The Mailbag for August 6, 2008 is contained within:

Love_of_Zelda writes:

I am wondering how you interpret the scene in the meadow in the Moon in MM. We see five children under a big, beautiful tree – four are dancing and playing, and the fifth (Majora’s Mask) is sitting with a downcast face.

Having watched (and played the game) several times, I noticed a few days ago that while the children are playing, they are not playing with each other. Why isn’t the child wearing Majora’s Mask playing along with them? Why are they children, and not something else? Why do they ask deep questions that children of their age probably wouldn’t ask? Do their questions mean they are damaged children? Do they just symbolize damaged children? Why does the whole scene take place under a big tree and in a beautiful meadow? Why do the four children ask for masks, and why do they disappear after you have “played with them?”

It’s a lot of questions – but this is a scene that begs to be asked questions of. Thanks!

James writes:

This is the interpretation I have heard the most around the block. You also have to remember the back story of the masks and Majora. Each mask represents the four Giants that you see every so often during the game, and towards the end when you almost banish the moon, but Majora has its way. The four Giants and and the Skull Kids were friends, but the Giants had a falling out with the Skull Kid, so the Skull kid had revenge with the Majora’s Mask. That is probably the representation of that scenario, the four kids running around and enjoying things, while Majora, the cursed mask with all the problems, is left alone and makes himself to be the loner.

The big tree in the big meadow is probably the representation of what Link things of as the inside of the moon. Or, it’s what the Masks want it to be, a wide open space to play.

The reason they probably leave is because you are done playing with them in their temple, so they don’t want to play anymore. Or, it’s just the designers playing around making sure you don’t do the same dungeon twice.

Here is the main question: Why do they take your masks as payment for entrance and exit to their temples? Why do they give you the Fierce Deity Mask and the easy way to the finish? Answer those for me.

Luna writes:

I’ve noticed an upside down Triforce symbol with a Sheikah eye in it down at the right hand bottom of the page. It’s not clickable so I was wondering if this ment anything…

James writes:

It’s a secret to everybody.

Chain of Termina writes:

Hi I have few questions for you today.

First,I don’t know if you rcognize my name, but last week I asked you why ALTTP Link’s hair was purple. your answer was unacceptabe. not from you, unacceptable from nintendo. there were plenty of other crap in that game that were yellow! like the frickin animated triforce in the tittle screen. don’t tell me “the technology’s not advanced enough” Bulls**t!! It’s just the color of his hair! The Color!! I see no valid reason for purple hair. if the tech truely wasn’t advanced enouph, then they should’ve made it brown again…..huh….huh… sorry, Im kinda yelling at you, aren’t I? I don’t mean to, just nintendo.
Second, are there any vampires in any zelda game? I like vampires:)
Third, do you really count Phantom Hourglass as the true sequel to WW? I don’t! If it is then that’s so not fair! WW was an awsome game ! I don’t care what anyone else says. WW was my very first zelda game and the game that got me into zelda. I like WW even more ThanTP!
And Ithink an awsome game like that deserves a better sequel! it dosen’t effect the timeline At All! It had almost Nothing to do with WW and the characters were didn’t fit. PH was just Nintendo expiramenting how a zelda game would do on the DS. WW is just as good as OOT and deserves a sequel just as good as MM! Hmmph!

Oh and are you gonna change the poll or what?

James writes:

How could I not recognize your name, you are always emailing!  But it is a good thing you do, you always have some interesting questions.

Anyway, to your answers: First, I am sorry I didn’t give you a good enough answer, but meh.

Second, the only supernatural thing I can think of is zombies in the form of Redeads.

Third, Phantom Hourglass is the sequel to Wind Waker.  I thought that game was awesome, I don’t know what game you were playing.  It didn’t effect the timeline, but neither did Majora’s Mask, if you remember.

Oh, and we’ll think about changing the poll. 😉

Andrew writes:

Do you think nintendo will release juicy info on the new zelda any time this year?

James writes:

If they do, they will towards the end of the year, at a conference that I am currently trying to remember but can’t.

Hugh writes:

I’ve always wondered: where do you guys get your Zelda news from? IGN, Gamespot? A mix of different sites? Does the staff just read some news from IGN then put it into their own words in a news post?

James writes:

I can’t speak for all the content monkeys that we have working behind the scenes, but the major sites for me are Joystiq, Kotaku, 1up, Bits Bytes Pixels and Sprites, Destructoid.  The Nintendo Press Page is a gold mine that most people over look.  IGN and Gamespot if we are desperate.  Also, we go through the Zelda Blog and other Zelda sites that are around and see what they found.

But remember kids, as my journalism studies have taught me, you must have reliable sources when you report something.  I tend to make sure I can find the same story on at least 2-3 sites before I post it online as fact.  If I can’t confirm it, I report it as a rumor.

Blackfire 667 writes:

When I first come to the site, I get an error message intead of the news and such on the home page. I have to go to, say, the forums then come back to see the frontpage. Can you do anything about that?

James writes:

I will post your question for Jason to look it over and see if there is an issue.

Pwnish dude named Valhelm writes:

After the whole thing with the hack and all, I’ve been wondering. What was the hack?
Was it really so bad that we had to go back in time?
I just wonder what the hackers did.

James writes:

Well, I wasn’t around for this one, but if it followed the same pattern as every year prior this is what happened:

They came in, bruteforced (used a program from the internet that is able to determine a person’s password through algorithms and such) a password (Scott’s in this matter) and turned the forums in a cesspool.  They then hacked the site and made it into another cesspool.  Then, before we could figure out they were doing that, deleted everything.  Therefore, that’s why you had to go back into time and restore everything.

And to answer your next question: Yes, this tends to happen every year.  Towards the end of July, the same people come in to do the same thing.  I am part of the reason why they do, but don’t make get into the reasoning.

Link 101 writes:

Is project deluge real

James writes:

We aren’t sure and we won’t until they confirm or deny it.  We will definitely tell you if it is.

Midna♥ writes:

I’m a huge fan of the Zelda manga, particullarly MM, but I looked on amazon and they only had on pre-order. Only OoT, too. wasn’t that supposed to come out in America like, a month ago? And what about MM? Is it ever gonna come out?

James writes:

I read on a site that there was a rumor floating that they were coming out in October from VIZ media.  Neither VIZ nor Amazon that you mentioned have it listed.  So, we’ll try to keep you posted.