I am happy to announce that we’re currently putting the finishing touches on the first four sections of ZU’s Link’s Crossbow Training section – Items and Equipment, Enemies/Bosses, Characters, and Stages, and will have the entire shebang out this coming Wednesday. It’s been a little while since LCT came out, we know, but we pooled all our resourced into the SSBB section first!

LCT is a small game as well – those of us in staff who had never played due to lack of cash to fork over for a Zapper (speaking of which, a few of us would really like a Zapper, wink wink) discovered how mind-bogglingly small this game really was. The end result is a rather small section – with the exception of the Stages information. Man, Zarah sure can write a lot! I can’t imagine anyone getting stuck on an LCT stage with the kind of complete information we’ve got packing in that Stages guide.

At any rate, look forward to Wednesday – the second section to launch since ZU’s revamp at last comes to live!