The mailbag for November 5, 2008 is contained within:

Franky-du writes:

Hey did you guys hear about the new fan game the legend of zelda the shadowgazer, it looks pretty awesome in my opinion. here is the official site

James writes:

That seems like a very interesting idea for a story and the gameplay looks remarkable. The only thing that would turn me off on that game is that it looks a little too much like The Minish Cap, but that was only from screenshots and that 2008 gameplay trailer. So, maybe. How many fan games have been completed anyway?

Feere Gorone writes:

Hi. A friend of mine told me about the prospect of a new Zelda game, and that Nintendo had confirmed rumours. Is this true? I haven’t seen anything about it here, but maybe it isn’t common knowledge yet.

James writes:

If we had found anything on Zelda, we would have reported it by now. If we hadn’t someone else would have. So, search the internet for reliable sources and see if it’s true. It more than likely is not.

FDOG writes:

How do you find out if a chao is a boy and a girl.

James writes:

If you are referring to those little things in the Sonic games, they are genderless. If you are talking about GoldenChaos, then I don’t know.

The Goron Moron writes:

What is your opinion on the Zelda fan games and development? Recently there has been quite
a few fan game titles announced, including a few 2D remakes of official Zelda games.

James writes:

Let them have their fun, that is my opinion. What I want to know is how many of these fan games actually are finished and released to the public. Otherwise, they are a huge waste of time, because a finished product is what people want.

Luna writes:

On November 21 (in Japan) and November 23 (in America), OoT will have it’s 10th anniversery. Millions of fans of the game will gather and celebrate … etc. My question is, what is ZU going to do about it? Do you have any special surprises planned, or is there just going to be a news post honoring the best selling Zelda game?

Chain Of Termina writes:

So…. ummm…. it’s November. of 2008. ya know, the 10th anniversary of a certain game we all know and love. has the word ‘ocarina’ in the tittle. the like best game ever made ever. any a this ringin a bell? i mean this is a sorta special zelda event. its like the best zelda game ever made, you’re the best zelda site online. you maybe wanna do somthing? some sorta celebratory type thing? i haven’t heard any thing planed.just thought i ‘d ask or maybe even REMIND you. is anybody doing any thing imean sega was all over sonics 15 birthday. anything planned at all? ANYTHING?

James writes:

I think I said before that I have no idea is Jason has something planned or when he is planning it. I mentioned it before to the staff and they didn’t give a clear answer. I guess you’ll just have to wait and see what we do, if anything.

GKANG writes:

1) Will Nintendo get rid of friend codes and variations in the next home console, in your opinion?

2) The Conduit – Do you think SEGA are a good choice when it comes down to producing this highly anticipated Wii exclusive?

3) Do you personally agree with the ‘Realistic on consoles, cel-shaded on hand helds’ idea? I personally don’t like that idea as a strict rule. Wind Waker is my favorite Zelda, and I’d love to see another similar art style come onto the Wii.

4) Do Zelda fans over react when given the idea of full voice acting in future Zelda games, in your opinion? Furthermore, would you like there to be voice acting?

I know, not very good question, but I wanted to add something to the bag anyway. I’ll try and refer to news a little more next time.

James writes:

1. My opinion is they should.  Whether they do, is up to them.  It would be smart to get rid of the friend codes because they are useless and people want simple ways to connect to people, rather than having to remember this long code for each game and your console.

2. I don’t know.  I think it is great for Wii fans to actually have a hardcore game coming to the system after so long, but those who don’t have it will be bummed.  To me, it seems like a Halo ripoff than anything else, which might hurt or help it in the long run.

3. When did that creed go into effect?  Did you just make that up?  While many people would not like to see another cel-shaded game on the console, if its done right it can work.  Wind Waker is a great game, it just has a lot of flaws in the story and the difficulty.  Cel-shading is an art style, just like Mega Man 9’s 8-bit style was an art style.

4. I think they over react a little bit, because a lot of people do not like change.  However, we did just elect an African-American president, so maybe we are open to more change.  Zelda is Zelda because of the text, but it is getting outdated with all of the games out nowadays.  Sure, there are still games that are very text heavy, but most are reserved to handhelds, where the hardware can’t handle that much.  There should be voice acting in Zelda, however it should be subtle and use the Final Fantasy approach.  Use it for major cutscenes in the game, and let text tie the story together in battle and in smaller scenes.

Your questions were not that bad, they are actually really good ones.  Thank you for submitting.

Leroy writes:

I’m here once more with a question you need to answer =D

A few months ago on the press conference, where they said they are remaking the GCN games for Wii. Yeah, that =D
Do you think that would be a good idea.
Do you think they would ever remake the GCN Zelda Windwaker game for Wii?

James writes:

Some games, yes it would be a good idea.  The two that pop into my mind are Metroid Prime 1 and 2.  Prime 3 was so well done with the controls and the story that if 1 and 2 were on the Wii, it would work awesomely.  However, there are a lot of game that shouldn’t make the conversion.  I think NIntendo needs to stop milking the cow of releasing old games for newer systems.  It is getting rather old.

Sonicveteran writes:

1: I know this’s REEEEELLLYY old news. But that IGN prank got me thinking. What if they went ahead and did a zelda movie? IGN I mean, they obviously have the resourses and there are a handfull of fans that want it to happen. So why not? If they were dumb enough to tick just about every hard core zelda fan off then they’d probably be able to pull the whole thing off.

2: What’s wrong with a Zelda anime? I know you’re going to say let the public decide. But here me out. It’ll be the same story as TP, and animated similar to the way Naruto is. And link WOULDN’T talk to other people directly, Rather the viewer would here his thoughts on the subject and respond with his usual grunts and nodds. I think it’d be at least a little better than the old corny one that nobody bothered to finish.

3: What happened to the entire staff (or those that wanted too)answering questions in the mailbag? Is there some scary sign on the door that says James’s personal time while you’re reading the mail?

4:I wonder if we could get a pittition together (however that’s spelled) and have Nintendo orchistrate more than just mario and zelda and smash bros. I mean some of the metroid prime 3 songs would OWN with a orchistra!

5: Lastly, why do you think video games cost so much when they first come out. ($60-$75) and then they dip down after they’ve been out for I don’t know a few months. SSBB’s price is still pretty high probably because of popularity. But I’ve seen games dip in price at least ten dollars every month now and then. With economy so bad, you think they’d keep the prices firm at the moment.

James writes:

1. Yes, a Zelda movie would be great, but there are so many channels it would have to go through to get done.  Nintendo would have to sign off to a movie studio to get it done, and then the movie studio would have to write a sufficient script.  Actors would have to fit the character perfectly, or you would piss off a lot of fans.  The story would also have to almost perfect or you piss off the same fans.  Not everyone would be happy, and that’s why I think Nintendo is so reluctant to go ahead and make it.  Do you remember the Super Mario Bros. Movie?  That’s all I really have to say.

2. Manga, OK, because that could be taken a little more seriously.  But anime to me will always be a serious story will some very silly element like shouting and funny faces to me.  I guess my bias against anime hurts my opinion.

3. I don’t know.  I haven’t really asked people to help in the past, and I am so bogged down with work and school, that I really can’t ask around.  Maybe, if I can find some time, I will start posting questions on the staff forums for others to help me answer.  It does work on other sites, so I wouldn’t see why it wouldn’t work here.

4. Metroid Prime 3 wasn’t orchestrated?  Well, yes, Metroid tunes are very dark, and that’s probably why you don’t hear them orchestrated.  But, that’s my opinion.

5. I would like to know when games started going out at $50 and now are at $60 a game.  In my opinion, the reason they do that is a very mild form of price gouging.  They know you, the gamer, will pay the ridiculous amount of money for a game when it first comes out, so they jack up the price.  My work does this all the time, they jack up the price well above making a profit to make a higher profit.  The reason they jump down after a while is the same reason I just gave you.  They are still making a profit when they sell it for $25-$35 dollars, so they can get away with it.  Gotta love business, right?

Roberto F. Martinez T. writes:

hi zelda universe, I’m from latinamerican PANAMA,
I’d like to know something…
there will be a new zelda coming soon?
zelda have been the better game of the history in Nintendo
I miss the adventure game of zelda…
I love zelda… i don’t know speak so much english but i tried to talk with them… let’s say good bye

James writes:

Thank you for writing from Latin America!  It’s a nice change to see more countries write.

There will be a new Zelda soon, but when we don’t know.  All we know is that Nintendo confirmed that they are working on the next Zelda and Mario for the Wii.

Sonicveteran writes:

“Oh… so scary, are you sure you should be looking at me like that? Growling and glaring…” While a TP quote isn’t seen often this one’s from Midna. The same exact thoughts I had fighting the meny bosses from the Zelda series. Hmph, I mean come on… not only are the weakpoints easy to spot. But it’s also painfully easy to get to them! It may be that I’m a zelda vett from the days of OOT. But even still the bosses don’t FORCE me to keep an eye on my heart meter. The four Iron Knuckles at the bottom of the pit of a hundred trials in tp were more threatening than both the Zant and Ganondorf battles put together. And I had the freaking magic armor! Why does nintendo follow this same attern with the zelda series? I mean I’m all for tradition and all that. But the formula of using your new tool to help ko your big bad baddie is getting rather stale. This fact is present even in the metroid prime series! I want a boss that’ll both wet my pants and (try at least) kick my butt! Are you hard core vets feeling the same? And don’t say something like “That doesn’t happen in the last battle” Because it does. You have to transform into a wolf using your new magic crystal thingy. And for zant they just put a few of the other tools you got and you used them basically the same way!

James writes:

I agree.  You get the new tool in the dungeon, and you are already thinking of ways the boss is going to be weak to that one item.  What Nintendo should do is use the item you get in the dungeon in conjunction with another item you had received in a previous dungeon.  That way, not only are thinking of ways the boss will be weak to the item you just got, but how you could use it with another item to beat the boss.  Instead of tool-sword, why not tool-tool-sword.  Or tool-tool-tool-sword.

Chain of Termina writes:

I just read the newspost about the polls starting, ad it mentioned that cody was from nayru and powershot was frome farore. what does that mean? i think i also remember along time ago thw zcast talking about that “those of us that are from din” or what ever. what are these named-after-the-goddesses things?

James writes:

Nayru, Din, and Farore are all the clans that the ZU forums have.  They are based on a test you take that is distributed by certain mods and you are then placed, based on your answers, into a clan similar.  Each clan represents a piece of Triforce and the quality behind it: Nayru for wisdom, Din for power, Farore for courage.  Go to this forum to learn more.