I am a little late on posting the mailbag, just because of other issues.  I am once again going to blame school, but you know.

So, here are your questions answered.  Interesting questions about Tingle, competition, and why we won’t take you ideas for a Zelda game.  It’s really obvious.

I would like to answer some more questions, so please send them in. I will (hopefully) post by next Wednesday, barring some unforeseen circumstance.

Catch you later.

  • Triforce of the Gods

    First Nintendo of America rips us off and calls their official site Zelda Universe, (www.zelda.com/universe), now other fans sites are doing it?!
    I’m going to let you in on a little secret: We aren’t the best Zelda fan site because of our name, it’s because are site and forums kick ass. Copying are name won’t help you out other than having people accidentally go there instead of here.

    • 100% Agree with you. This isn’t just the best Zelda fan site, its one of the best video game fan sites ever.

      I would laugh if the person actually did it, because all of us ZU members would be informed of it, and we’d go to the site and bombard it with messages. The sites rep would be trashed because of the number of people who hate it.

  • “kenzie writes:
    hi im making a new site called zelda universe”

    How original of you.

    kenzie:”im having trouble with trying to put pictures and stuff on it could you help me please!!!!!!!!”

    James:”Um… Why would I help you if you’re creating a site called Zelda Universe and you’re going to be competition? That’s all I have to say.”

    I would have said the same.