The new server has been ordered, and I’m waiting for ZU’s databases to be migrated to it. Once they are, and excluding any complications that may occur (such as database corruption, which would delay us a few hours), I will reopen the forums. It should not take more than another hour, but it looks like the post database of the forums needs repairing again, which could take several MORE hours to fix. Once the server migration is complete, ZU shouldn’t go down ever again. Forever. In addition, it should become incredibly fast – faster than it’s been in years, we can hope.

Now, there will still be some optimization to be done. Because I have to order the server early, I’m enlisting Derek’s help to optimize the main site and make it as fast as possible, while also adding new ad space for more ads so I can bring revenue back up to what it was before the revamp – that way I hopefully will never have to formally ask for donations again, though they’re always appreciated. The ultimate goal is for ZU to become self-sustaining, and that’s clearly not happening right now.

So, sit tight while I deal with the last bit of server stuff, because we should be good to go relatively quickly. I’ll edit this post when I can confirm that we’re on the new server and working 100% properly. Please continue donating – we’re up to $719, which is enough for three months with the new server. This is great – it’s enough to get new ads up and running and make sure ZU’s revenue is sustainable so that it can eventually pay for the new server on its own.

See you guys on the new server – and thanks for dealing with all this today! It’s been a big headache for me.