Sorry for the delay – we had some trouble the next few parts of the walkthrough. We’ve got three parts now, so we’ll get to sharing them with you. This installment of the Phantom Hourglass visual walkthrough brings Link to Goron Island, where he must pass a treacherous quiz to gain entrance to the Goron Temple, and the first pure metal.

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    I know this is late in the guide by now, but how are you recording DS with such quality? Thanks if you can get back.

    I found PH to be a lot easier having completing it once. All of the Zelda’s will be easier the second time around, but this one especially was lacking of challenge the second time. Still, it’s an amazing game and I was stunned at how well the end bosses played out. Amazing for a DS game.

    • We’re actually using a home-made hacked-up DS asphyxiated with a video capture device, and it’s something not for the faint-of-heart to attempt to make on their own. In all honesty, I have _no_ idea how the guy who made this did it, but he’s one crazy guy :P… it’s pretty rickety, though, and liable to break at any time. It’s a very hack-n-slash mod, for now. The guy is working on a more solid version.


    Oh I thought there was a more readily available way to do it, but I guess not. Nice job anyway, it’s pretty good quality and gameplay.