You may have noticed that the monthly poll hasn’t been changed since the relaunch, but that’s no longer the case. I’ve finally figured out how to get the polls working now. <_< So it should be back to monthly, or maybe even weekly polls.

Today’s poll is a survey of how you would feel about the new section we’re planning to help us keep this site up. Be sure to give your opinions!

  • Gregdawg08

    Good. Deluge is finally gone.

  • Vawn08

    [separation anxiety lifts slightly]

    Cody! Bringing us a message from the other side! And a new poll, no less!
    Now I shall sleep at night.

    (I know….I’m hopeless)

  • James

    Maybe I’ll start posting polls weekly when I update the mailbag. Or monthly, depending. It will give me something to do.