For those of you who don’t know it, Wii Speak is a new peripheral anounced at the last E3. It allows voice chat between friends during gameplay, but at the time the only game that was able to make use of it was the newly announced Animal Crossing title coming out for the Wii. Well just two days ago, Nintendo of Europe announced that a Wii Speak Channel will be released on December 5th 2008 acroos Europe. Using a method similar to the way speakerphone works allows up to four people in a room to chat with up to five other connected consoles on Wi-Fi. Thye new Wii Speak channel is going to have it’s own code system so you will have to add yet more codes to your list to remember seeing as your message board list will not function with the new channel. In my opinion this would take up a useless amount of space in order to make a save file for the channel; well Nintendo thought of a solution already! During the recent Nintendo Media Conference, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, announced that they would have a firmware upgrade to give the Wii the ability to direct your Wii Shop Channel downloads directly to an SD card inserted into the Wii console.