Yes, I said lickety fast. Got a problem with that? The new server, a good chunk of image optimizing, and a good chunk of code optimizing has all amounted to the fastest ZU ever. For me, the front page loads in less than a second cached, and in a few seconds more uncached. Both of our servers are healthy and optimized as well, so now I and the rest of the ZU staff can continue focusing on what really matters – the next bit of content coming up!

Yes, the Link’s Crossbow Training Section… how empty you have remained for too long. I think it’as time we changed that, so I’ll have more all about the Link’s Crossbow Training section this weekend. For now, enjoy the fruits of a faster ZU – our resident Skin Admin Derek will continue to optimize the code of the site and fix some bugs and errors to finalize the operation in the near future.

  • Yay! I was getting annoyed by the waiting ttime to load some pages. Good job on getting a faster server. XP

  • wolfwood

    Ooh, speedy

  • Aniday

    This is probably the first time I’ve noticed a significant decrease in load times.

    Nice job, guys.

  • dany36

    Wow! The difference is incredible. Great job!

  • Derek

    I just pooped myself in enjoyment. But yes, fast and healthy servers make everyone happy.

  • Leroy

    Now i do see the change in speed =P

    • Derek

      don’t make me come over there… Cause I will… *punches fist into palm of hand*

  • Cool!

  • The forum is a lot faster. But for some reason the main site seems much slower. That can’t be right.

  • Hylie

    It’s a massive difference. What once took between 10 and 20 seconds to load, now takes around 3 seconds for me. *Pats Jason on teh back*

  • Average Gamer

    I don’t notice a difference at all. The site and forums are also having problems loading at the moment.

  • Seems like the same to me.

    I find it ironic, considering the second server was purchased back in October, and then you said virtually the same thing – That ZU is loading super fast.

    ZU has sort of always loaded pretty fast for you Jase, unfortunately for a lot of others, this isn’t the case. It still takes 30 seconds for the site to load for me as it did a month ago, as it did 2 months ago. I know for some others, it still takes several minutes.

    Yet, I also know others that it has gotten better for too. Still, am I the only one that found this news post Ironic? I support Jason fully, but the server was taken care of already.