Viz already announced the famed Zelda manga are heading to North America starting this October, but so far only the two chapters of the Ocarina of Time manga have been revealed (check Zelda Universe’s review of the first part).  The company recently unveiled the cover artwork for the forthcoming Majora’s Mask manga, slated for release in February 2009 for an estimated retail price of $7.99.

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  • jwalraven

    Don't forget Oracle of Seasons will be out in April. Check to see what I am talking about. 🙂

  • TSA

    They’re coming out every other month, so it will probably be Oracle of Seasons in April (as you said), Oracle of Ages in June, Four Swords Adventures Part 1 in August, Four Swords Adventures Part 2 in October, The Minish Cap in December, A Link to the Past in February 2010, and Phantom Hourglass in April 2010 (if they go by the Japanese release order).

  • Triforce of the Gods

    Ah, sweet! There translating Majora’s Mask, too?!

    *look’s at TSA’s comment* Holy shit! I have top get them all now, especially since I’ve only read the fan translated OoT and MM mangas.

  • ChainofTermina


    ya’know, I actualy think i would be more psyched for this if i hadn’t read allof those mangas already. has them. HMMM, MAYBE YOU SHOULD FOLLOW THEIR EXAMPLE, ZELDA UNIVERSE!!!

  • TSA

    Probably because each manga fan translated was contributed to those respective sites, and ZU can’t just pilfer them and put them online as content. We’re also not allowed to put up the English versions, either – Viz would destroy ZU with legal action. My advice on this one is to go out and spend 8 bucks on the English versions and support Zelda, and also read the fan translations to see the differences.

  • Twilight64

    I agree. Besides any manga that has to do with the Legend of Zelda is worth reading more than once.

  • NayruGOW

    Excellent!!! Now I can read MM in manga form

  • kaoticchick

    hey guys..check out this hilarious webseries I found the other day…its about this total geek who
    gets stuck in the nintendo game version of legend of Zelda..i swear this is what JD would be like
    if he ever got transported into crapy videogame….by far the funniest thing ive seen in
    weeks. .. check it out!!!