The mailbag for October 1, 2008 is contained within:

Aziel Satori writes:

I have a question for you.
How does someone become a moderator, super moderator, or administrator?
Is there any was I, or another person, could?

James writes:

The moderators and admins of the forums are decided by the current staff of the forums. They notice if someone sticks out among the others and they ultimately decide if someone should become one. Do not ask, because more times than not when you do, you usually don’t get chosen.

High King Valhelm writes:

Hey, Jim? (Can I call you that?)
Well, I have a question on the matter of them new-fangled threads ending in IN SOME REALITIES!!!
I myself have made two of these, but I have a question.
Is it getting old, IYO? (In your opinion)
Do you think we’re being to mean to Tuf Pic?

James writes:

No, you may not call me Jim, I don’t like that name.

Also, I can’t answer this really, because I haven’t been lurking the forums as much as I used to. If someone can enlighten me on this issue, I will take a look at it.

Gregdawg08 writes:

Are you going to buy Wii music? It looks like it requires no skill, and it ruins some classic Nintendo songs.

James writes:

I don’t think I will. That video of the staff at Nintendo doing that rendition of the Mario theme turned me off on that game.

Shawn writes:

I’m wondering what people would think of Nintendo (since they’ve turned more to taking all of our money) making a 10th anniversary edition of OoT, since many fans do claim it is the best Zelda game yet. With like updated graphics and Wii controls.
Or even just do the DS remake many rumors went around about for a while.
Cause I’d look into buying the Wii version, maybe DS. I felt OoT would need the point controls, such as the arrows, because it would work like how it did in TP.
So, what would your feel about it be?

James writes:

I am still in the camp of OoT being beaten repeatedly on different collections and stuff. But, that would be something Nintendo would have to decide. It is in the same debate of whether Final Fantasy VII should be remade with updated graphics and controls.

Hoshika-Pichu writes:

I’m going to skip the friendly small talk and get right to the question.

Mostly everybody knows about October 2nd’s confrence. Do you expect to see anything concerning Zelda? What else would you expect? Do you even want them to make a *real* announcement about the next Zelda? Personally, I’d be fine if they kept the info to themselves about the game. Be patient and give them some time. That’s what I think.

James writes:

Unless Nintendo has enough of a game to really consider showing everyone, you won’t see much in the department of screenshots. You may see a little bit of story or even a title, but that also depends on how much game they have.

Don’t forget, they might reveal someone on the front of Mario as well.

Hoshika-Pichu, Leroy, and ChainofTermina writes:

Say, James, would creating another 2D Zelda game be a good idea?

Sir New Link writes:

Ha Yea I would just really Say I would personally love to see another 2D Zelda game because while I can’t wait for the next 3D one theres just something about 2D zelda that is so despretly wanted by the zelda community at least a great deal of it…anyway thats my opinion what do you think in particular on this subject?

James writes:

I really started a fire with that comment, didn’t I? That’s a reminder to me to never suggest a question idea again.

But, I do think that Mega Man 9 has started a chain reaction, no doubt about it. All the games nowadays are 3D, but to see a 2D like that do so well is amazing. I think that creating another 2D Zelda game would be great, but I think it would have to be in SNES style graphics and not NES. That’s just my opinion.

Morgan writes:

Have you by chance heard of a website called zreo? It stands for zelda reorchestrated. It’s a website that is working on reorchestrating all of the zelda game music. The music is free and a lot of them are really good. You should check out. It’s pretty neat what they’re trying to do.

James writes:

I have, since I posted some news on them a while ago. They even shut down twice, once because of issues with the music itself. I will recheck it out again.

Aux writes:

I don’t know if its just me, but there is something I noticed missing when playing both Twilight Princess and Phantom Hourglass… WHERE IS THE MAGIC METER?? It seems they are not going to use that meter anymore. Why is it gone and will we ever see the magic meter again?

James writes:

You will probably see the magic meter again, it was just gone in those two games because the game didn’t call for it. I believe those two games work well without it, don’t you agree?

Valhelm writes:

Hey, James?
Obama of McCain?
(Or other?)

James writes:

I am leaning towards Obama, but I think I have to do my research.

Z-MAN7 writes:

Since you wanted someone to ask about a retro style Zelda, I will. I would love to see a new game made useing the Link to the Past engine. Thats right all sounds, graphics, and gamplay that will make the game feel like it fell outta of a time warp simply because the game was too awesome for the past to contain it.

Now I’m not saying bring back the light/dark world concept, just make Hyrule one big huge overword filled with towns and dungeons and sidequests that will make even the most hardcore Zelda player feel engulfed. Now for the story, make it a direct sequel to the events of AoL, a “Zelda 3” if you will. Same Link and everything with classic foes and bosses not to mention items like the stepladder and blue candle. This would be major fan service for old timers.

Oh music, I would put an arrangement of 16-bit remixs of classic zelda tunes such as the OoT Hyrule Field overtue to the LoZ Labyrinth theme. Also with some new music pieces that would be etched in our hearts for ages to come.

Now all this goodness would never had managed to be fit on an SNES cartridge. That’s where Wiiware comes in, The developers would not be hindered by the storage limits of a cartridge.

There you have it, my pipe dream for Retro Zelda. I know something like this has a 0.00001% chance of happening, but it’s still fun to think about.

James writes:

That does sound like the best scenario. Hopefully they don’t make the same mistakes in the story or play as they did in AoL.

Chain of Termina writes:

Are you a sonic fan? have you heard of the new game Sonic and the dark knight? Its sonic with a sword. apparently, sonic got tired of rivaling with mario, so he challenged Nintendo’s other star player.
What do you think?

James writes:

Well, first of all: Sonic really isn’t rivaling Nintendo nowadays, since Sonic games are on Nintendo consoles. I am a Sonic fan, but I think in order for Sonic to get back into the game, he needs to go through the Mega Man 9 treatment. But, that’s a topic for another day.