The mailbag for August 14, 2008 is contained within:

Goronlove7 writes:

Hi I have two questions.
1.what was that thing on the august issue of Nintendo power have they said yet because if they aren’t announcing stuff at E3 anymore maybe Nintendo power is were they will announce it.
2.Whats the virtual Boy I recently heard about it and why isn’t it considered a real system?

James writes:

Hey, I have two answers!

1. I have not read the most recent issue of Nintendo Power, so that I cannot answer. Maybe someone can help me out on that.

2. The Virtual Boy was a system that Nintendo released in… (checks the internet) 1995, when Nintendo was in the height of its power in the video game business. They used a new technology that allowed games to be more into “3D”, before it was introduced in the next generation. It’s main innovation was that you had to shove your forehead into the system and watch the game with your eyes that way; in other words, it had no TV outlet. The “3D” factor was that (now remember guys, the games were ALL red and black) it was an optical illusion. I could get technical, but it confuses me. Check out the Wiki page if you want to know more.

Addison writes:

i have an account on this website but you guys have recently changed the scenery and i dont know where to log in any more. could you help me?

James writes:

If I am not mistaken, we do not have a logon tool on the front page. (Double checks) Nope, no logon. The reason I believe was because we switched systems that allowed users who had forum names to sign on the site. You should still have the name, but you have to go to the forums to use it instead.

Cyrus writes:

hi first time writer long time reader i have been wondering lately is tingle the same guy in each game or is it a different person like link and zelda also in mm does the Happy Mask Salesman remember you from oot thanks for your time.

James writes:

Hey! Thanks for your letter!

I believe that Tingle is a different guy in each game because that would be creepy if the guy never aged over the course of many centuries.

On your second note: If he remembers you, he does a very good job on hiding it. Maybe he’s like every good business man. You never remember your customers unless they help you.

zfan121 writes:

*eye twitches* I’m sure you mods read my topic about the Zelda anime idea. You remember how pissed everyone was? Well “EXCUSE ME” 😆 but now I get all this crap about a Zelda Manga, I mean isn’t that the source of all things anime?! (Naruto, dbz, yugioh, exct.) How awesome would it be for Zelda to have a killer anime, and I’m not talking about the crappy attempt from whoever did the Super Mario Super Show. I’ve also got a quick one for Cody (obviously an Avatar fan sense you posted in some of my threads) There have been rumor and scuttlebut over a live action Avatar movie. Now I’m thinking it’s a little early for another april fools prank. (DARN IGN!!!!) But this sounds like it’s really going to happen. Now if they DO do this and it turns out like 20010’s (or whenever it comes out) Super Mario Bros movie, heads will roll. They can do that to nintendo because they didn’t have much refrance. But Avatar is a tv show with plenty refrance! So hollywood better not mess this one up ether.

James writes:

I have no good response to this, so I’ll leave the email to do the talking.

James writes:

Is there a new Zelda game?!

James writes:

The newest one was Phantom Hourglass. The only news we have about a newer Zelda game is that Nintendo confirmed that they are working on a new Zelda game. That is all.

Commander V-Helm writes:

Hi, yeah, I have a question about ZU. What does it take to be on the podcast? I would love to be in it, but what are the requirments?

James writes:

They had an application process and they had it a while back. You can check out the Community Works forum in the forums for more, but you might not get on now.

The first and only Valhelm writes:

Hey, James?
I have an ALttP question.
If its Triforce was rendered with CGI, why isn’t anything else in the game? I wish to know greeeaaaatly : )

James writes:

The same reason why most of the games I wanna play probably won’t play on my laptop. The amount of stuff you could put on a SNES cartridge was really limited, so you were lucky that you saw that much in the game.

The Keeper of Dark Desires writes:

Hey! Hi! Hello!
Do you think you could let us in on what the next ZU contest will be?
Also do you feel stressed whenever answering questions?
And to conclude,
Do you think Guitar Hero:Zelda would be fun?

James writes:

Number 1: I don’t know what Jason has planned for contests.

Number 2: I don’t stress about answering the questions, I just stress on making sure I do it every week.

Number 3: I would play it, but I don’t know if it should happen, the same way all those Mario Party games should have been made.

Gregdawg08 writes:

What’s your opinion on the Anascape controller lawsuit? Mine is that yes, Anascape does have the total right to sue Nintendo, because they had the patents and own them. Despite the fact they never used them, the patents are theirs and they have complete possession of what to do with them, whether it’s never used or not. Nintendo did the wrong here. However, they were a little bad to make the patents just for sueing purposes in the future. It just isn’t the right to make patents if your not going to use them. Plus, the fact Anascape is a fake front for one guy is pretty bad.

James writes:

It is really weird on this whole thing. Who the heck is Anascape anyway? They really came out of nowhere to accuse Nintendo of this and won. I think lawsuits and suing like this is ridiculous, but you know, it’s the way the world works.

IG91 writes:

Since Nintendo’s in hot water, and the classic controller might be banned, do you think I should pick one up before they’re taken away? I kinda want one, and who knows what a new one would be like. What do you think?

James writes:

Only get one if you really think you need one. I don’t think anything is going to really happen, but don’t expect it to become an instant collector’s item either.

JediAnn Solo writes:

Well, I hope I’m sending this to the right place– if not, then I apologize.
I just wanted to share this really cool video called “Zelda Alyx Replacement” with the ZU community. FluxMage took Half Life 2’s Alyx and replaced her with Princess Zelda’s Twilight Princess model. It’s an interesting watch. Check it out!

James writes:

Posted for everyone to see and I will check it out when it isn’t 3:10 in the morning and I want to sleep.

ChainofTermina writes:

Hi, me again. wow you really recognize me? every time? wow . I feel kind of honored, like a celebrity knows me. Thank you.

so anyway, I guess I was a little to mean to mean to PH last time. I was not trying to imply that it was a bad game. just it wasn’t a very good sequel. that is to say I don’t think it had as much to do with ww as it should have.OoT and MM shared so many things. They were on the same system, had the same gameplay and game mechanics, they both had some of the same songs and epona and the ocarina. but WW and PH were so different diferent systems, different game play, and none of the same story elements. the pirates were only in it for about 20 seconds at the begining and 10 at the end. Tetra was a statue the hole time and the boat was so diferent Link didn’t even have the wind waker. PH wasnt a very good sequel as far as sequels go, but it was a nice game in itself. just wanted to clear that up, ( thoughi must admit I thought that huge ocean King Temple got seriously annoying by like the 3rd or 4th time.

Also, my cousin also is crazy about zelda and the other day he asked me an interesting question. I didn’t know the answer so I’ll pass it on to you; Do you think Firce Deity will ever make a reappearance? We both agre that he was awsome. in fact I think thats the closest we’ve ever come to playing as Dark Link in a real zelda game (and no I don’t count that weird glichcheat-thing i saw on the internet once). actually I belive Firce Diety is much more powerful, super-version of Dark Link.
well thats it for now, maybe I’ll se you next week if I come up with another crazy question.

James writes:

Well, when I see your name every week, it’s hard to miss. I have a strange feeling of deja vu.

On your Wind Waker/Phantom Hourglass comment: That is your opinion, so I will leave it at that. You are entitled to your opinions on the matter and they are posted for everyone to see and debate.

If you do see Fierce Deity again, it might be in a game where it is needed and more than likely it will be mentioned on what truly he is and more of the backstory.

Chris Graham writes:

i’ve seen a cover for zelda: oracle of time in google images.

i was woundering if you can get it and if you can were

James writes:

Normally, I would sarcastically answer this question, but you caught me on a good week (considering that I am on vacation from work and will be traveling soon). Oracle of Time was the given name to the third game in the oracle series that never saw the light of day. The reason (since I would probably get that later) is this: The Oracle games was to be a trilogy and not a duo. The password system that allows you to transfer the info from one game into the other was such a pain for Nintendo to work that it was nearly impossible to mix with three games. So, instead of delaying the games (which most of us gamers HATE), they cut the third game. So, in conclusion, you will not find the game anywhere because it does not exist.