Zelda Legends, another gargantuan Zelda fansite, has hopped on board the Zelda Wiki.org collaborative project. Zelda Legends’s most ambitious project as of late was its Zelda Legends Wiki, which housed a comprehensive bit of Zelda information which will now become a part of Zelda Wiki.org, should the wikiers (is that what they should be called?) decide to nab information from it. This has resulted in unanimous “woohoo!”s across the board, as the Wiki continues to grow into a stronger and more reliable source of Zelda information.

Davogones, the current webmaster of Zelda Legends, said hello on the Wiki this morning:

Hi, this is Davogones from Zelda Legends. I am proud to announce that Zelda Legends has officially joined up with Zelda Wiki.org. I have always been impressed by the amount of community involvement in the project, the collaboration between different Zelda web sites, and the enthusiasm and dedication displayed by everyone involved.

Many of us dream of a complete, exhaustive resource for Zelda terms. …ZW.org, since it has the backing of much of the Zelda fan community, has a better chance of making our dream come true!

Davogones, on Zelda Wiki.org

For those unfamiliar and uninformed, Zelda Wiki.org was once the Zelda Universe Wiki (a wiki project of Zelda data, not just any old data), until it was opened up and made collaborative in October 2006. As of right now, a total of nine communities and webmasters from nine different Zelda fan sites collaborate and run the Wiki, Zelda Universe included.

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