For those of you who don’t know it, Wii Speak is a new peripheral anounced at the last E3. It allows voice chat between friends during gameplay, but at the time the only game that was able to make use of it was the newly announced Animal Crossing title coming out for the Wii. Well just two days ago, Nintendo of Europe announced that a Wii Speak Channel will be released on December 5th 2008 acroos Europe. Using a method similar to the way speakerphone works allows up to four people in a room to chat with up to five other connected consoles on Wi-Fi. Thye new Wii Speak channel is going to have it’s own code system so you will have to add yet more codes to your list to remember seeing as your message board list will not function with the new channel. In my opinion this would take up a useless amount of space in order to make a save file for the channel; well Nintendo thought of a solution already! During the recent Nintendo Media Conference, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, announced that they would have a firmware upgrade to give the Wii the ability to direct your Wii Shop Channel downloads directly to an SD card inserted into the Wii console.

  • This looks good. I’m trying to get my friends to get it. They all say they want it to somehow function with SSBB.

  • ZantDarksage

    This isn’t exactly brand new news, but yeah. It probably has a 90% chance of NOT working with any wii game before its release, as asking for this to run like XBL’s system is way too much. From Nintendo anyway. And i’m not bashing the guys, it’s just not how they work.

    Also, AGH! Seriously, why give us all those channel spaces on the menu if it’s impossible to fill them unless you play only NES games. Hard drive PLEASE.

  • Azerik

    @ZantDarksage: No there’s 100% Chance of Wii Speak not working with previous releases…..This post is about the Wii Speak Channel that’s just been announced on Wednesday…and I agree with you about the storage.

    @Gregdawg08: It won’t work with Brawl unless Nintendo releases a free Wii-Ware Brawl Channel specificaly for chatting while brawling

  • I’d say its unlikely too. I really hope it somehow can be used with the next Zelda though.

  • Azerik

    That would cool I guess but then the next zelda would have like an MMO feel and that would kind of kill it for me

  • It could go well if they add a PH online mode or something.

  • The firmware upgrade sounds cool, but what I constantly play a title? Like, Donkey Kong; if I send the file to an SD card, every time I want to play it I’d have to send the file from the SD card to my Wii memory.

  • King Valhelhelm

    Some information here is not true.
    The upcoming FPS The Conduit will make use of it in its online multiplayer component. It will also have language censors that sense swear words from hearing their beginnings, and bleeping out the rest of the word.
    It will be quite similar to XBL for Halo 3.
    I bet lots of other games shall.

  • Triforce of the Gods

    ^ I see a potential problem with that. What if you say darn instead of damn, shoot instead of shit, frick/freakin’ instead of fuck/fuckin’, etc.? Will those be bleeped out as well?

  • I bet if you say shoot it censors you.0_0