk blanket of wonder you could be experiencing if you lived further up north.

Now, I’m not master super-realistic 3D rendering designer Anton Wiklund, but I can do stuff when fueled by eggnog and the souls of innocents. Can you spot everything I’ve done to the place? Yeah, besides the snow. Look in the top right corner for a huge constellation of everyone’s favorite symbol (wrapped in a cozy star-scarf for warmth), and then to your left to catch a glimpse of Ol’ Saint Nick. At the foot of the temple, it looks like someone’s turned Ezlo into Santa’s hat and stuffed a pom-pom into his mouth… he can’t be too happy out that!

Please, please enjoy your holiday season, no matter what politically correct denomination it might be. And if you’re going to be playing some Zelda over your holiday, make sure to tape a Santa hat to your screen – I don’t think Link can dress in festive holiday gear on his own.