A Dream of Things to Come is ZU’s second ever interactive story, recently started by Crab Helmet. Told by the Shiekah Deucalion, an injured bystander of Link’s epic battle with Ganondorf Dragmire who wants nothing now but for his legacy to be forgotten, it is undoubtedly the deepest interactive story yet. Deucalion’s legacy is permanent, doomed to float through the limitless stretches of forever.

Interested in writing the next part? You should be.

  • Spirit Of Belief

    ……..WOW. That was incredible!!! MIND BLOWN- this is the best thing I've read in a VERY long time! please please PLEASE continue! =)

    • Glad you liked it! 😀 (I wrote the third part)

  • adlez

    did deucalion get the ENTIRE triforce? if so, couldn't he just use it to wish for all evil to be expelled from Hyrule?

  • Soupjuice

    What? What caused the Redeads to attack the Kokiri and the Zoras to be exiled?

  • Apollo

    This is good, I think it might be better than Dawn of Shadow!

  • Nitsirtriscuit

    Is this still open to additions? I'd love to continue this, but the date says 2008, almost 2009. But there are comments here from 16 weeks ago, so would it be acceptable to continue? I think I will. Why don't you Thumb Up/Down for Yes/No? that would help make the decision.