All of the following stuff is either a stylus or a place to keep your games, styli, Wii Remotes or Nunchucks safe. All easy to find, except for the Zelda Slingbag; that one can be a tough one to get a grasp on. Click on a thumbnail to view a larger image that you can also comment on and discuss with other ZUers.

6 thoughts on “Accessories

  1. DEvL says:

    hey, can someone tell me what the best stores are for finding Zelda/Nintendo stuff in the USA?

  2. Zora-Boy says:

    probably hot topic. it looks goth and stuff but they sell lots of vid game merchandise there.

    1. zelda101 says:

      iv looked at hot topic, only shirts):

  3. Kei says:

    My DS isn't pictured here– it's gold with the Triforce on it :333

  4. I need a zelda belt that can switch belt buckles if needed, pleeze help!__

  5. iluvloz says:

    how bout in australia??

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