The new server has been ordered, and I’m waiting for ZU’s databases to be migrated to it. Once they are, and excluding any complications that may occur (such as database corruption, which would delay us a few hours), I will reopen the forums. It should not take more than another hour, but it looks like the post database of the forums needs repairing again, which could take several MORE hours to fix. Once the server migration is complete, ZU shouldn’t go down ever again. Forever. In addition, it should become incredibly fast – faster than it’s been in years, we can hope.

Now, there will still be some optimization to be done. Because I have to order the server early, I’m enlisting Derek’s help to optimize the main site and make it as fast as possible, while also adding new ad space for more ads so I can bring revenue back up to what it was before the revamp – that way I hopefully will never have to formally ask for donations again, though they’re always appreciated. The ultimate goal is for ZU to become self-sustaining, and that’s clearly not happening right now.

So, sit tight while I deal with the last bit of server stuff, because we should be good to go relatively quickly. I’ll edit this post when I can confirm that we’re on the new server and working 100% properly. Please continue donating – we’re up to $719, which is enough for three months with the new server. This is great – it’s enough to get new ads up and running and make sure ZU’s revenue is sustainable so that it can eventually pay for the new server on its own.

See you guys on the new server – and thanks for dealing with all this today! It’s been a big headache for me.

  • Twilight Wolf

    Well, I’m glad to see my $100 helped! 😀

  • Snafu

  • Light Knight

    Man, I’m trying to get my pay pal to work, but it’s should 0$ in my balance. As SOON as I get some money in there I’ll donate.

  • Sign of madness.

    Woohoo. I’ll try as hard as I can to get my parents to let me donate some. God this day without ZU was horrible. I can’t imagine what I spent my time doing before I found this site.

  • Twilight Kitty

    Thank you Jason and Derek for working hard to get this fixed! (and everyone who’s donated so far)

  • Yes, please thank the people who donated, Derek, and the MARVELOUS tech support at Liquidweb (ZU’s hosting company) who are working their butts off to set up the new server and repair all the forum databases from this morning’s crash. I’m just bossing them around and making newsposts and status updates.

  • Derek

    It’s fun playing with wires! Wee!

    I’m going to be talking with Jason soon about a possible way of rewarding donators, as well

    • Yay! Prizes!

      Anyway, I donated $5.00. It isn’t much, but everything helps. Thanks for keeping the site running Jason and Derek!=D

  • ZantDarksage

    This is great news. I can’t wait to see how fast the site runs, and hopefully the ads will bring some more cash in for you to get by nicely running this place. Now get the forums running sometime before 21 hours’ time, so i can change my name >_<.

    I really want to donate. Can you donate pounds?

    • Derek

      Yep, just go to the donation page and either setup a PayPal account or just pay without one. Paypal can convert the pounds into American dollars, which is currently two dollars for each pound.

  • Shmeh

    There was an pop-up for Elf on Netfilx when I was trying to read this.

    • Shmeh


  • Saber

    I never thought that the word ‘wee’ was in Derek’s vocabulary. Nonetheless, thank you for everything you’ve been doing for the site, especially now!

    And yes, pounds can be donated. Paypal will automatically convert it into dollars.

  • Light Knight

    I think I got the Pay Pal to work… it’s the first time I use it I didn’t send much in case it didn’t work.

    I’ll ask you later Jason if you get an eCheck from light_knight22.

  • The Goron Moron

    Well, great to hear that you guys got a new server. I hope it works well and all that jazz. I was getting a tad bit worried there for a second.

  • Black Dog

    Thank God! I was really worried that ZU might go down for good.

  • Lord_Insizor

    You guys have done an excellent job at bring the site back up so quickly!

    I really wish I could donate, but my parents arn’t into that, and they control my bank card…

    Forums are still down, but everything else seems ot be fine. Keep it up!

  • Wolfen

    You know, the chatroom was really active yesterday when the forums crashed. xP