You’ll be seeing these guys around more – we’ve got three new News Managers hopping around the place, discovering the ins and outs of Zelda journalism. A big round of applause to Azerik, lftenjamin (aka lft or Lefty), and Nathan! Azerik has gotten himself a running start by already posting news, and lft is doubltlessly not far behind from doing the same. We’re still waiting to hear back from Nathan, who has accepted but hasn’t told me his username (hey Nathan, you should like, totally do that :P).

At any rate, congrats to ZU’s new news staff! For those of you who submitted applications but weren’t chosen, I don’t delete those applications – and a bunch of ’em were really good. So should one of these new newsies for any reason retire (God forbid), don’t lose hope of me rummaging through the applications and finding somebody new. That’s what these things are good for!