ZU’s video-centric staffer, TSA – responsible for the Phantom Hourglass visual walkthrough and Legend of Zelda visual walkthrough – has been spending quite a lot of time on a special project for Ocarina of Time’s 10th Anniversary. A while ago he came to me with an untranslated Japanese promo video for Ocarina of Time, a massive 44-minute video narrated by OoT’s own Navi (don’t worry, it’s not an annoying voice, we swear). As soon as I saw it, I told him flat-out: “Translate this! Every Zelda fan in the world is going to want to know what Navi is saying.”

At last, it is done. It took far more people than just TSA to do this, so I’ll give proper credit where credit is due for this amazing piece of fan translation:

  • Translation: Patricia
  • Timing and Typesetting: Drama
  • Raw Provider and Encoding: TSA
  • Ripper/Editor: waltermh

A high quality version with a subtitles file, good for viwing with VLC Media Player, will be posted later on. In addition, the promo video will be made a part of the Ocarina of Time section of ZU.